Shiva Untold The Lord of Ignorance




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Sadhguru: There is something called as mysticism not because there is such a thing. Because human beings are determined to live in ignorance, there is mysticism. All that they're ignorant of they will label it as mystery, isn't it? There’s nothing mysterious about it, it's simply there. It is your limitations which make something mysterious. Isn't it so? It's your inability to grasp which makes something mysterious, not the nature of what it is. So beyond darkness, what is? All that you cannot grasp is darkness for you and that’s the whole thing. What you can grasp is so small. If you know a thousand galaxies, still it is too small in the cosmic-scape of existence. And all that you do not know invariably is darkness to you. So this vast space of darkness… Darkness is not a substance, darkness is not a thing. Absence of light is darkness. Absence of perception is darkness. Absence of knowing is darkness. So that is the ultimate thing because there is too much that is not known to you, so it's dark So darkness does not mean a thing – it is not a thing, it is something that’s beyond your perception, so it's dark. So, all that is dark and beyond your perception, we say this is Shiva because it's a limitless expanse. A limitless expanse of ignorance but there is no limitless expanse of knowledge. Knowledge is always limited; it can be large but still very limited. Only ignorance can be limitless. So Shiva is also referred to as Bholenath, the ignorant one, because he's… he is the lord of ignorance. How’s that? You don’t like it (Laughs)? You don’t like it, isn't it? Tch, he should be the lord of knowing. No, he's also that. He's Gnaneshwar, but that’s a small aspect of him, but in real sense, he's the lord of ignorance because that is… the largest scape in the existence is ignorance and that’s darkness. Oh, who would want to seek it? If you only…If you only explored your ignorance, knowledge will be born, isn't it? If you explored knowledge, nothing new will be born, just recycling of rubbish will happen. Only if you explore ignorance, knowing can be born.