Should ‘DWTS’ Have Cast Sean Spicer

Tom Bergeron is not happy at all that Sean Spicer is a contestant on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars Bergeron made his feelings known shortly after he introduced the cast on GMA this morning my preference it's not my call other people booked the show would have been to avoid any political lightning rods I think dancing at its best is an oasis away from all the divisive nough sand all of the stuff that we're all wrestling with right now in the tweet he added we can agree to disagree as we do now but ultimately it's the producers call Spicer served as president Trump's first press secretary and was famously spoofed by Melissa McCarthy on SNL on social media his selection on Dancing is not sitting well with everyone he repeatedly lied goes one tweet he belongs on a blacklist not in a waltz but others disagree pointing out that trumps energy secretary Rick Perry and Bristol Palin have appeared on dancing in past seasons the rest of the new cast is non-controversial and is headlined by the ages supermodel Christie Brinkley Christie I can imagine they have been trying to get you on the show for years is so flattered that they've asked me for it so long looking amazing at 65 Christie says she's representing women her age you know it's really important to just throw caution to the wind also in the cast Dawson's creeks james van der beek i was like what's the most fun craziest thing i can do and this came up and I was like I really want to do that Kate Flannery also joins the cast she played Meredith in the office still one of the most popular shows in the world in reruns this show is like a party and I've never rounding out the cast troubled former NBA player an ex-husband of khloe kardashian lamar odom bachelorette Hannah Brown and a big surprise 75 year old Mary Wilson of The Supremes [Applause] [Music] you [Music]