Shuttleworth Vintage airshow 2019

[Music] [Applause] [Music] very very specialist machine and the sixth billet in fact largely because of that in single role aircraft this one was designed by Edgar Percival mainly to enter and win the kids prepare race as derived from his goal [Music] [Applause] or taller more remarkable is even with full tanks this little aircraft and they has a range of about 800 miles Alec Henshaw is literally flying from refueling point to refueling port all the way down across Europe and down into Africa and some of the doors to the white strips [Applause] in a three-day bus operation chastises rain [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] history books from the Soviet Union the Polikarpov to and from the United Kingdom the Westland fighter [Music] later design whistling 36 [Applause] here to Shannon's remarkable slow speed maneuverability here too made up entirely of female pilots and aircraft Bruce their role was really to Harris the Germans or the Eastern Front [Music] [Music] we certainly sky and always prehistorically we say that with the lights out the fires there is no businessman [Music] it's been extended into that is to give us the ability to find a very light aircraft particularly in these strong winds typically when it's across the main runway so yeah then obviously hit them up there with the first world wars the h-60 month famous of Jaws as the aircraft that really was designed from the outset to be a fourth bull flying for the man in the street [Music] what [Music] my [Music] the s50 what would be world walk the ain't far to expected to operate now is why they started producing the four-cylinder engine [Music] [Music] and again the target offer they did was they moved the top wing forward which meant et cetera little sweeper wings [Music] to the first day why is that craft you see have a good look at the wood because if it's going to squared off its the branches all over the rounded mother production quite rare colliders let's cast off can I get arrested on a second world war we've worried about the elements of extensively used colliders we won't serve them whether or not our radar system the cholo system will actually pick up just apply to formations that would never act we didn't know if there was sufficient to get a return and so one of the things that the Kirby kites are useful was towing that the down the coast of England and giving radar systems radar stations a lot of cash to look at it to see whether or not they can actually see that much they could freshly redesigned built the kites approach 15 1935 first Blue August of over a seven-year period we're told that it's a delight to fly as indeed our all kite to sell plays but the production prototype actually flies a little bit slower than the production models because it has a slightly lighter fuselage due to the way that it was reconstructed means that it does fly just a little bit slower than the production models prototype doesn't have be spoilers or air brakes either so landings can be quite interesting in the kind of prototype course the that's our treaty at the end of the first of all to build powered aircraft very very very efficient flight ratio of 20:1 which means it'll travel 21 meters forward through every one it comes down was private and they thought with us people would make the effort to get immunity and [Music] maybe I forgot that the boss radiator took off a few minutes ago if you did remember you might be wondering meshing Gong more she was off in the holding pattern waiting display slot and here she is now the RAS last biplane fighter from 1937 the gosta plan [Music] [Music] all the beat he was actually put together to the year later in 1938 another example of a machine that by the outbreak of war was really obsolete and very quickly being replaced by monoplane fighters [Music] area left [Music] [Music] [Music] Thanks [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the scenery [Music] just touched and in the secondary of course [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] complain that they don't understand [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] dress every heart like that about an aircraft [Applause] [Music] based on the couch about 30 he's conscious [Music] your father at first [Applause] [Music] [Applause] at the 30th power during the Magisters listen aircraft controls for gypsy six cents one-half to be precise [Music] a closed-circuit record attaining an average speed of 192 point eight three miles an hour and as I say this particular aircraft holds that record to this day and all done on the original engine that's the original gypsy six he was fitted with and I know I've mentioned it before but the shuttle with veteran aeroplane Society were responsible for the purchase and presentation to the collection of the - Hawks B six aircraft joined us in the first time for the display season last year very light [Music] [Applause] [Music] unfortunately he proved difficult to repair which meant that it wasn't used as extensively and successfully as he might have been and therefore its combat career was comparatively brief and only saw service for about 12 [Applause] it's fine [Applause] [Music] [Music] later like this behind and tug aircraft that it needs to fly in formation a lot of concentration leap by both pilots that particularly the glider pilot with a smile on starboard way to accentuate [Music] veritable [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] well Larry over there be careful using something material to build there in October of 1997 [Applause] and yet they were built in very very small bubbles what brilliantly supplied two squadrons in the Middle East operating in Palestine summary the reason we do [Music] Yahtzee and strongly in size above the air filter another example for fine fighting machine those first now what you're looking at here is the first really successful is arms going to Britain's greatest aircraft designers Navy row in Verdun Rome had been playing around with a garage which was very much [Music] electron factories the official plates of official design thank the club my pilots the very reason with Islanders at 5:04 very sensibly Frances that was relegated to the training role to the coastal patrol very rapidly the BT Louise ABCDEF the links are servants for stupid services trainers with riding to the party - e and from the graceful antics of the Avro 504 and the B to e when they're pulsating smoke we welcome local stars consisting a for a craft pair of extra 300 para cap - three Tunes 300 built in Germany by Walter a pulsating smoke rather than the continuous service folk are really situating the year for making aromatics [Music] I'm sure if that's an automatic sequence of women the ride has to remember to [Music] maybe the team [Music] cap two three twos we're in the lead violin co-operate a professional team and they practice two or three times a day every day for me into the runway that they were based on they were a professional outfit these guys very professional in what they do highly skilled and experienced pilots but they come together as Tim said from this pool but find us to make up the global all-stars and they get together for displays such as this and the level of training and practice that they have is a world away from a professional formation team yet for my money global all-stars they've got it nailed they're absolutely right for right to consider the team leader was a former British aerobatic champion and a man who's competed represented breath for many years as top Cassell's from Yorkshire in the lead kappa t3t they've gone into step-down formation with the rear a drone rolling around even they call the matching [Music] front of display aerobatic competition aerobatic as well for the last couple of decades or so [Music] interesting they build a rolling [Music] the [Music] [Music] captain design take it to its logical conclusion made a single-seater a world-class aerobatic aircraft me out here the answer is rolling in mirror formation B axis see the range of smaller there was a two extra three hundreds pull up in line abreast to the full civil tennis tour turns and that is very very difficult to do to get them as secret as that rolling and breaking [Music] degrees a second robbery three twenty two hundred and seventy in the two three [Music] [Music] [Music] first displayed [Music] [Music] laughter leave [Music] [Music] imagine a diamond [Music] [Music] [Music] beware of the same different types aromatic machine releases these formations is really quite unusual [Music]