Silly Brock Lesnar


Chael Sonnen


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Jesse haulin MMA did a piece on Brock Lesnar and the headline was something along you know Brock passed on the UFC to go do this instead and so I click on the link and it was from Brock wrestling on Monday night and he comes at you know Brock is a pretty stoic guy with his character in both MMA and wrestling he doesn't do a lot of interviews Vince McMahon had a theory that monsters don't talk so don't bring Brock out keep him mysterious now this is an anomaly that never works you can't get any attention without coming out and creating it right after all if mixed martial arts is in fact a art the grip that means it's a form of expression the greatest form of expression is communication and the greatest way to communicate is speaking it's what separates us quite literally from the animals Brock didn't follow that rule every now and then there's a you got the rules a guy breaks it and it works out so they wanted to keep him real mysterious and he didn't have a playful game he was a monster he comes out he's got the big muscles he doesn't say anything he walks in the ring he crushes something rinse and repeat week after week month after month year after year call it a career he comes out on Monday and he was doing an angle with Kofi Kofi was in the ring and Brock comes out and he's basically mimicking Kofi so he's got the you know whether they called the ghetto blaster on his shoulder and he's doing a dance and he's smiling and he's laughing to the audience I thought it was great I really thought that it was great I thought it was a more playful side of rock you know when I talk about him being an anomaly one thing in entertainment one thing with any kind of a character at all is the character needs to evolve and change even if slightly roughly every 12 months now that's not a statistic that I'm giving you that's a statistic that actually comes from Vince McMahon but this is a great character builder and that's his opinion we're in that 12 14 15 months the characters got to change and then you'll get a couple of guys who never change right they tried to change the Undertaker they had to change they never really changed tall coconut before anybody tries to fact-check me and tell me about the NWO and that kind of temple once again you will they changed him back it went back to Hulk Hogan the Hollywood got dropped and the yellow and red came back Brock Lesnar would fall into that same category where his character and his gimmick has really never changed over the but it just works why mess with it what are we gonna do sellout an arena he's never not sold-out in arena the arena's aren't getting any bigger that we're playing what are we gonna do break pay-per-view records he has every pay-per-view record so I appreciate that they didn't do this but I also appreciate what he did on Monday coming out and being playful and change it I think there might be some room where you could change Brock Lesnar's character you know what has brought 41 years old 42 years old just resigned with the WWE I imagine that is the last contract he will ever sign in his life I don't know how long I think I heard it was four years don't even know if that's correct but yeah that's that's probably right probably right four years ago 45 46 maybe finishes the contract maybe he doesn't quite but I do think that possibly there's an angle to change I think I think he pulled this this was a hard thing to do come out with a ghetto blaster and then dance right 290 pounds you're gonna dance on the way to the cage on the way to the ring you've never done it before you got to keep a smile you got to stay charismatic you got to engage the crowd even if inside deep down you feel like a fool he pulled it off I'm was watching him going hey this could be something new with Brock this could be some kind of a new angle and that would be pretty far out there Brock's all of a sudden the silly guy you're gonna make the monster the silly guy it would seem as though that would be a sucker's move but I'm telling you from the evidence that I saw from the clip that Jesse Holland posted an MMA I thought that Brock had a talent