Simone Biles The Magnificent 7 US Gymnastics Legacy Of Success TIME




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you can tell in a gymnast when they've got something when I was coaching I knew her as a younger gymnast and she always had this incredible talent that everybody you know everybody looked at her and said that kids going to do something big someday on the 1996 Olympic penalty every four years there's always that emotional tug because I know what it feels like what these girls are going through and of course it all kind of comes back what a team go man Olympus magnificent seven is the first u.s. women's gymnastics team to win gold and change history and the landscape of gymnastics forever the sports changed tremendously actually in 20 years the equipment has changed there's so much more springs and padding it safer than ever but then the tricks are more difficult than ever you just wonder how many more twists how many flips can they do before they have the ground you actually see more tricks done within our routine versus back in our generation a little more artistry a little more dance and showmanship 20 years ago that every little form matter every stick mattered the sport has gone more towards tricks extreme gymnastics but I think some of that art form has been taken away now if you can do both which Simone biles has a lot of both that's a great combination that's like the dream she has whatever that that perfect mix of incredible difficulty but also incredible consistency and artistry and the technique it's just kind of all balled up into one and she just kind of can't lose Simone is one in a billion she is in a league of her own when it comes to the level of difficulty her legs can handle she stands out because of her power when she was younger she would do big skills that you're like a kid that small and that young shouldn't be able to do those things right now I think Simone biles is pretty special she's just won three back-to-back world championship titles and now is definitely the front-runner for the Olympic Games and that'll be the first time that's ever happened when you can have consistency and you can rely on a girl to hit under pressure you want that person on your team and that's why she's been undefeated for three years there has never been anyone more heavily favored for the Olympic Games all-around title than Simone biles my advice to any of these girls is really enjoy the experience you've worked so hard all of these years just enjoy every moment because before you know it it's 20 years later and you'd love to do it all over again relax you're ready you're prepared believe in yourself and just do what you do you