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you're listening to the cue lips English podcast to download the study guide for this episode which includes the transcript detailed vocabulary explanations real-world examples and a quiz visit our website cue lips comm c UL IPS comm hello everyone my name is andrew and my name is suzanne and you are tuned in to he lives hey guys welcome back to another edition of our simplified speech series which is the Akula series where we have completely natural english conversations but we speak slightly slower than we do in our everyday lives and today i am joined by my co-host suzanne suzanne how are you I'm pretty good Andrew I feel a little wiped out have you ever felt a little wiped out unfortunately I have felt wiped out before more times than I'd like but yeah for our listeners that don't know Suzanne wiped out means extremely tired right yes it's it means you're really tired and drained of your energy maybe you exerted a lot of energy over the week and you're just exhausted so wiped out is a good phrasal verb right for you yeah exhausted for being exhausted well Suzanne it's Thursday evening where we are recording here so that means the weekend is coming up soon so just hang in there and hopefully you can get some rest on the weekends but for now we should get on to the topic at hands so the topic for today's episode is actually a suggestion from one of our listeners and I have the email here Suzanne I thought I would read it for everyone it's from Michelle who is a listener from the Philippines and kachelle wrote if there's a topic that I want to suggest I think it would be about pets I have three dogs right now who are so lovely and adorable so I want to know if you are also interested in pets or what kind of animals do Canadians want to keep as pets in their homes so kachelle thank you very much for this suggestion I think it's a good one and because of that Suzanne we're gonna talk all about pets today but that's just before we do that I want to let everyone know that there's a study guide for this episode available on our website cue lips comm it is jam-packed with good stuff like a transcript and some detailed explanations and examples of all the important vocabulary that you'll hear us used today and there's other awesome things inside there too so just visit Hugh Lipscomb to give that a download okay Suzanne let's get into it here I have a question for you right off the bat is that okay please yeah why are you wiped out what has made you so tired I'll tell ya and it has to do with my pets it has to do with your pets okay perfect so normally I just have one pet I have my dog scotia who i think a long time ago when you interviewed me one of the first times I ever appeared on cue lips spoke about my new puppy Scotia well he's 5 years old now Wow time flies yeah and he has a best friend dog best dog friends he does a best dog friend yes and his name is Duke like Doug do Yugi but in French they pronounce it Duke okay - yeah like dude but with a g' at the end and he's a bigger dog and my friend is on vacation for the week and asked if we would watch him so we're taking care of Duke for the week and it's a little harder to take care of two dogs walking two dogs that are going in two different directions walking them and watching them in the dog park so we have a dog park in our neighborhood and there are so many dogs in fact there are more and more houses and apartments being built in my neighborhood in Montreal okay kind of like an up-and-coming neighborhood and with the people come pets and most of the time it's a dog so the dog park is getting a little overcrowded during rush hour time during after work time yeah I imagine yeah that after work and maybe in the morning before work the dog park is really busy totally packed and it can be a little bit overwhelming because they're just like people our pets have personalities and you know some people speak English in the dog park some people speak French some dogs here and listen to French some dogs listen to English so it can be a little confusing for everybody and when there's a lot of dogs in a lot of personalities of dogs and people it can be a little intense and tonight I had some dogs attacking my dog oh no had to separate them and I almost got attacked and I was know then Duke is so cute because he like gets in there and kind of defends my dog because he's good friends you know he's like hey so it's it's it's a tough I can get a little tough in the dog park but what's cool is that those dog parks exist so there's a place for dogs in Montreal and in a lot of North America for people to take their dogs and bring them off leash it can go off leash and relax and run so get some exercise yes yeah because as far as I know it's illegal to walk your dog off leash just on the street right is that true yeah it is illegal and in fact a friend of mine was watching scoscia and he got off he had him with no leash in a park and he got a fine for oh no it was like $600 Wow Wow so it's a very serious offence to go around with your dog off leash in a non designated area yeah well I think there have been some accidents where dogs have gotten upset and attacked people or yeah got hurt yeah you might have heard a ball just jumping around that was one of the dogs right there yeah you got your dogs around you hanging out so you can even hear them playing with the balls right there yeah beside you that's that's very funny here here where I am in Seoul South Korea there is a park near my house and in the park there are some zones I wouldn't call them really dog parks but they're they're kind of fenced off areas where you can let your dog go off leash and they are organized according to the size of the dog so there's a special zone for like very very small tiny dogs like lap dogs because you know Korea there's not too much space here there's a huge population and there's not very much land so this means that many people live in apartments and so because of that small dogs are really a popular pet because they're practical for living in a small apartment having a small dog but some people still do have big dogs but the big dogs and the small dogs you know they're not good to mix together so there's these special zones there's a tiny dog zone the medium dog zone and the big dog zone so I like big dogs personally so I like whenever I'm in the park riding my bicycle to hang out outside the big dog zone and look at all the dogs running around for a little while yeah oh yes that's the best I have to agree I'm not a big small dog fan although I there are some I like but for the most part I prefer to run around and play fetch with you the big dogs yeah yeah but I wonder do you dogs I would say are probably the most common pets in North America but people also have like aquariums like fish or turtles I have a friend who has a land turtle and we we watch we have watched not recently but we have watched her turtle before so yeah there there are some I think people I had a friend who also had squirrels she took some some of the squirrels recently the summer inside her house yes in a little cage she held them because they got hurt and she nursed him back to health yeah oh I see wow that is an unusual pet a squirrel yeah I've never heard of anybody having a pet squirrel before my girlfriend actually just got a quite unusual pet herself she bought a very very very tiny little snail and it lives in a kind of terrarium that she has because she has lots of house plants in yes place and she has this little terrarium and she got this little snail to live in the terrarium and when I say little I mean little like maybe half the size of your thumbnail so very tiny little snail his name is Naomi and it's it's kind of cute she gives it a little carrot and it will come down and eat the carrot and it's little antennas go up and it gets excited when there's some carrot in the terrarium so it's just cute and apparently she had one of these in the past too and it lived for like three years or something so Wow it's it's a legit pet it's not just something that will stay for a week and then pass on to the next the next life yeah which can happen with those goldfish I know for sure yeah yeah I remember when I was a kid I had lots of fish and hey I don't think they lived to be three years old that's for sure yeah Mike what one fun pet two is like I don't not it naughty guada it's a lizard it's a kind of lizard but it's pretty desert II lizard my friend in California she has a dog and a lizard named my gosh what's her name it's really funny the lizard's name it's a girl's name the girls yeah my friend's name is not funny it's Mike the lizard is I'm not gonna remember oh it's funny it's a girl's okay and she loves taking pictures Melissa you're the lizard loves getting poses her picture taking again yes sorry yeah the lizard taking pictures right posing for pictures yeah okay yes yes oh I don't remember but that is a fun pet she's really cute yeah that actually reminds me of something which is that these days many many people have Instagram accounts for their pets yeah actually one of my cousins has a corgi dog named Rick Rick the Corgi and he's popular on Instagram he's got lots of followers Rick Rick does exactly do you have an Instagram account for Scotia I do not but you know he's really cute so I feel like he really should have an Instagram account I should really he's right there he's super cute do you do you follow other Duck Tolling Retriever I believe that is the type of dog Scotia he's right a retriever totally he is I act I do I follow um I think it's called Maurice the taller the Toller taller and I there's a few and also I follow the hashtag Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 'z and so so cute because when you look at all the pictures they look it's like a different version of your dog you know you're like right the same so it's quite funny my I also follow up my friend has a has a poodle and her poodle is named Clara and she has clara poodle baby is her instagram and she always has her poodle has a pink or purple tail it's like die ok so and it's like all of her adventures around new york that's so fun I feel like pet people can really express themselves through their pets and I think following Instagram or looking at pet videos and their unique personalities really help other people to like relieve stress and maybe just kind of a distraction in the day when you have had a stressful day or a stressful time so sure I enjoy it yeah yeah it's super fun super fun yeah myself I don't actually have a pet but one day I would like to own a dog when I live in an apartment that's a little bit bigger or if I get a house one day I would love to have a dog and not really sure what kind of dog I want I know I would want maybe a medium to large-sized dog and probably to be honest I'd just go get a rescue dog not really particular about what breed of dog I would want but there is one requirement and that is that I want a dog that I can run with I speaking of Instagram I follow a lot of runners on Instagram and yes some of them have dogs and Wow one of the thing that motivates them to get out and run is that their dog wants to go for a run every day if you have an active dog it can kind of encourage you to exercise more I think because yes you know you got to take care of your dog and they dogs can run way better than humans can it's true and it's like outer it could be really right it's like thank you outer accountability like hey I gotta go outside and run yeah I just said the magic word run and now he's are outside maybe that was the keyword yeah he's staring at me now like mm-hmm Suzanne I got one more question for you and then we'll wrap it up yeah when I was a kid I had a dog our family had a dog named Barkley and if you ever said the word leash or if you you know even open the closet and sort of put your hand near where the leash was he got super excited because he thought he was gonna go outside for a walk skosh II have any of these key words or triggers that I say it he's gonna change into a different dog and it's really funny so it's me mu which is kind of like French that you like when something is yummy you're like mm yum yum yum you know so we started to call his food Miam Miam when it was time to eat and that gets him excited or it helps us to get him home if we're out and we're like okay we have to go home now yum yum I was like [Music] well Suzanne I think we could talk about this topic for a long time it's a huge topic but we should probably wrap it up here before we go on for too long so once again thank you for the message Michelle and for suggesting this topic it was fun to talk about and guys if you have any you know suggestions for future episodes we would definitely love to hear them you can get in contact with us by sending us an email to contact at Q lips comm or through our social media channels as well we're all over the place on social media on YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter all you have to do is just google or search on those services for the cubes English podcasts and you can find us and let's see what else is in I guess we should mention that the study guides for this episode yes available on cubes com2 so definitely check that out I think that wraps it up got it oh yeah yeah thanks for listening guys and we'll talk to you next time bye bye guys