Sister Shopna asked a very important question before accepting Islam Dr Zakir Naik Urdu Hindi

At The Front Non-Muslim Sister, Ask Please My Name Is Shapna Take My Salam I Am From A Hindu Family My Husband Is A Muslim Mohammad Hamid Qureshi I Want To Ask You That The Differentiation Has Been Going On For Ages You Say That Hindus And Muslims Are Not Different From Each Other That They Are The Same I Agree With It But The Thing Is The Children Who Are Hindus They Are Taught Hinduism Education The Ones Who Are Muslims They Are Taught Islamic Education Azaan Is Performed In The Ears Of The Muslim Kid And The Hindu Kid Is Named Krishna, Raam Etc They Learn What They Are Taught In Their Childhood Like I Was Taught From An Early Age To Pray To Bhagwan(God In Hindi) So I Pray To Bhagwan I Follow Islam As Well It'S Not Like I Don'T The Way I Have Been Taught I Follow Those Ways But You Say That He Who Is A Muslim He Cannot Be A Hindu How Can You Say That? When There Have Been So Many People With So Much Knowledge Since Time Immemorial I Can'T Argue With You Because You Hold So Much Knowledge And I Know Nothing Comparatively I Have Seen My Fore-Fathers And I Also Follow That I Might Be A Hindu But I Respect Elder People Despite Of Their Religion So That Was The Sister'S Question And She Doesn'T Want To Argue With Me I Don'T Want To Argue With You Either I Can'T Argue Because I Don'T Have As Much Knowledge As You Do So The Sister'S Question Is That I Say That Hindu And Muslims Are The Same But He Who Is Born In A Hindu Family He Is Educated In Hinduism And He Who Is Born In A Muslim Family He Is Taught Islamic Education So How Can I Say That Muslims Are Right And Hindus Are Not? What Is This? Sister You Say That You'Re Not Much Educated I Want To Ask You How Much Is 2+2? How Much Is 2+2? How Much Is 2+2? Hmm? How Much Is 2+2? It'S 4 Mashaaallah So, Don'T Say That You Are Not Educated If A Girl Comes From A Village And Says That Her Parents Taught Her That 2+2 Is Equal To 5 So What Will You Tell Her? It Will Be 4,Not 5 Exactly You Will Tell Her That Her Parents Didn'T Know Mathematics Properly Then She Says ''No, My Parents Were Correct To Teach Me This" So What Will You Say? Alright! 2+2=4 And 2+2=5, Both Are Correct? Saying This Is Wrong You Have To Decide Which One Is Right Follow That But If You Say Both Hindu And Muslims Are Right That Means 2+2=4 And 2+2=5, Both Are Correct You Are Mashaaallah Educated You Know That 2+2=4 Many People Don'T Even Know That. They Say 2+2=5 As Allah Has Given You Elm(Knowledge) Has Given You The Sense It'S Your Farz(Duty) To Tell Them Sister 2+2=5 Is Incorrect 2+2=4 Is Correct And Then If She Says That "Okay Okay! Both Are Correct" You'Ll Have To Correct Her 2+2 Is 4 Not 5 Just Like That If Anyone'S Family Teaches Them The Wrong That They Should Worship Idols Whereas According To Hindu Worshipping Idols Is Wrong So Whoever Has The Knowledge I Am A Talib-E-Ilm(Scholar) Of Islam And Comparative Religion A Student Since I Have The Knowledge I Will Definitely Tell People To Follow The Right Way I Have Had Discussions Over This I May Not Be Having A Debate With You But I Do Have Dialogues With Experts From Hinduism, Christianity Etc Religions I'M A Student And They Are Phd Doctors I Am A Medical Doctor, Not A Religious Doctor I Have Discussions, Debates And Exchange Dialogues With Them That Prove Me Wrong If I Am Wrong And I Am Ready To Change You Prove To Me If You Can Prove To Me That Your Religion Is Right And Mine Is Wrong, Then I'M Ready To Accept Your Religion Open Challenge Why I Am Saying This Is Because I Am A Student Of Islam And Comparative Religions For 19 Years, I Have Been A Muslim Because My Parents Were Muslims When I Started Researching After 19 Years, I Found Out That I Am In The Right Religion And After Studying Other Religions, I Found That Every Religion Has Good Things To Say Even After Being Corrupted, Even After Being Altered. The Books Have Written "God Is One And No One But Him Should Be Prayed To" In Them So You Mean To Say, The Experts In Our Religion Who Teach Us Are Wrong? Some Things Are Right And Some Things Are Wrong. I Have Debated With The Greatest Of Your Gurus (Leaders) Have You Heard About Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, A Great Spiritual Leader Of Hindustan Have You Heard Of Him? Just The Way You Know By Studying, These People Learned By Studying As Well, Right? Who Saw The Real Thing? Exactly, He Says That He Knows The Bhagavad Gita By Heart And Researched On It For 4 Years But He Didn'T Give Any Reference Of Bhagavad Gita That'S Not The Way, Eshwar Doesn'T Come Like This Way, How Can Your Book Tell His Book, Can Tell Only This Decade But His Decades? Absolute Right, So I Tell Them Who Are The Greatest Of Your Scholars Than Holding Phd Of Yours. Let'S Discuss About Hinduism. If You Don'T Know About Islam, Let'S Keep That Aside I Will Prove From The Books Of Hinduism God Is One Written In Your Book I Gave So Many References , I Ask If I Am Wrong It Should Be Said That Zakir Is This Wrong. Your Interpretation Is Wrong? I Tell You From Your Book Yajurveda, Adhyay Number32 Shukla Number 3 And Shvetashvatara Upanishad Ch.4 V. 19 "Na Tasya Pratima Asti" Protima Means A Statue That God Has No Pratima, No Photograph, No Painting, No Picture, No Statue, No Idol. Why Do You Do Idol Worshipping? Without Idol Worshipping, Eshwar Can Be Called With The Way Teaching Was Given In The Book. What If Teaching Was Given Wrong? No Idol Worship Means Only Do Idol Worshipping, Seeing Dead..? No Idol In Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata Read These But... There Are Teaching In These And Give Concentration On These. Sister, Do You Do Idol Worshipping Or Not? Yes I Do, But I Do Not Do That Saying I Am Right. You Are Doing Wrong That... If Your Friend Says 2+2=5, Would You Correct Her Or Not? Yes I Will Correct Her. So I Want To Show You Guidance Hmm. Quran Says Idol Worship Is Wrong, Keep It Aside As You Don'T Follow The Quran. Your Religious Book Says Idol Worship Is Wrong, I Am Giving You References Yes... So Why Are You Doing? But Calling God The Way We Are Taught, God Is Called In This Way Of That Religion Sister, We Will Discuss One By One, Then We Go For Other Things. My First Question Is Why Do You Do Idol Worshipping As It Is Wrong? It Is Going On Like This Way From Our Ancestors Ok, We Say That We Will Not Do Idol Worshipping But People Are Doing This From Decades, They Won'T Say That They Would Stop Doing Idol Worshipping.. If 2+2=5 Were Taught From The Ages Do You Accept It? Our Ancestors Used To Tell The Earth Is Flat , Will I Accept It? I Want To Ask You How Is The Shape Of The Earth, Today? The Earth Is Flat Or....? Round, Yes Round , Mashaallah, You Are An Educated Person You Know So Will I Follow Or Reject That My Fore-Fathers Used To Say The Earth Was Flat? Was That Time The World Not Going On? Yes, Absolutely Correct, Now Today'S Period That Period Was Good And Neat, But Today'S One Is Not Honest But Today'S Period Is Changing.. In Previous There Is No Publicity Like These Where Millions People Could Watch At A Time In Today'S Publicity Thousands People Gathered Here 10 Millions Are Also Watching In Tv With This Hundreds People. So You Don'T Have Any Excuse You Are Told That Idol Worshipping Is Wrong In Front Of Millions People, Nevertheless If You Do It You Don'T Have Any Excuse For That. Idol Worshipping Is Wrong But I Told You About A Religion Where It Was Written In That Religion. It Was Written In Our Gita And Mahabharat Like That Way Written In Your Quran, But It Is Not A Sin To Read These Books, Right? Why Did I Say About Gita, I Also Read Gita When Did I Say That Reading Gita Is Wrong? I Also Read Gita, Bible And Book Of Judaism, Vedas I Don'T Know How Much You Read. I Didn'T Read, But I Read That'S Why I Said I Can'T Debate With You First. It Is Not My Job To Challenge You. I Am Not Debating With You. I Just Try To Enlighten You What Our Ancestors Did Is Wrong? My Ancestors Used To Tell That The Earth Was Flat. Will I Follow This Idea? I Will Respect Them, They Were My Elders, My Fore-Fathers Respect Doesn'T Mean To Follow Their Opinion, If My Ancestors Used To Say 2+2=5, Will I Follow It? No I Will Humbly Say To Them Not Scolding I Will Show Them My Respect. [Right], I Will Speak To Them With Love That You Are Wrong. If I Don'T Say To Them But Surely I Will Not Act Upon This In My Whole Life. (Right) I Want To Ask You That Your Religious Books Say The Book Of Your Husband You Married Your Husband? [Hmm] Love Marriage? Yes Ahh This Is Different Matter Whether It Is Right Or Wrong. As You Love Your Husband So Much Does Your Husband Love Or Not? Yes Does He? [Yes] I Love My Wife Very Much As Well. I Love My Wife Most. I Love My Daughtesr As Well I Want To Ask You That Your Husband Loves You And Does Not He Want You To Go To Paradise? No,[ Not Understanding The Question] Do You Want Your Husband Go To Paradise Or Not? Do You Want Or Not? [Hmm] I Ask You If There Is A Car [Hmm] When The Car Moves On, One Of Its Wheels From Cycle Another One From Tractor Will That Car Move On? No It Won'T Move On, Imbalance That' Why We Need To See Which Tyre Is Right. If Four Wheels Of Cycle Are Fixed To It , It Will Become Rickshaw. It Will Become Truck If Truck Wheels Are Fixed To It. So You Should Study. I Don'T Want To Say You To Follow Your Husband Blindly. It Is Not Necessary To Have Education. But Knowledge Should Be Smart Our Last Prophet Mohammed (Saw) Was Unlettered As Well. But He Was The Most Knowledgeable So I Ask You In Your Books, In Hindu Religious Books And Written In The Quran. Do You Need To Act Upon Wrong Things Which Were Told By Your Elders? No Who Don'T You Leave Idol Worship? You Said You Love Your Husband. Do You Question Mark Question Mark It Is Pretended Love If There Is A True Love I Want My Wife To Be With Me In This Life And The Hereafter As Well. Don'T You Want Your Husband Should Be With You? Should He Be.. Yes Won'T You Verify Who Is Right Either You Or Your Husband? No, I Follow What My Husband Says, I Can Leave Idol Worshipping But The Name Of My Religion I Think It Is Important For Me. You Are Talking About The Name Of Your Religion? Yes I Am Also Hindu By Name, What Am I? Hindu Means A Person Who Lives In Hindustan Ok How Did The Word "Hindu" Come At First? When Arab Came In Hindustan, They Gave This Word Hindu Hi From Himalayas And Ndu From .... Some People Say From This Reason When I Go To Gulf Countries Like Saudi Arabia, They Say To Me Hindi, Zakir Is Hindi, So By Word I Am Hindu It Is A Geographical Definition The Person Who Lives In Hindustan Is Called Hindu. It Is Not A Religious Definition But A Geographical Definition. I Am A Hindustani. I Am A Hindu By The Word Of Definition But If You Say Religious Hindu Who Does Idol Worship I Am Not That Type Of Hindu. You Also Said You Wouldn'T Do Idol Worship. So You Are Not A Hindu Anymore. But I Want To Keep The Word Of Hindu Living In Hindustan You Can Remain Hindu, So Am I. I Am A Muslim Hindu By Geographical Definition. Do You Understand? You Are Very Smart. Mashaallah Many People Are Professors But Don'T Understand You Say You Have No Much Knowledge But You Are Understanding Promptly, Mashaallah What Is The Point Of Having That Of Knowledge Which Doesn'T Lead To The Creator? You Know Yesterday My Speech Was On "Education For The Both Worlds" You Want To Be Called Yourself As Hindu Living In Hindustan Then I Call You Hindu As Well. Please Stop Doing Idol Worship Because Your Hindu Religious Books Also Prohibited It. Are You Ready To Abandon Idol Worshipping? Yes. Ready! Mashaallah Do You Agree God Is One? Yes Do You Accept Prophet Muhammad (Saw) Is The Last Messenger? Yes Mashaallah, That'S Mean You Are A Muslim. Yes Husband Is Muslim So Am I. Sorry? Husband Is Muslim So Wife Has To Be Muslim. Because Women Have No Choice. Ahhh Muslim Because Of Husband!! Sometimes It Is Not Necessary, Reverse Happens, Husband Becomes What Wife Wants To Be. Because , I Don'T Know Whether It Is Right Place To Say It. Love Is Blind My Urdu Is Not So Eloquent. ... Sheikh Fazlur Rahman Is Laughing At Me What Couplets I Said? All Poetry Is Not For Public. I Want To Say You Did Affair And Married But Act Upon Abandoning Idol Worshipping And Accepting God Is One Along With Prophet Muhammad (Saw) Is The Last Messenger. You Can Call Yourself As Muslim Yes I Am Muslim. Mashaallah Do You Agree God Is One? Yes Do You Agree Idol Worship Is Wrong? Yes, It Is Wrong. Do You Accept Mohammad (Saw) Is The Last Messenger? Yes. Is Someone Forcing You To Accept Islam? Na. None Ever Forced To Accept Islam. Mashaallah, How Many Years Ago Are You Married? It'S Been 9 Years. Nine Years Passed, Your Husband Didn'T Force You We Will Discuss It Later Whether He Did It Right Or Wrong . But Today Do You Want To Accept Islam From Your Heart? Yes. Is Someone Bribing You? No, From Your Heart You Want To Accept It? In Sha Allah I Will Speak In Arabic, You Follow Me Ash Hadu Alla Ilaha Illa Allah, Wa Ash Hadu Anna Mohammadan Abduhu Wa Rasuluhu I Testify And Witness That There Is No God Worthy Of Being Worshipped Other Than Allah And That Mohammad (Saw) Is His Messenger. Mashaallah, After 9 Years You Became Muslim. I Request You To Acquire Knowledge Of Islam And Read The Quran With Translation And Act Upon This Your Accepting Islam Made My Yesterday Speech Glorified My Lecture Was On Knowledge For The Both Worlds That Knowledge Whether You Become Professor Or Doing Phd But Not Drive To Your Creator Is Not Beneficial. So You Are Better Than Those Professors Whose Knowledge Doesn'T Bring Close To His/ Her Creator. I Praise You And I Pray To Allah That He Grant You Success In This World And Give You Paradise In The Hereafter. Hope The Answer Of The Qurestion, Salaam To You And Salaam To All My Muslim Brothers And Sisters