Skate 3 FUNNY MOMENTS Part 1




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Hausa Gomer as many welcome to skate three this game was actually kind of old but I heard it was hilarious so I thought we were just gonna go freestyling and see what's gonna happen I don't know how you're ready for a bob bob is excited look at him so happy Bob Bob let's find some cool places to skate I said what what this game is all about I guess and making out with railings let's follow this guy are you doing great sir why now we're doing good I call this one I don't even know whoa thank you pretty badass where are we going Bob I push Mongo like like he's doing now I can do it any other way I know a lot of people like it kids push Mongo unsubscribe out pretty cool nevermind odom skills i bob let's see if you can jump some higher jumps or whatever go yeah you did it Bob alright let's step it up a notch gah Bob fucking crazy man come on I'm flying here top flight shut up Bob you're too fat to fly alright let's see if we can jump the shark oh I actually did it holy shit I became a butterfly I became a butterfly whoo I grind the shark oh ah [Music] what does it moron say before he dies Yolo Oh Bob you're not in the water you can't swim I'm doing this game a lot I hope your brothers are digging it - what skateboard you can't just leave me like that I have the foss that father is strong with this fat man oh he's just sunbathing come on Bob you can fly I believe in your dreams [Music] break it down Tim go it's area looks pretty cool oh shit Bob what are you doing there I don't care this is scary feel no fear Bob is queer just hang in there Bob he's like I can see my genitals I don't care take me [Laughter] they live in your dreams and anything can happen oh I feel so bad for this guy seriously I did it holy shit high five res fab 5 you go skateboard by the way I have a penny board laying around here somewhere it's a good feeling just being on the board I love it if I want to go somewhere quick but I can to make awesome tricks like Bob though you're not a frog Bob such a dirt man here we go Eric Conn's well that was anticlimactic what the fuck are you doing man okay here we go [Applause] not really what I hope for but hey I'll take it okay I'm fabulous oh yeah oh come on Bob show those bitches whoa whoa yeah baby yes here we go yeah I didn't even do it if Bobby's very upset get out of my way parking thing I want to try something different that's running fast man perfect come on come on Bob you can slam dunk yeah he's too bad come on oh here we go whoa this is a skateboarding game in case you don't know this is a skateboarding game and not a single fuck was given oh I'm having way too much fun with this fucking game nailed it come on yeah okay this should be pretty interesting yeah it's pretty cool shake no it's okay take your time Bob really great I won't deaf fuck every time all right Prez I'm gonna have to end after soda here I hope you boys enjoy watching leave a like if you did I'd really appreciate it and let me know if you want more hits the sky comer birthday I see you breasts as always in the next one stay awesome love you bread hahaha oh god this guy what them oh yeah voila [Laughter]