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[Music] [Applause] it was over the old guard was wiped out those who lived when our the gates of hell they were killing us off burning our seeds from shore to shore we thought there was no way the Empire could win this game state would have it the tide turned in our favor again a new wind will set our backs blowing us straight to heaven there was only one rule first common fuss it was containers Queens masters of our own New Worlds they had their empire now it was our turn enemies became friends friends became enemies the best didn't trust anybody the philosophy of the day was we were alone at the top of the food chain and so we left [Music] in a dog-eat-dog world we were wolves moves hunt in packs [Applause] of skull and bones there are soulless empires there are greedy trading companies and of course ruthless pirate games sailing the seas but there are no heroes hello my name is Justin Ferran creative director at Ubisoft Singapore and for the past year my team and I have been anxiously awaiting at this moment to invite you our fans to join the hunt here at e3 2018 piracy is dead in the Caribbean the Empire's crushing all those who oppose them so your next big score the Indian Ocean home to the richest trade routes in the world where merchant ships carry cargo worth over 10 billion dollars a year and you you're gonna steal every last fucking coin first you need a target you pick up intel on a heavily guarded frigate fat with african diamonds meant for the grand mogul of india that treasure will help you claw your way to the top to become d pirate that no empire can take down second you must know your hunting ground are reactive an evolving world is reflected in what we call fortunes presented to you by tallied the fortune teller now fortunes reveal changes in factions weather and the trade routes themselves today tell g'd reveals favorable winds that means more merchants to rob but also more competition and now I'm proud to share with you the essence of skullenbones a shared world where every player encounter matters will you fight or will you ally this is what we call the hunting grounds alright pirates let's head to the hideout and have a great III the convoy starts here in your hider deep within the Chagos islands this hidden pirate den provides everything you need for your next strike [Music] from your shipyard you choose the black horn for the upcoming battle the strong winds will boost its speed giving his pattering rhyme a devastating punch next choose the right crew and gear for the mission ahead Demi cannons are slow loading a deadly short-range rockets are blazing fast a deal powerful damage from every angle with everything loaded let's head out the wings are strong in the day is clear that means more merchants trouble but also more rival pirates out looking for a quick score according to your Intel the convoy is selling past a portuguese fort taking advantage of the strong winds that fort is too strong simply sail past its cannons can blast you out of the water you need to find a way to sneak by before the convoy slips away [Music] fortunately deception is another tool in the pirate arsenal that's for these black guards [Music] disguised as a Portuguese merchants you tried to creep past the Ford captain if we engage they will see through our eyes [Music] this island provides the perfect cover for a surprise attack plus the optimal cause for an intercept rigging your sails for speed we want to catch your victim off-guard boy or she bad subscribe to the border what was Jack is now of that while ship sighted Portuguese frigate I'm your attack has alerted a powerful Portuguese warship at the helm is a Commodore too tough to handle on your own even worse you could lose your loot and you need help you need it fast [Music] other captains have anti-joke or four against one should even the odd your site forms a tight squadron using a coordinated battle plan the enemy strikes first the first ship goes down bridging a formation commodore turns his cannons under here a sapphire absorbing the first glow your allies maneuver for position the royal fortune actors at tank drawing the Commodores fire it unleashes its special ability see once anchored he can fire its cannons without limits the Jaeger slipped into position with its powerful it's special ability delivers eight shots in a single blast cruisin the odds are critical it's up to you to land the killing blow the battle is won but the glitter of gold can turn new allies into deadly enemies for there is no honor among thieves you you