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Breakfast Club morning everybody is de j MV Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club you got a special guest in the building slick jugs my guy Gracie what did you open in here slinky smell like that show them some of that good Callie green you got sling actually I got this from my good friend Puma out of black ink crew okay boom I went to Harlem yesterday smoke darling smoke do you like New York is you such a West Coast guy I Love New York man New York is just so busy man like New York is a big day oh you can be fucking choking on a grape on 42nd and Cali like shoot you and call an ambulance no it's like you think is a comedian come he's an actor he's a producer I'm a big fan of black Jesus I used to love like Jesus when it was on YouTube thank you back in the day and it's coming back for season three yeah man so happy man you know it's been a while they've been a while you know been like four years since the show was on TV you know what was the break fool you know it that's only God understands I don't think that I think because we've here two seasons when the boycott started in the first season I don't think that I think you know only God understand the white man's reasoning yes yes oh that's beautiful then and what would a boycott you mention boycott the boy Jesus oh like Jesus I think you know we had a couple of organizations that really like try to shit on it but you know again I'm gonna tell I'm here to tell the white people black Jesus loves you too okay black people love why I mean black Jesus love white people too Jesus is black yes he is - put blackface on everything except Jesus indeed but he would think you're making a mockery of Jesus no not at all man I think Jesus is like like your parents you know we're all gonna climb you know saying we're gonna imitate our parents and things of that nature you know God gave was the humor you gave it to me you know he gave me humor good looks he can give me no money but chapter 126 that God created man in His image according to his likeness you heard that nigga yeah man black Jesus always going to jail but he actually goes to jail to minister you know saying blah I'm jealous one of Jesus's favorite places because you know he get a lot of love in jail who the first nigga you call him you go to jail God Jesus was on the cross word of what they said thief and a thief and somebody else you ever worry about like old jokes and tweets and podcast comments coming back to haunt you naw I did it I said it I mean if you're talking about mouth fuck look at the end of the day you know I said it at least I got there yeah I'm on a Breakfast Club and that's when they start messing with you soon as they start seeing you and you then you come up with level of two they're like oh let me remind people who we're talking about Shane Gillis that thing from Saturday night laughter Shane they hired him because that's what we're talking about just now they hired him and then fired him before his first day and that's because of some comments he made on his podcast where he was calling Asian people by racial slurs using racial slurs homophobic slurs and misogynistic slurs but not in the context of a joke oh when you say it's not in the context of a joke you know that might be a little bit different but at the end of the day man fuck that man you got it at least you know people what was on her mind at least you know how they feel you know I mean and if they talent it enjoy it I feel the same way about our Kelly everybody mad at our Kelly right now and shit but you know I was stepping in the name of love and I will give a fuck lot of homework I like the music I still step in the name of love now I'm not gonna step in no piss but about to enjoy you know I'm saying yeah cuz it's music is art it's already exactly it's a lot of it's a lot of prominent people that's done things in the world I've done amazing things behalf some fucked up happens behind closed doors yeah you know what I'm saying so I just appreciate the art and just make sure you stay away from my daughters and I mean the only thing that like it bothers me about it is because what happens when they dig back to somebody like Eddie Murphy cuz he's gonna be hosting SNL in December what are you gonna do go back to raw and delirious and be outraged over that man let me pull him off but that wasn't stand-up but now was that was a comedy show Murphy would say to say those same things last year how they do is attack people for old shit nowadays man I can suck a fat babies big manicotti last man I saw a tweet what you say a woman shouldn't be referred to as stallions because the stallion is a male horse and this is no disrespect to make the stallion okay fine I would love to knock her down however she has a boyfriend right now and most of them do okay you know a stallion is a male horse I think I don't think people understand that a stallion is a male horse yeah and he got a bigger dick than you so I don't want to fuck with us down here so what should we call a mayor a female could be a play on words you like the mayor of the bitch mayor man I'm fucking with you know baby I love you I love you baby and I will knock you down I don't used to call tall women Amazons begginers yeah that's that's good too i like amazon says wonderful might be offensive to amazon's go wonder woman's supposed to be amazon but you know that's fake is she white Hamiltonians are tall and melon ated in stature what's more impactful to you being successful in the streets are commercially hmm what's more important was more impactful I don't know I really I really I really enjoyed my street you know my street credibility you know again cuz at the end of the day when Hollywood chew you up and spit you out all you got left is the streets so I never want to turn my back to them however you know get bread so you know what I mean so is that equally important yeah you filmed in Compton right is that we are it takes place it takes place in town okay so do you feel like you have an obligation to put some people from Compton in the square in the movie yes if not if not from Compton in particular you know definitely Southern California the area you know what I'm saying cuz gotta have a feeling the authenticity you know I'm saying it gotta feel real and you know it gives people something to look back at and be proud of just the fact that yeah you know at least out of all these actors they still got somebody from our way you know what I mean no you were a rapper at first yes why'd you stop rapping oh did you start rapping I didn't stop rapping but things didn't work on the timeline that I wanted them to I was ready to blow I know man but this is a very very tricky game you know I was signed to short as an artist man to shore records back in the early 2000s we had to deal with job you know I didn't quite understand the business back then you know deals happen and deals get deals just disappear and you know they kind of drop your distribution right before my album came out and that fucking me up man I was pressed me for a long time but you know again I got a second chance with with comedy and acting and I'm just taking the reins and doing verses whatever oh so you was rapping before comedy yes Wow how did you talk did that turn the comedy happen like was one of the thing when you know I was gonna try it or you know it always said you funny yeah it always been my personality I always been loud and gregarious I was a class clown I was always cutting up you know what I mean and I had friends that were you know living in LA everybody's in film some kind of way and I had one of my best friends Jason van Veen was a writer director producer he ended up writing on the boondocks and that's how I met Aaron McGruder you know the mean hand and I was just having fun I was just having fun filming with my homeboys I wasn't thinking like yeah I'm gonna be a hacker I'm gonna be a comedian I was just having fun and the more I have fun the more I did it and it just opened or something how you laying the record deal well yeah he was putting out demos and mixtape man like one of my cousin's his first cousin was too sure my cousin Eric you know he first cousin with too short so he introduced me to short and you know sir kind of cultivated it get a lot of music with me and it was single poem it was slink upon I was talk I was you know I'm one of them late 90s rappers I was infatuated and broad with you know Italian culture but I now understand it Capone good luck my prey that need never call black rappers out for cultural appropriation or they didn't know they ripped off the Italian mafia and Gambino so crazy they didn't they didn't call us off a cultural appropriation because we you know we made them famous you know we helped keep them relevant yeah that's my god fucking tired I fucking love child man that's my god man what album I bootlegged it I'll shoulder myself with the authorized bootleg version it's on you to the cuttle of see you tal uff I mean the love man is the spot man when you go and chill man you know the love man you know you take your little nice little Forex white woman you love New York just like I love my t-shirts man Forex white you that good credit good credit man why will they take a whole lot most shit than black we Katie with double chapel bitch pitcher and the black woman gonna call you on dumb white one so you want woman that just let you do whatever you want to do why not no man you need some discipline some structure no man my mama gave me discipline [Laughter] no I'm just talking she got three black baby monster time they gonna whoop my ass you dated a white woman snake be honest I never dated a white woman oh he just likes them I just like the sake of this conversation yeah you know I'm saying I like white women they cool no you don't you have you read Mama's room yeah we're off Mellie all from LA maybe on your ass how many daughters three damn real whole like me man look and look I had kids every ten years ma'am I got 24 13 12 three and brand-new I got a brand-new bag for three kids no yeah baby mamas okay Wow sometimes you know you are not playing no I got a medical condition I was diagnosed with RPS was there any gay penis syndrome you dick do what he wants you look when I flew out here my dick flew in the JFK I flew in the LaGuardia yeah y'all just meet back in that Lane like man I think I got some more kids on the way I hope you make it home hope you make it I'm flying out today I told him like nigga you better get your hands back I do but now you know I'll say this my children will made out of love my children will made out of you know real real situations and relationships every single one every single right so you have a girlfriend now Namie you know I got great relationships with them I love them all you know I'm saying again I'm not on a child support of none so I'm happy about that you know see the three coming telling a guy lie he said you know I got anything see I'm class season 3 coming back though cuz you know them then few years off work you know I wasn't getting respected you know when the woman is the breadwinner you know they taking care of the kids financially and shit they start treating a nigga like you're talking about you know being submissive in a relationship man as soon as I found out I got that call I called you first and then I called him like bitch the power has shifted coming back to me I'm sorry shit that's great they were able to hold it down and still not put you on child support cuz that's a tough one to pull off I mean you know cuz they know I love my children I don't really like them that much what I love so what are you what are you doing because obviously you still do stand-up on the road and everything so financially what else was going on baking cakes changing breaks babysitting goddamn whatever I can do to get some bread cakes yeah I'll break up make the shit out strawberry cream cheese pound cake that motherfucker's delectable lot of slice in the barbershop shout out to loose ends I go in cuz I went to jail for selling weed and when I got out of jail I pray to God like yo I'm done you know in the time it took for you know TV to come into fruition I had to do something so I reverted back to sit I like to do baked cakes really smart I would think you'll be making so much money on the road doing stand-up though well you know I'm just I'm a baby in the stand up game you know I'm kind of modeling my career after Charlie Murphy you know I look dude I got a TV show it kind of phantom right lap I didn't at 17 years old I say this all the time at 17 years old I had no idea what I'd be doing at 40 I had no idea about life so I say that's a sad didn't plan to be a TV actor man it just kind of fell in my lap and once it did I met you know I met Charlie and trying to model my career after him John yeah exactly in parlay and parlay a TV show into a lifetime of you know benefit we met Charlie on black Jesus okay but you did stuff of Cynthia you did the man cave on BT yeah man shoutout to Jeff Johnson tank and cosign tank I called you nigga changing number some of the show's over tank B trip because you know I wrote when we rehearse yeah I wrote that for him you know I'm saying and he kind of ran with it and he called me back since you wrote that yeah he heard me you know you heard me on the phone yeah are we talking about and that's why he wrote the song is this a joke okay really what the song cuz he heard you on the phone yeah unfortunately okay but that doesn't mean you wrote the song I mean I was inspiration thank kind of buff oh yeah all the time man I do auditions man everything man I went out audition for all eyes on me for PAC's role too tall but it's cool I'm taking auditions all the time remember we read for that it was a show that Ice Cube with the life the life yes yes me you yeah alright was a show we did and that was before black Jesus it was a TV show the Till's I want to see a nice Cuban air Magruder right yes yes yeah there's so many shows that you might actually think that are gonna happen and then it doesn't all the time man this is so much content so many ideas on the cutting room floor you know what it means a lot of stuff will never see the light of day or probably after you pass away yeah I already tell you that you getting the green lightning never having yeah we did that read that was that was the show man only cash I was happy I thought it was cracking you know like 13 years ago I slept on dad's couch that weekend tell nobody until it's actually on TV right I mean I do so much shit now that I don't even talk about it until like I actually start seeing press or promotion for it like you fucking just give me the check no purse for season three or black jeans now I know that's why you didn't call me back two years and he saw it always like okay come on this every day like y'all niggas coming out he like yeah just come up I'm like okay I wanna come on this day cuz I gotta buy the ticket I gotta make sure I get there he like alright I'm gonna let you know I'm gonna let you know I'm Leslie I'm hittin this nigga every day I hit you back - he hit me okay now that you can come I was in LA I was in LA in misery you know it's like you one of the happiest people I be meeting man man's tears of a clown man and like most comedians yes just it's just an exterior man I'm I'm a nervous wreck inside really yeah you got anxiety I do I do I want to smoke right now before he walked I didn't want you said you did I didn't want to be lethargic and shit I'd be so high look if I look back at some of these interviews I do I do we yeah waiting money no matter of fact y'all hit me on my cash dollar sign sling Johnson you know I'm saying every every you know it all goes to the help keep tosses baby daddy out of prison foundation you slink with a flint come from um taller slinky okay you know I was much slimmer in high school I used to you know going windle's use a flocking I wouldn't say that I was a procurer I'm too tall to do a lot of shit when I should have been playing basketball I wanted to be a thug I should have been somebody small forward but instead I played left pistol for the no but I play very lucrative I went nineteen and one there one into my career yes yes yes man I went to why as a youngster you know I mean I taught me a lot you know I'm saying and I'm cold man fuck jail man that's and that's some stupid shit so many beautiful women out here too much money you know yes it did yes indeed yes it is some of the funniest people in jail you know you hear all these stories you know what I'm saying and and all this struggle you know what I mean it definitely helps you smile because you realize when ones like once I got there motherfucker I realize stay consistent you know just don't stop man and just stay on that stage you stay on that stage man and it ain't no time line and success man you know Charlie he started blowing later in life you know what I mean I like him myself to to him cuz again I'm getting old you know I'm saying but I'm getting a second chance of youngsters it's fucking with me you know I'm saying I'm smoking all the New York weed I got a lot of young niggas come fuck with me and you know between black Jesus and gta5 you know I'm very thankful for this young demographic and be part of pop culture history like that man so that inspires me to keep going that's crazy that a guy who used to do carjackings that is in gta5 like a motherfucker yes I'm a method actor points off the games no they don't give me shit you alive huh look here Rockstar gave me a deal and I was just so broke I was on my momma couch I was happy you know you give me an opportunity to be in one of the biggest games and in history I took it you know I'm saying but in hindsight it wasn't a lot of bread opportunity very much for shadows all that but it wasn't a lot of bread and ain't no royalties you know I'm saying it's good negotiate no Rody's man rocks are don't give a fuck somebody else because you think about it all games they have no big-name actors I think they had Samuel Jackson and Ray Liotta in one in a couple of a franchise but for the most part today no big-name actresses like me you're gonna do it or not we don't get somebody else the game was gonna be a monster whether I was in it or not you know I'm saying I was just thankful that I was offered the leverage to be negotiating no you had no leverage so that's it like nigga you wanted another I was like yes the people remind do they know you from that oh yes stupid - you're late yes well the nigga he looked like me and he looked like Gucci man what you know it depends on which Gucci the nugu know yeah he look like new Gucci WG I don't look like sometimes you look like me sometimes you look like Gucci talk about the when it comes to like being old I feel like when you a comedian you at your best when you got a lot of experience or age one of the two oh yeah I got plenty to talk about now plenty gasps real-life struggles you know I got five more fucking kids man five kids you know this is crazy I'll be tripping off the fact like kids is the only motherfuckers that come out and change the whole trajectory of your life it's like my nigga I was out here I live in my hairline was down here this pack I got a cut listening I'm selling dope I'm winning nigga and all of a sudden you gonna come make me love you make me love you nigger you know Sam at one point I'm supposed to be out here riding spinners living my life raw you got me making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pillow fortresses and caring about you nigga we're living life Rawls what got you to children like nobody I like wearing condoms you wear condoms for specific reasons you don't want to get a disease you don't on your print nobody hold on oh don't get me wrong I wear condoms I wear condoms first like as you like it the first time nobody likes that feeling when you didn't wear a condom and you like what did I do you know you wake up in the morning wow it's like all the haze goes away after you nut it's like whoa now I'm fucker and I get to know their name at least that's your 32nd September 20th on Adult Swim what time Oh midnight ok midnight so yeah I'll be watching that shit what's happening this season amazing shit Jesus is doing a lot of miracles or season a lot of amazing he's overt with the miracles the first two seasons he was kind of subtle this year he's like yo he's going all out I wanna come to your car shows and shit I want to be like yo yo yo yo apprentice man the whole point of being a black owner if you don't hire black people that smoke exactly exactly now you can't drive a car if you're gonna be my apprentice in my whole life man I saw that's what I do I'm founder and president of the smoke yours crew smoke you smoke yours man I want to smoke the fact that he came here where he want to smoke everybody else weed that's how you keep you all exactly it's like friendship I'd rather come meet you then then force my shit on you like if somebody say yo hit this dope you gonna be like all fuck no but if I say you'll smoke your dope it's like Let Me In you know I'm gonna come into your world how often do you like attend you don't have weed on you when you really do see now you're trying to give me fuck lower man I never lie about not having there just because of smoke yours don't mean I won't smoke mine you know I'm sound smart with you but you smoke some of yours with me and smoke yours ain't just about weed it's about lions my living man it's about doing you whatever you is smoke yours you gotta quit worrying about somebody else blood if they not beating a bitch and killing itself why are you worried about it man that's like when Josie said jay-z said what you eat don't make me shit exactly like smoke on your business exactly do you mass smoke when your girl tell you do you though that's never a good thing mm-hmm no like this you mean do you do you cuz I'm doing me well it's sleep man Thank You DJ every man I like all Reverend I was hopin oh oh shit man the Prince of Perm in this motherfucker man this is the Breakfast Club good morning [Music]