Sneaky Ways Girls Test Your Confidence




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what if I told you that right now all around the world the guys were being tested without even knowing it and what if they failed these tests what happens then let me ask you a simple question how many times have you been interacting with a girl and everything seemed to be going great but then out of nowhere she went totally cold on you meaning she started to show zero interest and might have even seen bored so how did you react when this happened maybe you got pretty angry right after she went cold on you and then she started flirting with your friend instead of you if this happened then congratulations because you just failed the test since the beginning of mankind girls have been testing guys and don't be mad because it's a completely natural thing for them to do in the same way that men choose women based primarily on their physical appearance girls choose guys based primarily on how much confidence they have and the reason for this is simple throughout time pretty much the greatest indicator that a men is high quality basically comes down to the level of confidence that he has sure your physical looks matter and of course money is also important but girls don't test men for money and they don't test them for looks so the one thing that girls do test for is confidence but the problem is that these tests are so sneaky that most guys completely missed them and fail and if you want to be a far more attractive man when the type that is rare who is constantly chased by the ladies you have to be able to recognize and pass these simple little tests so first up is the number one sneaky way that girls will test your confidence level and it consists of suddenly going cold on you or being mean to see how you react so before we get into this here's a little secret something like 99% of girls want a high-value man and the number one indicator of a low-quality man is a lack of confidence so here's the thing when girls are nice to men universally we take this as a signal that the girl likes us or could potentially like us if we start flirting with it and when a girl is really nice to us especially if she's really attractive it instantly gives us this huge boost of confidence that we wouldn't otherwise have but when she goes cold on us or starts acting really mean towards us what it does is it instantly makes us doubt ourselves and for guys who already have low confidence this usually ends with the guy getting really angry or super nervous and unsure of himself so when a girl suddenly goes cold on you she most likely still likes you but what she wants to do is simply see how you react if this happens and you begin to doubt yourself and you get nervous so you get angry about it then you've failed the test but if you don't doubt yourself and remain confident and don't get angry and maybe even tease your back a little bit then congratulations you will have passed the test keep in mind that it's always a good thing when you get tested like this because it means that the girl is interested in you enough to probe a little bit deeper to see if you have the confidence that she needs you to have now next up is the second sneaky way that girls will test your confidence and it involves acting like she isn't interested in you now the difference between this tests and some of the other tests is that this one is pretty much always carried out right when you first meet the girl rather than later after you've already been around here for a while although it can and does frequently happen during this time so to carry out this sneaky little test most girls will basically act completely uninterested in you pretty much from the moment that they meet you and most girls actually do this by default because it is insanely effective for automatically filtering out the guys who have very little to no confidence so why do they do this the primary purpose of this sneaky little test is to show pretty much zero interest in you from the start and see once again how you react most guys with little to no confidence won't even bother trying to attract or approach a girl who shows a zero interest in it but the way that a high value man handles this situation is completely different because if a high quality man sees a girl that he likes nine times out of ten he will try to attract her anyway and not lose confidence in his ability to do so now obviously if he tries to do this and she continues to show zero interest in him over and over and over again then obviously he's going to move on so it's not uncommon for a girl's to run this test shortly after they meet a guy and the purpose of it is always the same and it is to probe your confidence or your belief in yourself to see if you crack under the pressure all these sneaky little tests are designed to test for a lack of confidence or for insecurity but as long as you can recognize them and you have a decent level of confidence then you will easily pass them and in doing so make girls far more attracted to you now next up is the third and final sneaky way that girls will try to test your confidence and it involves sending mixed signals now when it comes to flirting one of the most universal strategies that guys use is call push-pull meaning showing a little bit of interest then acting uninterested and then showing interest again and so on and so forth until the desired result is achieved now what a lot of guys don't realize is that girls actually do this too and this is called mixed signals and all it really is is sending you signals that make you think that she likes you then sending you signals that make you think that she doesn't like you and as always whether or not you pass this test is based primarily on how you react to the mixed signals the purpose of this test and all of the others is to hit your confidence or ego square on the chin to see if you crumble and begin doubting yourself or if you stay confident and carry on in a confident playful way and just the ability to recognize these tests is a super important insight that will help you to increase your overall value and attractiveness as a mint and if you guys are into cars and want to see what my life is like owning a Lamborghini be sure to check out my car channel the link is in the description and with that said until next time thank you guys so much for watching