Social Distancing The Shocking Truth

oh hey Ted oh hey Marky so are you good we are for LaRon hey yeah just did seven went do another seven you know yeah I don't want to hold you up else grab dinner sometime I would love that all right you mean it seen yeah absolutely I mean not on one what's your emergency hi yeah I got a couple hand shakers right in front of me okay sir are they still staring at them right now run this well is that what you think this cleanness I need you to come up with social distancing guidelines but sir I just cleaned the toilets here I wouldn't know the first thing about just do it we're all busy you're the man for the job I'll send you an assistant to help you make notes good work okay hey guys attorney Lee Dundas here I wanted to talk to you a little bit today along with the educators and school districts and parents about children and their risk of death from kovin and the changes that schools are starting to contemplate making in the fall of 2020 first of all your child's risk of dying from kovat is really really low the fatality rate in the u.s. for children is so low that kids are actually at a higher risk of death from traveling to school than from catching kovat at school and dying in fact the risk is so low that my calculator cannot do the math there's so many zeroes behind the decimal point and recently a Bloomberg article quoted the CDC as stating vet and I quote the kovat 19 fatality rate in the US for anyone younger than 19 is so low it is calculated at zero point zero zero percent so according to the CDC your child's risk of dying from kovat is zero this is what we also know your child is not going to catch Kovan at school and become the the dreaded silent but deadly transmitter of the disease who brings it home to Grandma and kills grandma um right now your child that this is another direct quote no child is known to a past Kovan 19 to adults a global study finds the World Health Organization actually performed contract tracing and found exactly children had passed the disease onward this is pretty much the same for adults by the way in case you didn't catch it at the end of May a study came out that showed an adult who was coded positive but had no symptoms was exposed to almost 500 other people zero of them caught the disease and then this last Monday the World Health Organization came out and said they are following him this is another quote they are following contacts and they are not finding secondary transmission onward so secondary transmission from the kovat positive patient who doesn't know he or she has it is pretty much non-existent so where what we know at this point in time is your kids not gonna die from co-head they're also not going to catch co-maid bring it home to Grandma and kill grandma and accordingly there's really no reason to make any sort of changes to school protocols particularly those involving social distancing but I actually want to talk a little bit about social distancing right now because social distancing is actually a technique that might be causing more harm to our children than that which it seeks to avoid so social distancing is a euphemism for social isolation it was a technique that was developed about 70 years ago by the CIA and they found it was really really good at breaking down enemies of state it creates depression poor sleep quality and paired executive function accelerated cognitive decline poor cardiovascular function and impaired immunity all of those are things I think we can agree we don't want anybody to experience not least our own children it doubles your risk of death if you're black it almost doubles your risk of death if you're white and the harm that you get from enacting social distancing and social isolation on somebody is the same as if they were very very obese moreover it destroys the part of the brain that is actually responsible for learning in our children and ourselves which is known as the ventral striatum medically speaking what recent studies have shown is it is the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes a day and being an alcoholic so put simply we'd be better off lobotomizing our children handing them a pack of cigarettes and a fifth of whiskey and sending them into homeroom then we will be by socially distancing them this fall I want to actually go back now to the sordid beginnings of how this social distance social isolation technique was developed by the CIA in 1951 the CIA held a secret meeting at the ritz-carlton in Canada and it was a meeting with doctors present who had ties and I quote to the US UK and Canadian military forces the work at that meeting in subsequent med meetings led the CIA to realize that social distancing and isolation techniques were I quote the ideal way of breaking down a prisoner and another quote as effective at destroying the brain function of the prisoner as if the prisoner were beaten starved or deprived of sleep Senator John McCain who spent over five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam and had all of his arm and leg bones broken multiple times and who was also by turn subjected to multiple rounds of social distancing from his fellow POWs had this to say about social distancing and physical torture this is what he said about social distancing it's an awful thing it crushes your spirit more effectively than any other form of mistreatment a hundred and fifty naval aviators who were also held as POWs in Vietnam came home from the war and echoed what John McCain had said they said and I quote it was as torturous and agonizing as any physical abuse they suffered to be separated from their fellow American GIs the UN Mandela rules actually now prohibit the use of more than 15 days or two weeks of social distancing in isolation classifying it as cruel and inhumane treatment and basically a war crime so now that we know that there is ZERO reason to make any changes to our schoolchildren since they're not at risk at all there's zero risk of them dying from the disease and they're not going to bring the disease home to Grandma and we know that social distancing is a wartime technique that the CIA uses to break down enemies of state I want to look briefly at where this six foot rule came from because it seems sort of you know magical right in the time of Kovac so it turns out that the six foot rule came from England where a lead researcher recently came out in the press and admitted that quote officials had told him they did not think the British population would understand what one meter or three feet was and quote we could not trust the British people to observe it so we doubled it to be on the safe side he went on to state and I quote again the two meter rule was conjured up out of nowhere and he concluded by referring to it as a quote rule of thumb rather than a scientifically proven measure casting even more doubt on the lack of science underlying the six-foot rule is a recent study in which researchers found and again I quote that preventive social distancing can increase the final epidemic size at the population level and thus have negative effects for the community at large you heard me right preventive social distancing can make the epidemic worse and increase the size of it but here's the real problem folks in terms of the educational issue here if we do a six-foot rule of distance for our schoolchildren at least in California versus three feet or something less than that we simply cannot fit all of the california school kids into their classrooms at the same time and maintain that six feet of distance so what the educational system in our state is going to have to do is they're gonna have to toggle it one day at school one day at home or three-and-a-half hours at school three and a half hours each day at home and do some sort of a hybrid remote learning model and here is the problem with that each summer kids lose one month of the education they gain during that year it is known the world over by educators everywhere as the summer backslide but for lower socioeconomic children and children of color that effect can be magnified so by fifth grade by about age 10 or 11 those children the poor children the lower socioeconomic children children of color can be two to three years behind their age peers due to this effect right now California has almost 10 million children in the state only one quarter of them are Caucasian about 75% are children of color and minorities and almost half of the kids in our state 43% our poor were quote very very poor so this is what we know remote learning doesn't work well for anybody but it really really works sadly for these kids who often only have one parent in the household and that parent is not in the house during the daytime because they're outside the house earning the bread and bringing home the bacon they don't have enough computers they don't have enough internet connections they don't have enough laptops they often have multiple siblings in different schools and for those children remote learning doesn't work so basically for the forty to seventy five percent of California's youth who are either minority or very poor a hybrid model is going to be catastrophic the California Constitution guarantees children in our state a right to education not just twenty six percent of children in our state who aren't poor and who are Caucasian but every child in this state has a right to a good education go tell the California State Department of Education and Tony Thurman our state superintendent of schools no social distancing no 6-foot bubble of space around school children and no remote learning it unfairly disadvantages minority children and those in lower socioeconomic brackets and it will put them so far behind their classmates they will never make up that gap or recover social distancing is a CIA protocol used to break down enemies of state it has zero place in the classroom or being used against our children sir the Surgeon General just tweeted this seriously people stop by mass they are not effective in preventing general public from catching coronavirus sounds like we should mandate masks okay so medical grade masks no just anything an old handkerchief a worn through t-shirt with holes in it I'm actually bad for all I care I think these are all medical devices exquisitely designed to keep viruses out of the human body I think tell people to stay six feet apart why six feet because we don't use the metric system this is America we don't do meters yes sir I understand why we're measuring in feet but why six of them Wow mmm it seems like a good medically sound number to me okay we're finding obesity is a factor that terribly increases someone's risk for Koba 19 what do we do yeah let's close all the gyms for how long well reopen the gyms once they're closed long enough that they all go out of business that way they can't reopen that sounds effective sir and while we're at it let's close down all the playgrounds but make sure the vending machines are still open so people can still get their sodas sir may I ask what are you working on there I'm drawing the cat it's beautiful sir studies have found that with Koba 19 patients in Indonesia ninety eight point nine percent of them that had vitamin D deficiency died but only four percent of patients with vitamin D sufficiency died and approximately 70% of the US has a vitamin D deficiency what do you think we should do we need a new mandate everybody's got to stay inside the last thing we need is people being exposed to the Sun breathing fresh air they need protection oh wait that looks better like this includes all the beaches okay people getting go back on the beaches again but only standing or swimming no sitting this disease is highly contagious in the sitting position is it yeah okay restaurants can open again but there's some highly specific safety guidelines we need to put in place first off you have to wear a mask while you're walking to your table but you don't have to wear a mask while you're seated at your table why is that because now the virus isn't contagious in the seated position but you have to put your mask back on to walk to the bathroom because because it's virus is highly contagious in the walking position possibly and there's only one person allowed in the bathroom at that time I noticed people would be having koban orgies in there if they could great idea sir that's not like enough busy work to make people think we're being effective don't you think excellent sir I have some new information sir the CDC says the corona virus does not easily spread on surfaces that case no reusable menus either let's require all restaurants and small businesses that are struggling to hire extra staff to spray down and clean surfaces every hour well that sounds ridiculous you're right every 15 minutes better you'd be safe sir the World Health Organization now says that asymptomatic people usually don't spread the corona virus really wow this thing's worse than we thought okay six more months of lockdown but tell them it'll just be too [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh you're out there I can feel you now I know that you're afraid you're afraid of us you're afraid of change I don't know the future I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end came here to tell you how it's going to begin