Social Welfare Medical Dialogue 2 Naati CCL

disclaimer the following dialogue will be only in the English language so you need to consider to translate to your own language for not Eccl exam social welfare dialogue - medical condition and job capacity briefing a load speaking person is at a job searching consultants office discussing what Centrelink asks him or her to do and his or her medical problem the dialogue starts in 3 2 1 good morning MERS thank you for coming in today Centrelink has referred you to us and our job is to help you to look for work but I don't understand why Centrelink asked me to come here I have told them what happened and what my problems are the record says you had a job capacity assessment a while ago did you take any medical reports with you when you saw the Assessor no but I remember talking to an Assessor I didn't take any medical reports that day because I thought she would be able to tell what my problems well when she saw me you should have taken your doctors reports with you but you have the right to request for another assessment we can help you with that are you on any medication at the moment yes the doctor asked me to take medication to lower my cholesterol level also I am on antibiotics for urinary tract infection at the moment I have to see the doctor again in the next week I understand you how to stroke four month ago are you feeling okay can you look after yourself I feel to see all the time yesterday I almost fell in the bathroom without the help of my daughter I can barely walk the right side of my body doesn't have any strength I see it looks like you might need more time to recover what about your cognitive ability do you get confused sometimes I can think okay but feel frustrated because I can't even go out by myself I also worry about Centrelink requirements no need to worry I will speak to your case officer at Centrelink and discuss your situation with her I will let you know about the outcome when I see you next time if you liked this content subscribe the channel and share with your friends thank you