Social Welfare Nursing Home Options Dialogue 4 Naati CCL

disclaimer the following dialogue will be only in the English language so you need to consider to translate to your own language for not Eccl exam social welfare dialogue for nursing home options briefing mister Alma's a representative of sunshine homes for the elderly as visiting Mistral misses in her home to discuss nursing home options the dialogue starts in three two one good morning my name is I'm from sunshine homes for the elderly I understand you want to find out about our services thank you I've lived in this house for 35 years I love it but I can't look after the gardener anymore it needs a lot of maintenance work yes it is a big house and very large block your son told me that you feel you'd like to move somewhere easier to look after is that right my children helped me a lot but they all have their own families and work commitments I don't want to be a burden on them they told me that you run a new retirement village that's exactly right it is a small group of 15 units it is near public transport in shops and the local hospital is 10 minutes away what concerns me is that I might move into one of your homes and then decide I don't like it then I won't be able to get out of it Oh there had been no need to make your mind up straightaway residents who have the option of living in for a week before they decide to move in permanently and how much do I need to pay I'd like to leave the money from the sale of this house to my children I will only have a pension to support me the fee is 75% of your pension which covers rent food and housekeepers salary there is also a fully refundable bond of $10,000 that sounds okay I want to spend Christmas in this house one more time and then I can come and spend a week in your retirement village in January if you liked this content subscribe the channel and share with your friends thank you