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In yesterdays video we made a simple homemade contraption That will convert plastic 2 liter bottles into hundreds of feet of plastic string. making over 1,200 feet of this plastic string so for this video I thought it'd be fun to bring back our rope making machine and wind these strands together to see if we could make ourselves a genuine plastic grip now the two main questions I saw in my rope making video were how do you make a longer rope and what would happen if you were to take three fully made ropes and wind them together on the road making machine well you're in luck because today we're going to answer both of those questions at the same time we experiment with our plastic string now in my original rope making tutorial I took these two devices and clamp them to either end of my workbench and strung a line between them so if you want to make your rope longer all you have to do is increase the distance between them so for today's wrote making experiment why don't we take our spinner hook unit and clamp it right here to the head of my workbench it will take the back end unit and clamp it across the room to counter 20 feet away now since we've increased the distance of a rope machine we're also going to need to increase the distance of our guidelines as well so I went down to the home depot and picked up a couple packs of 50 foot paracord this just gives us the option to run our machine out 50 feet long if we ever feel like doing that let's go ahead and bust out some chords and line our machine (Music plays) beautiful thing when a plan comes together Here we go okay the good news guys in a couple of minutes we've got our rope machine all set up the guide wires are nice and tight and the slider moves easily between both ends so just for fun i went ahead and measured out the distance between these two contraptions and it runs about 22 feet and since the two liter bottle makes about 95 feet of rope we're going to need about one and a half bottles to make this length of rope here and you know how it works from here we're going to take our strings thread it between all the hooks then take a power drill and wind them all together most took these suckers up to get spinning I think I'm going to start out with green just because that's kind of unique all right there's one and a half hooks done and I don't think we're going to make it back with this and we shouldn't need nearly as much just half cool we got all of our lines strung and as anticipated it took one and a half soda bottles to string this line really curious to see how this works out now it's looking really good so it's time to hook up our drill get spinning and see exactly what happened (Music plays) oh wow it's going started making the rope that's good news we might actually have some success (Music plays) sweet look at that we actually did it we made a genuine piece of soda bottle rope now because it's so long I did have to guide the spacer forward with my hand at times to release some of the tension because I felt like the rope was going to break but once it got within about four feet is just one on that so no problem there you have a guy's there is our length of soda bottle cordage now we start off with about twenty two and a half feet of cord and after it while I'm attention into it this rope turned out being 18 and a half feet so looks like it shrunk in size by about 4 feet if you look really closely you can see it does actually resemble a three stranded rope now because the fibers were a little bit wider than feistel or any other kind of fiber it gives it a little bit more of a rough appearance a rough texture it looks pretty cool nice shiny and green kind of pretty this actually worked out pretty well I'm very encouraged let's rig up our machine and make two more (Music plays) beautiful there it is boys two down one to go Ok im releaseing tention (Music plays) update guys we have finished three different strands of three stranded rope and they're looking pretty good so what would happen if you rigged these three lines up to our machine wound them again is it possible to wind a three strand rope out of three strand rope this is rope reception (Music plays) guys I'm excited this is the moment of truth we have our three strands hooked up to our rope making machine to make another rope and it's time to pull the trigger but there is an important thing we need to keep in mind whenever we're making a rope out of three strand of rope we need to spin the hook the opposite direction if we spin the ropes the same way we did when we originally created them they'll actually undo themselves this time we need to flip our drill into reverse and spin hooks the opposite way you can see it when we spin the hooks this direction it actually tightens the rope it makes it harder which is exactly what we want we don't want it to undo itself we want it to get better will it work we're about to find out here we go (Music plays) cool it's not perfect but that is looking more like a rope so check that out guys we took three of our robes put them together and made them into another rope and this stuff is looking pretty legit it's a little rough but it looks a lot more like a rope panels like a rope and looks incredibly strong now just to go one step further why don't we take this stuff cut it into thirds and run one more cable three times a stick (Music plays) that's kind of cool huh all right let's tape it off and call it good (Music plays) success we have done it guys we've made a beautiful three stranded rope out of three strands rope out of three stranded rope the total thickness of our rope now is nearly half an inch is extremely strong extremely durable and surprisingly it actually looks like a rope I'm not sure how practical it is to make robot of plastic bottles we can definitely see it's possible so let's recap what we've done here today we start off with small strands of plastic soda bottle strings so we made some a homemade contraption using nothing but a piece of wood and undoing we hope those strings up to a home made of rope making machine and weld them together to make three different three stranded rope which are very cool by themselves but if that wasn't enough we took that rope and cut it into thirds and made one final rope a rope was in a rope within a rope rope ception so very very cool to see that this idea works guide we took plastic bottles turn them into the string and use the string to make PE tu rope this is very very sick very very durable and can most likely lift hundreds and hundreds of pounds thanks for joining for this project today I'll be looking for you the next one talk to you then and you can take this and braid it again and make another rope olb super strong it's a Christmas wreath hit hit a plastic bottle kind of hurts the hands a little bit hey guys thanks for watching and remember i'm giving away prizes now on every new video all you have to do to qualify is subscribe to my 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