Solar Eclipse 2017 Full 360º VR Experience In Casper Wyoming 360 Video TIME




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the moon has now nearly covered the Sun and in a moment the eclipse will reach totality it's only then that it's full spectacle is achieved and only then that it's safe to look at it without protective glasses in the final seconds before totality you'll see what's known as the diamond ring effect when the light of the Sun is reduced to a single flare on its eastern limb and nothing but a circular shimmer remains surrounding the moon following that will come what is known as Baily's beads when the diamond is further reduced to what resembles a short string of lights that phenomenon is the result of the last of the sunlight streaming through the mountain peaks of the moon during the two minutes and 26 seconds of totality we will remain silent as surely will the other spectators here in Caspar crickets and night birds perplexed by the sudden darkness maybe the only sounds you hear you [Music]