Some Cool Places to Visit on Google Earth

hello learning birdies this is mr. beat from the fifth video about the basics of Google Earth in this video it's going to be a little bit more laid-back we're just going to look at some cool places that you can actually visit on Google Earth on the planet Earth so being a nice local studies teacher at how elision focus on social studies type things so I'm gonna first take us to Machu Picchu and we're just gonna go there because it's one of the new seven wonders of the world that's a cool place I've always wanted to go I've had a couple friends that win in Peru remnants of the old Incan Empire high in the Andes and what we're going to look at is the tour guide the tour guide is down here at the bottom and you can actually look at 3d tours of landmarks and here is Machu Picchu we're gonna go ahead and click on that and it's gonna take us there you notice there's a bunch of Rosalita mountains there and it's almost like you're in a helicopter you're going to get a little helicopter tour of Machu Picchu so this is 3d imagery of Machu Picchu that was created as you see at the bottom mostly in 2014 last year tells you the latitude longitude here at the bottom as well the elevation and it gives you a full 360 degree view of it and you can control the tour it automatically goes but you can control it down here at the bottom left hand corner fast forward rewind pause play we'll go ahead and pause it and we'll look at the layers over here the bottom left hand you can clip all these layers to see different features of a location so we have the Box checked off photos and you can drop down you see those come from two websites Panoramio and 360 cities so let's click on one of these 360 shots and that's a user-submitted Joe thank you Joe he's submitted that picture and he used GPS to locate exactly where he was when he took that picture and over here here's another one this one was uploaded on panoramio website and by Florentino and the location was also set by GPS at that exact location except now we're gonna go to another location click history up here and it's gonna zoom out of Peru and we're gonna go somewhere a little closer to home world go it's Thomas Jefferson's house Monticello there is TJ's house right there in the heart of Virginia just outside of Charlottesville we're gonna zoom in here a little bit get a better view of Monticello here you'll see again a 3d image of this that was completely created you can see photographs of it in front of it so here I'll just click that and there's a shot right in front of Monticello by this user here from the website Panoramio exit out of that there's also a tour guide to this so go down the bottom and here it is Thomas Jefferson the tour of his beloved Monticello it's gonna take us in again it's like you're in a helicopter hovering over it you can see the entire grounds where his mini slaves used to work ok we're going to go ahead and stop the tour guy we're gonna go inside of Monticello you can go inside so come up here to your Pigman and you're gonna drag him into the building we are now in Thomas Jefferson's house and you can move around just like a can on street view you can see a lot of the furnitures been preserved and much of the house it's just like it was when you lived there let's go out of the room and go to this room still click out here and take you to another area you know a little closer here to the doors and then you can look up you can look down you can see it all you don't even have to actually go there now we hopped up to the third floor as you can see up here in the right hand corner you can get to different floors this is not a very exciting room but all right let's go ahead and go to one more location this is a famous location of the largest battle in the history of the Western Hemisphere let's go to Gettysburg Pennsylvania and it shows up Gettysburg National Military Park click search obviously another very important historical location this is where the battle took place as you can see a major museum there and visitor center with overpriced goods that you can buy and now here is where the actual battles happened all these photos here you can click on to see where significant things happened and where there are monuments if you want to use the Pegman to actually go on to where the battle is fought it's not very easy to do that does have the streets that go around it so we're going to zoom down to this street here and so you have to see it from the road you can actually go into the field but there is an auto tour that's it for this video next video we're gonna look at some historical imaging until next time thanks for watching learning birdies