Some Onlookers Throw Trash at Cops Amid Standoff

they are cops in the line of fire and they're being taunted and jeered at during that wild eight hour siege in Philadelphia the officers are surrounded they're heckled and pelted with garbage one officer is shoved it happened as cops came under fire from a crazed gunman who wounded six officers and it's causing outrage to jeer at the cop sent to but little the cops it's just absolutely despicable I just want to thank you know all those officers and tell them that if you feel like you don't and you are not appreciated trust me you are army vet Larry artists who served during the Iraq war watch the terrifying gunplay from his bedroom window we afraid of a bullets flying this was I mean I heard the man listen man well I had my wife on the floor ducking and all day long scenes like this cars that were in the line of fire being towed away look at the back window here just blown out we're seeing new video of the gun battle today from a home security camera across the street from where the gunman was holed up police crouched behind vehicles as bullets sing over their heads caught in the crosshairs the precious babies daycare center there were 78 children inside plus the staff the kids had to shelter in place in the stairwells until they could be safely evacuated the standoff came to an end after the gunman's attorney shaaka johnson to help persuade him to surrender you actually ended up in a three-way call with the police commissioner in the district attorney there was some shouting that was some back-and-forth everybody had an agenda but I think where the are concentric circles overlapped was we want you to come out safely when he comes out he has his hands over his head and I hear him shouting everyone can hear him shouting through my phone which was on speakerphone shouting don't shoot I'm coming out don't shoot him coming out [Music] you [Music]