Songs of War Episode 2 Minecraft Animation Series


Black Plasma Studios


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There it is Grim, if we pull this off I'm about to become a very wealthy man. Hand me the schematics... ...come on come on hurry up! According to these schematics- Grim, what is all this?! I asked for schematics... I specifically asked for schematics of Etherea! How... are we supposed to steal the stone... when we don't even know which tower it's in?! Alright you don't have to shout! You're going to get us caught. We'll just have to do what I do best: improvise. Stick behind me. A- and don't do anything stupid. Oh what are you doing now...?! Grim! You don't buy from the people you're stealing from! Now let's keep moving... Watch the entrance would ya Grim? It was redstone wired... It's... IT WAS WIRED, RUN! We did it Grim! I'm going to be rich! Oh... Grim! YOU IDIOT! Now we have to find it AGAIN before someone else does. The energy trail pointed north... towards Underwood. You're right, it is heading away from Etherea. So... let's get moving. Oh! Are you alright Senn? Uh- yeah! Yeah I'm fine! That's not fair! Do you think the undead fight fair? Or the Nether? Or the many other dangers out in the world? And how are we going to get out there? One day we will... ...somehow! Ria Sendaris? Yes...? I made you something. It's not the most beautiful weapon in Sendaria, but- Senn... this is incredible! I love it! If father sees this he's going to take it away. Then I'll make you another one. Wanna try it out? Of course! But now I'm going to destroy you with a weapon like this! Thalleous?! Our strength comes from not the power of our weapons but rather... how we choose to wield what power we have been given. Is this weapon your handiwork Senn? Yes. Yes it is. Your arrival is most welcome, Ky'Thalleous but unexpected all the same. It was unexpected events which have lead me here. It is good to see you both. Is Ria still besting you? No. Yes. It is a fine blade Senn. Thank you! Hello Timber! You're father... would not approve of this training. I know... And he definitely would not want you to have... what I am about to give you. A- a- also- you cannot tell anyone about this. What did you bring us?! Songs? for us?! In the old days it was common for Ardoni of your age to wield Songs. It is our unique ability to harness their power. To deny their usage is to deny the very thing that makes us Ardoni. Will you teach us how to use them? Patience young ones. First I have some very important business to take care of. Now, remember you cannot let Osivian know about- Thalleous? Is that you? O-osivian! Apologies uh- for arriving uninvited. Thalleous, Sendaria is your home. You are always welcome here. But you two... I specifically told you to stay away from each other! Ria you have too many responsibilities to go gallivanting off seeking danger! I know. Because I'm "one of the few surviving female Ardoni." You've told me before. And Senn... I wish you would respect my wishes. I raised you as a member of this clan even though by blood you are not. Alright Osivian, I think they have heard enough for today. I have matters of great urgency to discuss with you. Then best we head inside. You two, go back to your rooms and remain there until I summon you. Alright Lucan, since you continue to show good behavior and your crimes were... once again minor, we're going to accelerate your release. So that explains the cake! A celebration- Don't touch my cake. There is one condition. You're being assigned to mining duty near the Basalt Coast. Mining duty?! You sure that paper doesn't read... milling duty? Guess not. So mining duty huh? You mean… underground, where the undead are? You'll be protected by a guard like every other miner. There's no need to worry. I’m feeling much safer here in jail actually. Say… what about road repair duty? Or home animal domestica- Well this isn't a request it's an assignment. You know how things are- mines running dry, resources gettin’ scarce. We’re being forced to mine deeper into the dangers that lurk below. If you wanted to kill me we could have just gone with an execution! Ria, what are you doing? What? Nothing. What are you doing here? Nothing. Senn... Osivian is right about some things. What do you mean? I’m one of the few remaining female Ardoni… and you’re clanless. We’ll never be going on crazy adventures like the stories Thalleous tells. Here, you’ll probably want this back. It was meant for you, Ria. Keep it. They were Voltaris, at least seven of them. I have reported this to the masters but they refuse to take action. And why would they listen? You have spoken about the Voltaris and their return for the last hundred years. Without evidence, your words can only fall on deaf ears. I understand, which is why I am not here to raise an army. If I cannot convince you, all I can do is prepare. Someone is listening. Thalleous! Senn! This is the second time today you’ve disobeyed me. How much did you overhear? Nothing, I was just passing by. You were supposed to stay in your room! I believe a stricter punishment is in order. No, that will not be necessary, Osivian. I will take him with me on my journey, and discipline him myself. I expect an improvement in your attitude when you return, Senn. Take him back to his room… and make sure he gets there this time. I’m really going to travel with you? How far are we going? What should I bring? Do I need a sword- Ria would have wanted to come… Perhaps another time. Now get some sleep, we have a long journey ahead of us. Ardonia is a large world, and full of surprises. What is it Sam? I hope it’s better than tomorrow’s breakfast, because you just-