Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Review

sonic he's made us laugh he has certainly made us cry anyhow new video game movies now so let's talk about that [Music] Sonic the Hedgehog so Sonic the Hedgehog is a movie based off of the video game Sonic the Hedgehog it goes down generally how the trailer shows this Sonic the Hedgehog is from this other world then rings can create portals and then he comes to our world though it's a little different than that I thought it was like oh he comes to our world stranger in a strange land he's actually been here for a while so he does know the place he knows the logistics he kind of knows how earth operates there was less of a fish out of water story that I thought it was gonna be anyhow he teams up with James Marsden who was a sheriff in the small town called Green Hill Zone just green hills not zoned but still solid reference to the game anyhow so the smartest person on earth dr. Robotnik played by Jim Carrey he's like what is this new creature I need him today I have a buddy roadtrip movie between Sonic and and James Marsden which in terms of personality I thought Ben Schwartz as Sonic the Hedgehog who plays the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog I thought it was great it was what I wanted from Sonic the Hedgehog he's not as trash taki as Sonic is with his Thompson Super Smash Brothers but he's fun loveable likable in that because of my dog danger had a voice he probably sound like Sonic packaged dog gypsy probably Jack from Mass Effect 2 I did the smart thing I always do the smart thing if people with me I also like James Marcin more to the point I like the dialogue between characters in his movie whether it's dialogue between James Morrison's character and Sonic the Hedgehog or James marcin's character and his wife or dr. Robotnik and anybody he's being condescending and belittling - I liked it also dr. Robotnik I liked the energy Jim Carrey brought to this movie I don't think it was any mystery like no one should be surprised that Jim Carrey's a standout in here this version of dr. Robotnik's exactly what you think Jim Carrey dr. Robotnik would be he brings that Jim Carrey ISM that zany animated Jim Carrey quality to dr. Robotnik and he was having fun with it by proxy you do have fun Jim Carrey has always been good at that you've always been able to see Jim Carrey have fun and you're just having fun with him I will see if the movie does borrow from Quicksilver and Days of Future past it has a moment like that which logically would but I do like someone watched Days of Future past they were like oh we ever make Sonic movie we should have a scene like that in fact let's do it I mean it makes sense it was cool in this movie too and the movie makes you take a bit of a leap they got to get to the West Coast they got to get to San Francisco during green hills not zone Montana but it illustrates that sonic can run there in about two seconds but he doesn't know how to get to San Francisco so he needs James Marston to be his guide or Sonic could have just gotten a map but now let's let's tag along with the human that'll slow us down when a crazed scientist who's trying to kill or capture you is coming after you now the theme of friendship is a huge part of the movie so yeah maybe Sonic was like well I could just run there by myself and get a map and do it or I want to be friends with this guy movie doesn't outright say that's what happened but it implies it so I'm just okay like I said arguments gone the days of feature passing the best from Days of Future past you know I got to thank them for fixing the sonic character design initially in that first trailer that was our sonic design and the internet had quite a few things to say about it and Internet we got to admit we weren't very nice about it Internet collectively voiced their opinion and neither the director of the studio both either whoever they were like okay we'll change Sonic's design to a more Sonic the Hedgehog's looking Sonic the Hedgehog which is a little more cartoonish it looks like the initial plan was like let's make him look real ish I know it's water into the bridge I don't want to beat a dead horse about it but I got to thank them for fixing it because this movie does illustrate how important creature and character design is a couple times maybe a few times in this movie I found myself thinking what would this movie feel like if it was the old character designed for Sonic the Hedgehog and the answer is much worse but not have worked the weird realistic monstrosity character design would have clashed with Jim Carrey's animated cartoon villain vibe he's giving for dr. Robotnik a fix Sonic the Hedgehog design though more cartoonish completely works with the vibe of the movie and the vibe of the villain this is all a big lesson on how important creature and character design is and how it would could or will fundamentally change the vibe of the movie it works now it would not have worked with that initial one anyhow dodged a bullet there thank you to everyone who had a hand in changing Sonic's design or making that collar all the visual effects artists who probably put in a lot of overtime it paid off for the better folks in the end simple review simple movie I enjoyed Sonic the Hedgehog I enjoyed what jim carrey brought to doctor I'm glad Sonic actually looks like Sonic and not whatever that was I like Ben Schwartz as Sonic I actually liked James Marston as basically you know Sonic's pal our eyes into the movie basically it's a buddy roadtrip movie with the fastest rodent ever it had good energy it's a fun family movie a couple of references from the game it doesn't rely on those couple references to the games but if you catch them that's fun too thought it was a fun time no alcohol required there is something in this movie where I'm like it's not a Mushroom Kingdom reference I'm not sure the movie never says it is I don't know could be one of those things they're like alright we have that door there if Nintendo wants to jump on board we could do some video games or cinematic universe it's there to use if they don't well we don't have to use it in that capacity but there is something that makes me a bit curious about that right so Sonic the Hedgehog the movie have you seen it what did you think about it where does it rank among your video game movie hierarchy I mean granted they can't all be as good as Van Damme Street Fighter look raúl juliá elevates that doesn't matter that's a different conversation for another time yes I'm curious about one other thing Sonic doesn't like mushrooms in this movie which hey maybe that's why I like him cause mushrooms no but I do like black licorice and I've noticed one or the other with people people either love mushrooms hate licorice or love licorice hate mushrooms it's one or the other is that how are you whatever you think about everything I just asked comment below let me know I'm just curious and as always if you liked what you've seen here and you want is any more click right here to see more [Music]