Sophia Ariel and Natalia Hypnotized




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[Music] hello how's everyone doing hello this is exciting isn't it - yeah so Emeril's worked with me before I was with him twice in the past yeah what do you recall of your time spent being hypnotized previously this is awful I remember almost nothing I don't know if that's what happens in fact as you've done hundreds of shoes no I think I remember my shoots mostly but I don't remember much I remember doing some ballet everything else is a blank lay do you remember stuff properly I just don't know anything else potty the dog yeah and I remember that I didn't know you and you know me and you said but we've just been to spend together my active Sookie so you've been hit nice hit nice hit a nice time to put together before yeah yeah yes yes - girl she's fun you can mess with each other right self-camera and be silence which is one of my problems let's keep talking have you done like three girls at once before that so I did one so I did you reckon okay it's my third or fourth okay seems like a big responsibility to do it is sometimes I get really well okay so for all that doesn't know the three of you one at a time I'm Ariel Anderson I am a British model also youtuber and I've been running 15 years but I've only been hypnotized twice before so this is still actually it feels like quite a new thing for me and it is exciting lady little hello hi I'm Natanya forest and how many times we've name doesn't it quite a quite a lot have enough he passed me doing okay it's been quite a lot do you enjoy it yeah it's fun and do you remember yeah yeah okay yeah we do yeah well it affects all people definitely all getting safe whether they feel very dreamlike and afterwards when I wake up it's like it's almost like they can't remember what happened yeah I'm like that like when we finished I remember I remembered like having a drink before I drove home from your place because I was a bit like yeah they tried and I'm fine yeah yeah yeah and Sofia hello hi you have introduced me there you go what's on your funder you have a little bit imagine that I didn't just say hey - hi I'm Sophie Smith and I have done quite a few shoots for you I think probably this is my six which is not a good word six six it's a bit tricky she has to say George the six thrown right over it okay sorry I think this is my sixth though so what do you remember about last time when it was just yourself in Italia I remember now had to play Salmons and music and I have to behave in certain ways depending on which sound I heard and I think it was quite energetic I bet you when you inherit oh yes Allah comes to mind yes I was I found something did we would paint each other or something Barry yeah you have been a parrot all right in fact your video is one of those they show people as an example of oh this is a really good subject this is what they look like Oh chat with you and you're talking and I'm finished talking you're going to just do this I'm not spreading my legs I love it okay okay oh my god never seen that on YouTube is literally I have no memory of that 25 million finder it's really fun in thousand well done let's fear when I had you forget who Natalia was like who washing to you what did you think it's the stranger that's thought you know although again yeah and she said thanks Luke trying to make me remember who she was like that she had two suitcases one that had food in when we went on holiday it took us two days why because because it was healthy stuff I wasn't any like yeah like cleaner eating and stuff but no she was just the stranger like well if I was ready to be hit again yes sales comfortable I'm will begin monster wait no that sounds nice in the class synchronization what's the word nice can everyone see themselves comes to me with your feet side by side and associated sit back and last Monday I focus on spots on the ceiling funny ones here [Music] and you make a fence thank you very loud execute and Sofia if you're silly we will bring we will bring in the spanking suggestion sooner than later tonight they're like that's closer and I didn't even hear a gush of wind play Alice told her she's don't make a liar okay no shit - ding ding how are your conscious minds now you are know they're being controlled your unconscious is going to allow you to be controlled whatever extent you enjoy [Music] throat II's feel like a captain or a prisoner just for a wildest in a way that you enjoy go ahead try to open those eyes for a moment would find something in a struggle they really like to stay close that made me feel much better it's not opening told you struggle Russians lemons do stop trying [Music] raise your hand that's right it's just a dead man there's just no strength though you can't hold it up it's just a dead way and as it relaxes down you drop deeper and deeper in sleep it was like letting my left I'm Spartacus I'm I'm what you can't be so on yeah it's me no that's my name don't be rude no my name's Spartacus yours isn't are you joking - no my baby it actually is no but my night don't know I'm not worried because I'm Spartacus you mean them is well party curse yes I know and it's me you'll be Holliday aren't you I'm Spartacus so Polly that's a horrible name Polly are you saying that because that's what your name is you Polly Spartacus you have Sleeping Lady your name isn't the Spartacus of spice business is from a movie you know exactly where there was named Spartacus is from your name is priscila you love your name but these other girls are obviously deleted because they think man called Spartacus Priscilla waking feeling wonderful about your name sweetie one more week so who is Spartacus that's a boy's name no it's not this is 2017 whatever name that they are given these then of my parents have called me a boy's name Oh Roman boy's name guys so it's not that's racist as well I'm happy for other people who aren't Roman faxes there are no Roman names oh except my name's it's Priscilla which is also Roman but this girl's name and it's still exist but I think the reason you might be confused is because Spartacus is a really good movie and the TV series is it is that because I don't know I'm like he's a sexy guy so probably you're just obsessing about that maybe you're a bit slutty this is all amazing I love it so much I'm going I'm going on I'm going on holiday and I'm getting a helicopter barley I'm going to go to Bali yeah and I'm going to there's a Rolls Royce and it's coming like this for my birthday yeah and I got sent this bag I love it I've used it once and now I'm gonna sell it and I'm planning a party in four years time and I've got it all in a diary yeah and I've costed it out and it's going to be amazing yeah and there's going to be drinks for everybody even though I don't really drink much but there's gonna be drinks for everybody yes then you lay all this champagne fountain yeah not very hungry it's amazing why are you angry because it's just icky was right it was right but then it was amazing okay well as you name by the way me I'm Natalia what what they can i oh I am wanna tell yourself is that what I'm already her feelings purple primal I'm this house I've got really nice like very relaxing and evil leave in Batam matter actually I confused you all you're all airlines and you're all bondage models very elevated stances very beautiful all waiting as aerial and some tweets you on why early and most of my work I'm only one homeowner one calorie you should eat is lame I'm going to watch a movie I'm going to watch YouTube as I do my makeup [Music] oh yes amazing yeah I didn't know you really did that kind of worse what's your name my name's no no no your severe and your Natalia I marry understand TV this is not from Sweden she is is not but marketing is done well clearly so Arab we've ruled you out right away do that position I can do this position that's not surface this is any position this yeah really so it's not like I'm sorry what like dolls in a musical box balle either that's singing I'm doing ballet and I think as soon as you watch me you can sing show you what one well they're not doing ballet they're doing something else littering like three I love I'm doing but you can't see over their heads so that's that's something that there it is it's definitely troops it that's how you know I'm just having a short day the toilet in this area Madison so that's me I can see her you're not standing are you even taller you're only the same height as me and you're standing on sofas you're totally cheating how's my boys it's very good oh wow yes that's absolutely you pay to making strange what you mean weird that is a bit creepy maybe smash the trial no I think she charming no you don't share it okay I really fun has really really dorky now you really want it haha that is fucking vile you just wearing it I'm gonna feel you put that on later you must have put on my head is it my turn oh well oh it's really really nice that's fair do I take that off you're on camera right now looking like that oh my gosh I really thought you were cool as in fact really cool I'm really nervous for you I'm speaking funny really speaking funny well she's speaking funny she is okay how do you feel that you look at the moment amazing why are you talking the really weird way so talk normally talk normally the of torture I think it's the Hat it's the Hat making you more weird maybe they're jealous not jealous that is a vile hat just the texture and I feel so beautiful it's miss Alma head not in the nose [Music] I get lucky you don't love it oh that's amazing she won't stay just squeeze a bit forward of it and I'll probably stick out a little bit yeah yeah there you go yes oh that's so pretty come on taking pictures because you're a fashion designer now yeah I see like I posed them so much more interestingly than they posed them to happen I know they should really think that the Jocasta yeah this is like really this is how they should look this is like portfolio worthy I love it how are you thought you did never probably knew the thing no problem with nudity's was I mean women really like the nation' models I've never let anyone see me naked oh my I didn't even go topless it's alright for me yes alright like more clean clothes I would never show even a his racial and it's a shame that you won't really yeah you should try it don't you just feel like we even had your bit closer yeah yeah yeah holy boxes makes your waist is constricted it's gonna be bad for your brain yeah thank you thank you for watching it who are watching it please someone be watching it I hope you enjoy and Giants and kolja UK