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how's the gum res one is welcome freakin welcome goddamn welcome you're so fucking welcome to South Park the stick of truth I along with a lot of a lot of people are so excited with this game I think the concept is really cool they went for making a software game that actually feels like you you're part of the TV show like the actual show I remember when I was younger and I played games based on that animated films or whatever and there's always this awkward 3d rendered characters and it's not really what you want what you really want is to play the shows so they come up with this genius idea with South Park the stick of truth and it just sounds fucking amazing there's no wonder this game is so hyped I just feel so lucky to have the game here I'm just so fucking excited to play it let's see if it's good or bad or fucking awesome I hope for the last one let's find out hope you bros will join me on this I think it will be a long journey but I think will be a stick of truth one I don't know what I meant by that but it doesn't matter let's go that is a upside-down lemon with a hat that soul is a win it's like looks like we're back in the 90s or it's a porno I hope the last one again fuckers his foes as the humans begged their King to save them a noble King known only as the Grand Wizard those are the animation sale the drow elk armies continued their attack but the tides of war ensued estranged and as news of a new kid spreads throughout - then in order to save the humans the Grand Wizard must get to the new kid before the drought helps to manipulate his name and use him to take the sacred relics in human hands but whomever control controls the universe just like real life just like real life fuck yeah so we're actually the new kid or whatever and that's what the story based upon and it's heavily Lord of the Rings inspired in case you even realize spray tan of course way Jersey nice all that has glitter and shit I think a little spray pain I don't spray that no matter no ok let's go with it what happened don't question me you weren't well that doesn't matter so the question is you to make a guy that looks like a fucking shit or if it looks like us I guess it doesn't really matter it's practically the same thing so yeah I think that kinda looks like my hair what do we were in school I always wore like fucking hoodies and shit I don't really wear any much anymore but hey I'm younger here I guess what should we go with a clean smooth face yes nope what there has to be a good one what about the butt cheek I have a little bit of a chicken Cape either than I realize let's go in our nice eyewear is for pussies for that costume are just for looks each costume provides I can't how am I supposed oh nice nice it smells good man I was so excited for this game and keep saying man man [Music] this is our home [Music] well I think that's everything we did it hon we're really moved in it's a new beginning for us things are finally going to be good do you really think it will be better for him thank you I won't look for him here we just need to make sure he doesn't attract any attention come on let's see how he's doing sweetie hon y'all dressed uh yeah I'm doc come in I goddamn it how do you like your new room it's pretty fucking gay I know it's a big change for all of us but son do you remember why we moved to this quiet little mountain town I don't know he doesn't remember he doesn't remember at all that's good that's good he doesn't remember ah sweetie we want you to have lots of fun here why don't you go out and make some friends right get outside and play son like like normal kids we've got some money for you on the kitchen counter sweetie just be back before it gets dark yeah we love you too but what a shitty parents your son your son has to be normal what is this what is this okay fine son gives us a play win that's fucking great that's fun you can fire on anything you like it's on the left fucking miles bud that's fantastic man inventory okay oh hey that fishy you're so nice you are my best friend you know how much I love you this much you're welcome what do we got in here my turn to fill a backpack knife five what the hell alright fine I'm so gonna abuse that by the man pants I wonder what's in that box guess well never now so I guess this is how I would look like if I was a South Bay keiki hey dad so much what you don't like it oh come on man stinky but it was just for you when we dissent pain oh what a thing it wasn't a request it was a command now get out there and make some friends fucking piece of shit parents mang I just want to play video games or farlen shit hello it's fucking high level maturity on this game Matt I love it oh I thought I could knock them over Oh I'm giving a quest to my bad okay you and your parents just move to South Park they just want okay go outside fine okay fine hi Fred you suck butters man that's right kill him kill him take that and that and that we should be friends I have a new friend he does when you leave your first dear friend in some fag messages from your friends will show up here on your home page till your friends you made click on the collectibles tab cool see collect friends in the greenhouse over there it's just like the prophecy foretold makes me excited it makes me wanna Canada space it's okay I guess why are we here like this what's wrong with my fucking yet God please don't what's wrong my fucking hat ha it's fabulous okay you don't know do you know how much more I could go into this half a second so you are the new kid your coming was foretold by Coldwell Banker I am the wizard King but the time for talk is not NAT let me show you my kingdom I fucking love this so far it feels so cool it really is like what they said it it feels like I'm wearing Cartman's house shut up man not now hey don't talk to your mom like that that's Road oh my hi is that Spanish do you see oh my god bless Pontiacs Spanish they say oh my you like huh is that Spanish welcome to the kingdom of Koopa keep that's pretty fucking awesome big innit our weapons shop here is tended by Clyde a level 14 warrior damn 14 you can see our massive stables overseen by the level 9 ranger Scott malkinson who has the power of diabetes and here of course is the breathtaking and lovely princess King the fairest maiden in all the kingdom don't ask why can you want it to be a chick it's just how he seemed to be really right now oh man this fucking game okay I missed the South Park humor oh Shannon me to punch in Maya Kenny I must say you look quite how are you tonight okay so let's talk to these people that's right you may have heard of my deeds at the Battle of start spot what that's the line the grand wizard gave me oh sorry but the grand wizard told me to stick to the script that's okay that's the line the grand wizard gave me what is he gonna say as my diabetes the power of diabetes is both a gift and a curse the kraang grizzy withhold snacks if we talk off the bed fix your legs no talking Scott you have been sought out new kid because humans everywhere are in great danger I need something from you and in return I'm prepared to allow you into my kingdom I know you are very excited it's time for your first quest but first please tell us thy name ah finally they asked for my name my name it's poor no the man known the Fantana left no wood you interred douchebag is that correct [Music] yes are you sure you want to keep the name douchebag no very well just beg you will now choose a sacrifice rich beef au jus avid you gotta go with it do you have so I guess we'll never really be friends come on you Jersey so you're basically cows Marc you come from New Jersey I mean fighters courage honor and the ability to kick fuckin how do you think breast I feel I have to be the Jew I'm age it's like a wizard only not as COO why do they have it then you look sneaky enough to be a thief Thanks I mean you got a rolled you man you just got a rolled you man now please go and visit the weapon shop procure yourself a weapon and we shall teach you to fetch this gave me some fucking awesome biters of living okay I can do it would you like to see my wares weary traveler perhaps you would like to hear tips and rumors for two dollars nah I want to buy a weapon no I want to buy a weapon a jury staff huh yes a lovely purchase thank you now how do I equip it drag it there we go have a clean ah you have procured a weapon yes it's now time to teach you how to fight I want you to take your new weapon and with the bravery of another night beat up that one chick that you kid what I do I'm the King clan and the King wishes to be amused go on new kid kick a desk really fucking looks like me that guy I'm gonna kick your ass glad you have to wait your turn that's lame no clad it's like olden times you have to wait your turn like in the Middle Ages time I know it's lame clad but that's how we're fucking doing it alright douchebag backlash Bayesian don't be sad that's a turn-based RPG huh I didn't blocking okay left click to select your action and then left click on your target surgery staff on him okay I want you to hit cloud as hard as you can yes that's of course when your weapon physis right click all right guys with armor like that okay listen up the key to surviving in battle is not to get hit in the back glad it's your turn to attack juice back to protect your backs prepare yourself oh dude you already that's right clay alright it's time to use your heroic powers using your ability takes power points or PP for joint PP if you have a fucking better day for them to fucking snake eyes fucking asshole I'm the King and I say it PP douchebag use your Jew ability to make Clyde pay for insulting the King I thought it was the grand wizard was his abilities slug of David casts the first stone at an enemy deals more damage if done perfectly I'm fucking sorry sorry but can lead to self injury if done improperly okay mash deftly sling of David it's a sock with what in it go way to wipe that smile off his stupid face douchebag now do it one more time finish him what I was going easy take dick no no oh sure he got me what I did wrong okay well let's just finish that bitch [Applause] the power of David okay okay you proved yourself worthy juice bag now come inside the words head tonight shall let you see the ready that sounds really perverted I'm not sure I actually want to go in there I guess I have no choice but it makes me so excited it makes his eyes I want it what did you say Ken What did he say thanks thanks I appreciate that hair you're welcome I ordered you into the board can't do today shut up I'm busy I probably said you're right to babble it bubbles that really butters well here it is the reason why humans and elves are locked in a never-ending war the relic for which human and elf are willing to die the stick of truth fucking really just two days ago we took the stick back from the of our kingdom was dang but now its rise for whoever controls the stick controls the universe don't get it now that you have seen the stick of truth let's discuss your dues being a member of my kingdom cost 995 for the first week four dollars of which is tax-deductible somebody said that is some real kinky shit bad gotta fart out oh oh that's awesome Oh chicken wings of course what if I take in ah no don't do something breasts don't guys gave us awesome Oh No all right let's go magna gate don't let them grow give it the stick humans suck you dry up come again good guys the stick of truth while we defend the fortress III heii we're not playing pirates cried in fact this is your chance to prove yourself hold off the asshole hell's at all cost no no no no stop we bet it Kenneth touching his business five butters fight bitch alright let's fight this guy do it douchebag kick these out that's it I will sir well oh shit [Music] thanks what is it it's a cheesy pops of course that heals me thank you rooster you can have one potion every turn I asked for five but this was government this guy's bastards back try to block all these attacks alright well there [Music] well this job doesn't work out of this you've got a future as a training dummy but I get it right you're mine now there we go we can take the shit out of him fuck yeah now finish off these elves in the name of the Whizzer King alright sorry I guess all right fling of David on that bitch alright 100 buckets do a stat that motherfucker oh thank you thank you I actually like that a combat it's pretty smooth I'm surprised come on kick you in your diabetic nuts fuck off I love this sequence the loading sequence reposting are that yeah what are you waiting for douche bag that guy's just standing there go kick his ass bow of sucking nice what switch to your arrows snipe it sniped that little bitch huh all right well I guess now you can juice back use your arrows take out the archer do it I dare you can't play anymore sorry yeah big fuckin with the widget king careful douchebag that guys ready for your arrows now you gotta try something else what should I try then what about my balls my balls in the flings I'm David Ghaffar great job dude thank you I can still hit them nice takeoff weight so the kitty is defending is that where Jimmy Bob you will pay for this let's do this bag in the name of Kitty shit his repassing oh no he's in stop it what are you alright alright Joey stop go let it down now's your chance now attack his armor oh my god block Oh in the butt yes huh fuck yeah bras fall back fall back I say Kenny's looking so fab we still control its God what the stick of truth bells got it that was your one goddamn job dad to guard the stick of sucking truth glad you are hereby banished from space and time what no you can't do that yeah I can you're banished and lost in time in space yeah go home glad you fought bravely on the battlefield through space you can make your camp nice shut up nobody cares what you think the stick of truth has been stolen and we must assemble our entire army in order to get it back let's need that boy you haven't reported for duty my king our newest member can take care of that douche bag I want you to go out into the neighborhood and find my greatest warriors token tweek and Craig I'm texting their pictures to your personal inventory device now but beware the lands outside are full of marauding drow elfs monsters and sixth-graders be sure you're well-equipped now go and send my warriors here fighters go with him I like that they don't introduce all the characters right away like all the famous one we don't have candy butters and Cartman so far which is pretty cool all right Timmy take me Express nice sir Timmy's fast travel that's a nice horse right there I must say it's quite the delicate Hoss all right fine tweets fine token I remember token hey guy what's that oh my is that Spanish Terrence but it's good okay so having to us bow let's try the jiu-jitsu utilize this a secret Jewish marginal height is that really true is that true if you're Jewish please please inform me because then I wouldn't know about it I'm not trying to make fun of Jews by the way like I expect all religions it's just seemed like the coolest class okay I'm just saying you should be honored totally totally let's check out Cartman's room man I want to hope we can go there that'd be awesome his room should be here no ice probably Dale doesn't shit in here yep black thunder nice and I can sell that shit but magic is my favorite nothing now okay all right they drugs and dildos in Lube that's Antonio Banderas love doll if I can take only that one where can I use this shit or what do I just solid I can equip it because if I can equip it that's this fucking amazing yeah I don't care oh man this fucking game I'm gonna love this shit that's me here there we go what exactly are you looking for maybe you should see a doctor what did you say did I think so oh yeah those I remember there's semen episode oh man ah Brad Pitt survival gear okay that's sure that will be coming handy [Music] [Music] naari so it has in the closet awesome also many references man he does it isn't it that's awesome yeah this is pretty quite well let's do our quest because we have a couple of them look for Craig let's do Craig first no token actually I don't know let's just do whatever I don't think it matters so where do we go we aren't allowed to go into the street make such an open world up there so let's get her Magic Mike Rose about you yeah I'd sit by farts hello ginger kid you're good at that I thank you no one ever complimented it wizard K says I'm too ginger to be one of the humans but how Adam butters lets me be a squire on the sly yes you're okay in my book series I mean your hearts reach you'd let me go yes I will yes I where can I break this now that I'm a piled powerful Jew love this soundtrack you two again here I'm sorry I just like exploring sometimes on oh yeah I want to check the side power potion alright thank you no humans fuck yeah why do we got here [Music] yeah that's a beautiful horse man how does it okay alright so I think we're gonna have to class I think it's perfect location to stop this virgin episode as I've said way too many times repeating myself with this game it looks really cool I hope you boys will join me in this journey please leave a like if you want to support this series I really do appreciate it it helps keeping it alive and all that good stuff I think you both so much for watching it I can't wait to share more of this with you see when that episode tomorrow it's a breakfast for you thousand brothers love you [Music]