Speak To The Universe Ask And You Shall Receive Extremely Powerful Guided Meditation


Master Sri Akarshana


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welcome to this week's Monday meditation where I'm gonna be taking you through a guided meditation to take you to connect to the divine so you can actually speak and become one with the divine with the universe and so that you can manifest what you want in life now a lot of people always ask me the question Eric how do you connect how do you get into oneness how do you open up your third eye if you go through these procedures these things that I'm going to share with you it's not gonna be one of those things where you instantly get it not all of you anyway some of you might have that breakthrough however if you continue to practice practice these meditations watch the other videos what will happen is your awareness around energy around breathing around connection around vibrations will increase and once your awareness around it shifts then you'll start fully understanding how it actually works right it's just like driving the car I mean when you first drive a car they say find that biting point between the clutch and the accelerator and you won't know what that means and it's suddenly when you've got it you've got it and that's why a lot of the time I can tune in whenever I want on demand and so you could be able to do that too but you just need to understand the subtleties because it's very very subtle there is like a biting point you know for this energy when you become connected so what I want you to do is just pay close attention and listen to every word so first what we do is be calm the mind because there's too much noise in our surroundings wherever we are or the activities we've been doing before so how do we first calm the noise very simple we start by breathing so just follow me in this ideally take your shoes your socks off ideally if you're in nature that's cool if not in a room is totally fine too so just stand barefoot to your feet are grounded you can draw energy straight from the ground now what you want to do is this just gently close your eyes okay now what happens is you can slowly move your eyes towards your third eye chakra here while with your eyes closed then what this does it allows you just to relax and rest the eyes so your focus becomes unto one thing here one point here instead of trying to visualize and think about other things you just on your third eye rest it take a deep breath in with me now and out [Music] deep breath in again and out now ideally what you want to be doing while you're briefing so continue to breathe while you're listening to me speak okay you want to be doing slow deep breathing deep breath in and out you want to draw your entire focus onto just breath so you're just witnessing brackets almost if you do it for long enough so for a few minutes some of you will start to realize that you are kind of coming out of the shell of your body or you are centralizing yourself into the shell of your body where you then are just witnessing the sound of breathing and the breath coming in and out just become a witness to the noises the surroundings the lights that heat that every sensory that we have just become a witness of it what does that mean become a witness without dialogue so without thinking oh or what's that noise oh I think the sun's coming out oh I think there's someone moving around me that is when you start dialog the moment you start dialog you are not in connection because you are in thought so how do we get in connection with the universe it's about suspending thought suspending the non logical logical mind suspending dialog and just becoming one with just you this spiritual being in this physical form so you will while breathing focus purely on breath what you start realizing as you become more centralized and all you hear is just breath and some background noises around you and you are just witnessing it without dialogue [Music] [Music] now while you're in this piece is very important to not have such an attachment to oh I can't feel the outcome why why is nothing happening a compliment no it's just resting that my no thought just breathing and you'll centralize yourself and you'll be able to find where your spiritual being actually is and where your physical be much is and you become detached from this limitations of this physical form so just keep breathing keep breathing now when we are in total silence with this mind what we can do now is about understanding how to shift energy if we can shift energy to our toes we can shift energy to our palms we can shift energy outside of our body and become one of the universe this is the stages that we're going to go through in this guided meditation so what I want you to do is take a deep breath in with me now and when you breathe out I want you to shift the energy towards the base of your foot now do that again take a deep breath in and visualize and bring that energy while you breathe out all the way down to the base of your feet again one more time take a deep breath in and out now if you are purely focusing on breath what you should be experiencing or witnessing right now it's just a light very subtle tingly feeling on the base of your feet you feel some sort of warmth support sort of energy at the base of your feet and if you do you know that you are shifting energy in the right way right and this is the beginning of understanding wow I am moving my energy body to whichever part of this physical form I want you so now I want you to take a deep breath in and then I want you to put your arms down your hands down palms down but facing outwards facing up and I want you to breathe out and bring the energy to the palms of your hands and again take a deep breath in and out one more deep breath in and now now this is to the palms now when you feel that subtlety now bringing the palms together into this in chi gong or Tai Chi we hold this energy ball right now while are you holding this energy ball I need to take a deep breath in and bring the energy once more towards the palms of your hands and again feel the energy ball pushing against each other on the palms of your hands if you feel this light very subtle energy there's subtle warm fall tingly feeling and you feel like I feel that it's some sort of energy ball there when you push against it it pushes slightly against the other one is a very subtle energy take a deep breath in and channel your energy towards the ball again then feel just expanding the tingly feeling just expand and just keep breathing and keep just play move this energy around so you feel this bowl okay now this is going to be our next stage in connecting with the universe now what we're going to do and some of you will need to go through this meditation a few times before it actually starts taking shape and you get more of the subtleties of the energy and when you do then you'll be able to connect so what you want to do is just move the palms peel the ball in your hand take a deep breath in just feel the energy in the pounds now while you're watching this video some of you may be actually with your eyes open watching this right now that's totally fine because you're just learning when you actually go in to practice it you want to ideally do it with your eyes closed why because it stops the distractions and the noise from other places so just take a deep breath in and out bring your attention to the palms now when you feel this energy ball what I want you to do is slowly expand the energy ball so take a deep breath in and expand feel the energy a bit further away because right now if you feel there at one place you might not feel it at the other place and when you expand it further like this you might think oh I've lost it so what you want to do is do it step by step so you start understanding how energy shifts so breathe take a deep breath in and out still feel it take a deep breath in and out still feel it keep breathing slow breathing still feel it when you don't feel it bring it in slightly till you feel it and then you know wow I've expanded it take a deep breath in expand now what you're doing here you are expanding your energy body now continue to expand your energy body beyond this physical form so this is you now outside of your physical form and expand and expand and when you expand to a certain width and your palms and your hands is can't even get out of this space right now because this is your physical limitation I want you to open up your palms up now I want you to just hold it out this big energy ball and I want you to just look upward slightly towards the universe the skies and now with your infinite being I want you to expand take a deep breath in and expand take yourself right out there out to the skies to take a deep breath in and expand further just feel and experience your energy body your physical limitations the boundaries are being broken so you are coming out of that physical boundary and you're breathing out and you're feeling so much energy right now and you feel this tingly sensation throughout your body because you are outside of it right now but just witnessing take a deep breath in and out and take yourself to the skies to the Sun outside of this universe and start going out and breathing and out and breathe now with this excitement right now you will feel a lot of different vibrations a lot of chaos right now because you're not used to so much going on around you this is you just at the beginning stages of connecting with the universe so just allow yourself just to connect here and then what we want to do without so much chaos because within chaos there's too much going on it's very hard to manifest what we want and create our universe our reality so what we want to do within these high vibrational frequencies once we are connected to that of the divine keep breathing now all you do to become one with the universe to be able to speak to it directly right now to feel that love bring it to your Center take a deep breath in feel love and gratitude for mother nature mother universe everything I created you me and everything becoming one with it take a deep breath in and now so now we go into calming that calming peaceful knowing of that vibrational frequency of joy just feel it just feel joy and peace peace being a highest vibrational frequency where you become one with the universe just breathe just slow down the breathing continue the deep breathing so you feel this chaos just gently forming order within the divine when we become one in unity with everything in this world continue to bring your eyes towards your third eye chakra this is your third eye chakra allowing it to open in this space keep breathing when you feel absolutely at peace in these moments all you do is just sit or stand this witness just feel [Music] witness everything around you [Music] now in this space whatever questions you have for the universe feel free to subscribe out there and just feel with that intuition that energy that gut feeling that heart feeling what the answer is because every answer is within you because you are one with the divine whatever manifestation whatever creation you want to put out there right now just visualize bring it to your visualization feel it feel the joy I feel alone feel the peace and knowing right now just feel expand those emotions as if you're living in it right now just feeling and then gently take a deep breath in I hand out deep breath in one more bring yourself back into this physical body take a deep breath in and gently rub your palms together rub your palms together feel the heat feel the sensation feel the energy between the thumbs and gently place those palms over your eyes to activate your senses once most of you back into this physical being and then activate your ears place it over your ears gently release the palms and gently open your eyes now we are back into this physical beam now when we're back into this physical being how do we allow the manifestation to work for us is we just need to be in every moment just enjoy every every part of every day allow the universe to deliver what you've asked for in that space there's infinite infinite possibilities anything is possible the more we practice this the more we become in touch with the divine and we know how to connect ourselves so just practice this on a daily basis the more we do it one day you'll get it and you'll be like whoa what is this feeling it is absolutely amazing once you find that space and then the more you find it the easier is to get that in any moment of any day throughout your lifetime guys if this video has been of any use for you whatsoever please do hit the thumbs up hit the like button also comment below let us know your experience of it so at least we know which part of the journey you are at right maybe for some of you you didn't feel anything at all maybe for some of you you were really out there you felt it right so let us know the journey so this everybody can learn from each other right and finally if you're new to this channel remember remember to hit that subscribe button and the notifications button next year because this year I'm dedicated to making daily videos to hold you accountable to make it your best year yet but for now guys ciao namaste [Music] [Music]