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if the president dies then the vice-president becomes president if the Vice President dies then the Speaker of the House becomes president but who the heck is the Speaker of the House I mean that's a lot of power right but you probably haven't heard much about him maybe a little bit in the news we know that the Speaker of the House probably eats and sleeps and complains about traffic like the rest of us but what else well I want to explain to you what they do and a little bit more about how they get into that position and a little bit about the history of that position in this video the Speaker of the House is the presiding officer or person who leads discussion in the House of Representatives the speaker moderates debate makes rulings on procedure announces the results of votes performs administrative and procedural functions and of course represents his or her congressional district plus the speaker gets to bang a really big gavel that's pretty cool the office was established in 1789 by article 1 section 2 of this little document called the Constitution it's definitely a leadership position the speaker often strongly influences his or her political party's agenda however the speaker usually doesn't participate in debate and rarely votes in fact the speaker often doesn't even preside over the debates instead having other members of the House from the majority party do it for him how does the Speaker of the House become Speaker of the House well each member of the House of Representatives elects him or her on the first day of every new Congress or after the death or resignation of an incumbent Speaker yet they usually vote on partisan lines currently there is a Republican speaker because the majority representatives are Republican although no official rule exists based on tradition from the earliest days of the country a speaker candidate must receive a clear majority of all votes cash to be elected a plurality or basically getting the most votes from whoever votes doesn't count oh and as crazy as it sounds the Constitution does not require that the speaker be an elected House representative although every speaker so far has been a member of Congress hey that means I can be Speaker of the House and there's currently an opening I'm gonna go apply right now I hear the pay is better than teacher pay the first speaker of the house was Frederick Muhlenberg a federalist a few decades later Henry Clay made the position much more prominent when he expanded its influence turning it into a gatekeeper type position by controlling which Bill's fellow representatives get to debate over the years fifty-three people have served as speaker Theodore Pomeroy served as speaker a shorter time than any other in American history serving only for a few hours Schuyler Colfax his resignation on March 3rd 1869 left open a vacancy until the session was adjourned and his fellow congressmen voted him in mostly as a ceremonial gesture on the flip side Sam Rayburn served as speaker longer than any other in American history serving for a total of more than 17 years Massachusetts holds the record for the most speakers to come from that state eight of the 53 have come from there more than half of the states have never had a representative become speaker the first and only woman to serve as Speaker of the House was Nancy Pelosi serving from 2007 to 2011 as of the time of the making of this video she was the absolute closest a female politician has ever got to becoming president in American history the current Speaker of the House is John Boehner but he is stepping down at the end of the month who was taking his place well no one knows for sure some representatives like Paul Ryan have been talked about okay all I know is I just applied for the position and I'm still waiting to hear back if you think I should be the next Speaker of the House then comment below for your support if you don't think I should be the next Speaker of the House then also comment below to warn me that it's a bad idea either way thanks for watching and I'll keep you posted on whether or not I got it