Special Easter movies unboxing 🤩🤩🤩🐰🐰🐰

hello everyone this is hoverdirect121 happy easter everyone and good morning or well it's morning from where i come from but i got easter basket this morning filled with candy but i also got a couple of surprise movies too first off i have this um brand new sealed sailor moon tape from 2000 that she also has the toys r s sticker on it which is pretty cool it also contains my favorite episodes on the back i've mostly seen these on youtube but since they got blocked i can also watch you on here the episodes are cruise blues my favorite fight to the finish match point for sailor moon and an unnatural phenomenon but cruz bliss is my most favorite episode though it's still brand new and yeah it's really pretty the second tape i got was cardcaptors i'm sorry i haven't been uploading much card capture episodes lately but i'm still going to be a little bit numb this week because one of my friends ruined this anime for me i'm not sure if i can watch it again somehow this one isn't sealed this one's already open i can already watch the tape i don't have this on vhs yet which is actually pretty cool someone put somewhat hold up focus someone put pen all over it i got this card though that's pretty cool it came with one of the dvds the card captors too and this one uh the last one i'm about to do it doesn't really count as a tape but um i used to watch this when i was like little or so but i still love it it's still awesome looks like anime this one i um i remember liking this movie sunset shimmer turns good and it's really it's really fun i didn't know it's actually going to get this though but yeah i really i really love the mlp it looks like it looks like anime and it even has anime inspired scenes and it's all colorful and such so the things i'll actually be taking out or they're unboxing like taking out of its sealedness is this and sailor moon i'm gonna take the plastic off real quick i'll be right back okay i got the movies unboxed so let's see what's inside we have the dvd and they're still a post solid thing and then here's the blu-ray i think i remember rainbow dash or pinkie pie being my favorite character and she's really cool and then let's with the tape let's see what's inside here oh we have the same post like thingy from egv films also the same studio that dubbed ghost stories oh that ghost story stuff was it's really hilarious i recommend watching it half of the tape this is a piece from the tape that's sort of broken but i don't really care i don't care as long as it's still place and it's in black tape this time sailor moon which is awesome ajv is a good company though they're dubbing for ghost stories was really funny and i ordered another single moonship from the f season the one where gb's rini comes in but yeah this and this anime has been making me happy a lot lately so i've been watching it wherever i go now because it makes me happy it has a lot of imagination put into it and that's my easter movies unboxing for today please focus that's my easter unboxing and i got card captors mlp and mostly silver moon i really wanted sailor moon i don't have that particular tape from adv yet um but yeah it's pretty cool that um i got it i i've been finding it everywhere online and then over here is the rest of the candy i got you can't have easter without candy and bunnies after all so yeah those are my tapes for the day and also movies i hope you enjoyed watching this video and i'll be sure to upload more episodes of card captors and stay we're in i'll see you guys next time have a good easter