Spicy Cup Pong Challenge Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

[Music] No welcome to team edge this is the spicy cut pong challenge I'm Bobby this is J Fred here are our players for today we have Brian throw this side rock side okay Brian then we have Jeff from her daisy bros all right the way we're gonna be playing this game is just like regular cut pong but instead of ping-pong balls wings will be thrown maybe they'll be let go annulled by my mouth if the wing is thrown into somebody else's cup the wing has to be pulled out and eaten there will be hot sauce on it and the hot sauce will make you projectile poop Bobby and I will not be participating in this video where's of personal digestive issues that's as far as I'm gonna go into it okay I spent hours on her for our next one exploder oh I'm feeling good I'm ready for this I realize what you're about to put your butto this isn't your usual danger bros like oh no whipped cream on me warning grace respect that's respectful all right Brian's bored of this constant interactions bar he speaks of himself in the third person yes Oh Bobby you're not against me hey I'm the coach exactly your kid pate is it better to throw it by the end of the boner that by the bro I've never thrown a chicken wing into a carbine here we go first shot nope this is gonna be fun this is a piece of cake Brian if I hit it off his face does that mean anything what it'll mean is I'll be mad at you these are the cool meat on them okay I'm using them so far up let me run out of winks and we haven't won yet I got a question we got the most extreme in here already right no the ones that are empty are the ones that are the most extreme I thought they were just anything yeah oh oh so close can you give me some tips give me a tip do too why are you waiting this ain't a whole run derby no dude Brian is literally a foot off I can't tell if he's joking I've no one heard percent now I'm like too jittery right now you're just wasting all these wings man hey Brian here's a tip from the other team if you're okay went off every team on the talking timeout all right this is this is it this is the one where we make it in Brian is in misery oh I was feeling good about that one here's the thing Brian he sucks but you suck just as much Cetus doesn't even match the players are only as good as the coach well it was my shoes we're throwing wings what do you think Wayne do they fly up every time using a Reaper pepper the Sinai Reaper scientist Carolina Reaper that's the hottest pepper in the world right now cyanide touch your ice box go for a bride there is no lose there's only win I'll shoot you that's instant come on no pain at all enter through it let it rise up making it worth you'd think you would just not throw it so far every time if you throwing it far maybe I'll throw it a little softer this time everybody's talking is just making me more upset Grand Slam put it he just throws it like a foot too far he shouted you Jeff is so good I just want Jeff to eat one of these things cuz he's can he things Taco Bell mild sauce is spicy where's the hot one is set in Taco Bell inferno on it oh oh hey hey gotta use my legs more or less how you gonna get to get again again legs more think conquer we're not throwing all these wings away we're gonna give them to my dog afterwards after I take the bone out of it okay I'm gonna go with I'm gonna go with porridge recommendation no reason to be worried ok Bobby this might work better just stand further back baby what hey stand further back this is gonna be fun this is a piece of cake Bryan honestly this is probably that like that's that's the hottest you've ever started out one of these videos ok throw a lot weaker I can't obviously I've been struggling with that throw even weaker what is this ok you know what I was eating my legs using it looks just isn't a basketball shot the same cup 2 million Scoville units it's lethal dose start video my lips are numb come down broke a little dab will do you wait to please way too much no that's fine that's a lot who can get as much jakey chicken got a little of no that's the worst mistake grow don't get on your look is it's honesty my little summary oh ok Oh tears are closing his eyes Oh camera tricks I thought that was my lip it feels like [Music] yeah so it's 450 scolding oh oh that's weak sauce it's like it's red-hot oh that's good girl go let's go nothing secret body's delicious what is that come on now it's Franks bro I know I guess doesn't matter I hate you I keep oh no that one is labeled as moderate its liquid explosion which will ensue after this Oh No okay oh that's nothing right this is nothing you got this I can brush my teeth with it no pain we are all tied right now that is also labeled as moderate it's called the wing master no you take them what is that you just like knowing I'm crying like a gerbil your hair killed a little bit more yeah Whitney what is it why she's taking so long to answer nothing your Scoville units you get nothing you get a free wings Oh back off bro there's nothing there's nothing oh so close looks like it's going in that's like serious some serious camera tricks going out here [Music] oh I'm ready to back in any chicken wing that you throw out yes then make it oh wow hold me it's camera tricks broken me okay my deliveries trying to gain numbness again losing them losing them there's a reason you're a youtuber Brian losing numbness that's zero this game so stupid hey I tried hey I really tried you try try don't let it bounce off of me why can't I make focus man protip let's hear it you want to hear approach that here protip use the fingers all right never listening to my coach again give me real real real by 45 degree angle and your knees and you're gonna use your hips with Street now you're backing straight now you're back in to go like this and you're gonna reach out and I will your elbow at the side of your head like this legs weren't out of 45 I mean to see what happens I'm just ways in a turn right Lord focus give me your focus what is it with your face and that's 6 million that's 3 times worse than the one you just took you're done so let me give you a little bio to this this is the end hey Jeff bio Jeff's really regretting coming to this shoot today it's a thin dog that's his biggest other one you psycho ooh that smells real good yeah not going to show us what it tastes like Mayo Mayo it should be instant I don't think you had enough yeah it wasn't enough do it again just go just go when he says oh hey that bad okay it sorry to burn now don't touch your eyes oh yeah but you got all over your fingers bro calm down crazy this foggy this morning my throat this time where else would it be in your ears hey Jay you're good with that don't wince to turn my head itches now 24,000 Scoville units zombie apocalypse that's not that hot biotic to handle day I'm smarter than everybody else that's true I would give you like that's not enjoyable but stop I feel horrible you need to focus you need to look at it and envision it going into the cup look at here though I admit to it put it in the stinking cocky sob yeah yeah why dude what was that with me 1 million oh there's so much I really wish I could eat some of it but I can't it's the rules I'm gonna think twice before next time I accept a team edge in via obviously Jeff you look like an absolute mess right now I am a mess bro like my daughter when she has a cold just boogers dripping everywhere focus focusing shut up also close you might tell me sorry to hurt oh yeah buddy wait wait I need the rest of that Kelly accounts that is moderate clam chowder oh okay clam chowder hot sauce Wow tech does that even mean before I know a wedding tomorrow Oh Wendy Wendy hear me out when you hear me out if the ping pong balls really that is 1 million fifty seven driving a motorcycle per second I'm like jack on your man face Shaq made tons of face the shag broke after that one trip challenge she made for life living that edge like hey hey hey hey not a stupid thing to do it was a stupid thing to do I like stupid things huh no no no Jeff hadn't take so much you're right time shoot Rob I'm honestly really scared about the six million Oh baby Brian Oh nose dribbled in there just finish this stupid game they don't want to watch the video anymore fire it bro just hurry up I want this area that's rectal rampage oh it's gonna send your tummy on an adventure rectal rampage tastes like rectal rampage I just can't imagine anything harder than that 357 like that whoa imagine dat imagine that was I just wanna cry car this isn't fun anymore [Music] [Music] that's 500,000 scovia that's the week scary for know we are even all is the record for hot hot sauce without using extracts No disgusting Bobby I just have to say you've done absolutely nothing to help me to where I am right now go just go I'm done with this video my legs buckle my legs buckled yeah let's go this one looks Li gross 175,000 Scoville units colon cleanser jump to colon cleanse I need a colon cleanse hey there's the reason they call it a must turd saw you Jeff you're so far away Joey I'm emotionally far away from you right now [Music] yes that is called Gator deathroll oh okay he knows doing the hole he's making the pain go somewhere else there's a feeling in his mouth wow you what the fudge do you honestly look like fooling you had the flu and bunch of other diseases rebuttal rebuttal rebuttal I got the rebuttal what is that what is that little oh my gosh so that is the fiery fool 500,000 fiery that's got some punch to it no yes you know many times that thing it did not even get the hottest sauces are you telling what that million won just killed me it's a little hot this one has a little bit of kick it's not bad it's 500,000 it's still bad still pretty bad guys big congratulations to Bobby and Brian for winning this challenge today it looks like Jeff as the loser I didn't lose much he's in pain so big thanks to him for showing up in this video welcome thank you Jeff make sure you go check out this video which is the danger Bros that's the channel he's on don't slide down the mystery waterslide we're terrible things ensued when they slid down the wrong waterslide also go check out hot sauce 20 questions where every question we asked in order to find something out made us eat more hot sauce it was literally horrible for the other guys that didn't participate this video subscribe to the city bye