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he has almost nothing here sample it it is about to begin the spiciest pepper in India are you ready let's do this let's do this to take on the best ever food review show we are going on another fun food adventure at this time in Delhi India where we are looking for the most place he is food we can find we all know that spicy foods and spicy food challenges it's the best way to burn your stupid face off and an even better way to get views on YouTube India certainly has some dang spicy food I don't recommend doing double chillies I'm dying over here today we're doing an all-out spicy tour in Delhi will experience three levels of spice ending with India's hottest chili pepper the ghost pepper 200 times hotter than a jalapeno so you see the chili soda it is so spicy and is terrifying as this journey will be do we even need to do this because I'm honestly not even that hungry luckily local food blogger Nikita will be by my side to show me how it's done no you can't cheat why is Indian food so spicy spicy that's a good point which food are you most excited for today forget that the spices chili if live in India great I heard he survived sense I want to see how you feel we are going to our first location and we are going to drive miss Ravana Mirchi vada is a green chili filled with seasoned and spiced mashed potatoes it's then coated in a thick batter made from chickpea flour and deep-fried like a State Fair corndog so basically it's a green chile it's a big green chile it's not spicy it might look spicy - it's not spicy now you might think that the heat would be coming from the green chile itself but no it has a sidekick this is green chilly and coriander chutney this is Tamara chutney it's it's sweet and this is the spices starting its lesson with the red chili which is gonna actually be hotter that green pepper or the red chutney here this is spicy this is Rayleigh this is feel right to me if anything that's gonna take me down it's gonna be this fiery red chutney it looks like a big corndog I'm gonna get this nice refreshing coriander chutney do you want to try some one yeah we're gonna take a bite of our mmm right flavor it's so rich that is some heavy food the pepper inside it's like a little warm but not nothing too spicy in here the breading on the outside is super thick now there's this all right dip it inside go deeper go deeper how's that yeah will that make you proud of me yes Cheers I'll break my rule I'm fine alright I might do all oh it takes a second is it hard for you I'm cool with it you all right you're in the zone heavy savoury and full of spice this was the perfect way to start the day but we're just warming up this is the combination they come like the pair there it's like Bonnie and Clyde or like we're like a good couple that are always together he runs up yeah it's like Bonnie and Clyde are like here in Mandar next location [Music] next we're kicking things up a notch at two Indian with their blazing red spicy concoction I'm in the kitchen with head chef Aman we are in the restaurant - Indian and he's gonna talk to me about his special recipe here what we are doing is we are making Lamas the basic ingredients of Lyle myself the red Madonna chili so you see only color the chili soda it is so so spicy so that that is whether this is called Lamas your face is gonna burn off laughs out loud all mosques lomas literally means red mutton it's a meat curry from Rajasthan the version made here at to Indian just happens to be spicy as heck do you have any tips on how I can survive this experience wall mas tarts with mutton that's marinated in ginger garlic paste plenty of red meat Anya chilli a whole host of Indian spices including chili powder finely yogurt and the whole mixture marinades for about 45 minutes time to fire up the old kadai throw in some oil and spices including some more chilies we had all those raw color spices I'm like cool spices cardamom cumin bay leaf cinnamon big cardamom green cardamom need to add onion and then we need to have dinner garlic paste again the marinated mutton even more chili powder and other spices are added and it's cooked on low heat until it becomes this demonic shade of red last step adding a bit of cloves and clarified butter on top of a coal to add a bit of smokiness very cool location one was just a warm up but now we're getting into the real thing terrifying along with the llamas we've got some roti and lassi this is basically a vase of death in here well luckily on the side here we have the lassi exactly lassi is a blend of yogurt water and sugar perfect for staving off the heat and adding some balance to heavier Indian meals we're gonna eat it with some of this bread this is some Roma or roti and Ramallah means handkerchief everybody and it's the thinnest roti in all of India okay mama yeah just warm up just to see what we're dealing with here let's go for it okay oh it's sneaky it's good it actually tastes really amazing yeah the flavours are outstanding very warm alright let's add a little bit more that was just a tiny little sample and I can feel the fire in my chest travelling to my stomach after like five seconds oh I felt it immediately and even more entropy oh my gosh it looks like a crime scene the darkest blood I've got my super thin roti right here I'm just gonna stop up a bunch of this sauce I'm gonna put yeah I mean look at the color the shade of red it's the shade of death death to my taste buds I'm gonna try even more listen I don't like these shows where they try the spicy food and they're like oh it's gonna have a little bit oh it's spicy I'm gonna just really jump into it here go for it okay that is spicy but it's pretty tolerable this spice is adding flavour and not just heat the heat builds on you and there's like a radiating warmth coming from my central shooting chakra region so you don't even need lassi no oneno lassi did you eat any I am I'm all it's a little spicy for you know I heard that do you hear that she was doing that like thing a little bit I'm gonna be a match for you I thought destination is still left that's true oh it's spicy but it's in welcoming spice it doesn't bust your door down and knocks on your door it says may I please come in and to ensure the good news about spice you'll probably need to eat finish all this then I'll have your Nestle then all that remains is going head-to-head with Nik Cheeta as we take on India's hottest pepper Iowa goon home here at novel and food stall number 19 and today we're gonna be trying the hottest pepper in India I'll have you know I just ate some mutton curry and it was seasoned with Rajasthani chili pepper that it was very red is it gonna be more hot than that yeah I'm sure again this year you put what is the best way to eat this the best way is in chutney the paste comes better in chutney a chutney is basically a ground-up sauce today's ghost pepper chutney includes five peppers each is roasted than their ground up with some salt none of the spiciness is wasted like every bit of hotness is going into the chutney all the seeds everything is crushed up in there oh good some tomatoes are also roasted skinned and ground up along with the ghost peppers creating a salsa from Hell he just made the chutney here he's gonna sample it just a tiny tiny tiny amount he's got yes he has almost nothing here sample it spicy Oh d'Or what am i doing he ate almost nothing it looks innocent enough but on the other side of that spoon is a pathway to pain this genuinely seems like a bad idea we could just quit we don't have to do this we started it yeah that's my fault our chutney is served simply with some white rice and we're ready to eat first of all the owner took a seat like she's going to a movie theater or something she's sitting there ready to watch the show good so we're gonna scoop up some rice yes yes this is a very simple chutney and I like it because it's gonna be the full flavor of the pepper there's five peppers inside can we smell it first you one yeah okay it's in juice and off strolls a bit it's kind of like gasoline oh I don't know why you put that much should we try a little first or should we just go for it let's just go for it I just scooped this up I looked at the owner and she just went like that a full-on fight the hottest pepper in India let's do this Oh God you choose okay I can feel like there's something there's something wrong I know you do there's something wrong I'm like I'm on the precipice of going down the roller coaster of spikes oh the heat is building me but it's not stopping it won't stop oh I do have a tums it is intense pain I can feel even this wrong yeah it's right in the back of my throat it touches there directly how long does it take to go away do you know no you can't cheat what is that let's see no I won't do it I got too much pride that's all in your head you won't die it won't kill you in my brain it's cooking my frontal cortex why do people do this I should have heeded her warning she literally I took up the spoon and she was like no no should we take another bite are you crying I'm starting to feel like hi and I don't just think it's from the hyperventilating take another bite let's do it guys watching you want her to take another bite right I'm gonna get another bite right now dangit we make fun food videos on this show I'm here to entertain and I can't feel my face anymore anyways it doesn't matter how do I look do I look good um ma'am how long does it take for the pain to go away a few minutes that's nothing this is not compare to any spice I've ever had in my life it feels like it's literally cooking the inside of my mouth it feels like my throat is blistering it's the worst pain in my life we did it all right hmm the owner just said if we eat a little bit more of this the pain will go away that doesn't add up at all I don't believe her let's get some ice cream and let's jump in to the conclusion that we filmed before we ate all this nonsense okay guys this video was made possible by one trip Vietnam one trip is a company in Vietnam putting on amazing tours throughout the entire country right now in Saigon and Danang and Hoi An they do all kinds of tours from food tours adventure tours village tours they have so many cool ways to experience the real Vietnam for more information on one trip check out the links in the description down below and thank you so much to Nikita for joining me today so much for having me absolutely and you please check out her Instagram right here cut but then [Music]