Spiderman Iron Man Thor and others Avengers Park in Dubai IMG

and here we go hey guys you see what we got here Marvel superheroes we can check out this theme park nice hearts and a lot of music loud music but it's ok yeah very nice bag actually I like it oh nice glass is very good poke spin and that's Hulk and we have Captain America right there and actually it's kind of empty here did they finish it Oh Hulk 3d that's a Cena my guess we just asked guy and he said here are some roller coasters and cinema's we don't like roller coasters and we don't like really seen him I like 3d right so I don't know really why we had to pay that much money we have shop which is ok you see the roller casserole whoa crazy stuff I think this attraction look good you know but seems like it's a crazy one not for Sammy there is a spider-man right but it's crazy I think we can have some shopping or something like that look at this figure very nice figure look Avengers exchange marvel let's see what they get here [Music] Wow look at that some [Music] pretty cool what my room Menton yes nice look at this not big but very nice how is that he has a pistol did you know he is a pistol sure look that's Avengers tower and but that model of Ultron Sammy spotted something what's that are you killing me maybe this I can try Sammy okay Sammy's not sure so maybe I will go first for it please remain seated at all times [Music] [Music] please rotate the wheel to return your vehicle to the loading position thank you for writing please open your restraints and exit the ride [Music] we are ready [Music] please remain seated and hold all that old life we won't change a wheel maternal mortality go and get him okay yeah this fighting was nice but this park is what do you think sunny Avenger yeah but actually just one right you went for Sammy and by me this sound is killing me seriously [Music] [Music] we're going to the store to see what they got maybe we're going to buy something or not but I think we can buy something oh sure [Music] what suitcases are what the art what some practice some gadgets I don't belong on it oh shoot what thanks nice oh there's normal shoes this one is nice posters posters are nice actually t-shirts for ladies first what's the head a little black widow or something that's cool like this okay ties they are nice I could worried here are kid sizes I think this one is cool yeah the Hulk one nice it's this mask or costume whole costume just mask a guess like a dad the figures are cool the wallet it's 3d [Music] well we are in another shop look Sammy they have more toys here look at this guy [Music] but be cool to have a friend like that we going out did he enjoy this the latest park was integrate I mean probably it was nice but we didn't go for the rides but it was still fun but wanted to show it the shirt semi boat [Applause] whatever let's show it tour one nice colors I like it [Music]