Stacey Abrams Speaks On FairFight2020 Initiative To Protect Voting Rights

breakfast morning everybody is DJ envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are The Breakfast Club we got a special guest in the building yes indeed miss Stacy Abrams welcome thank you for having me good morning we spoke to you over the phone you did just great finally meeting you it's lovely to put faces with names noises you're here to talk about a fair fight 2020 I love what you're doing because I feel like the greatest threat to our democracy is compromised election so tell us what's fair fight 20 20 years so verify 2020 is an attempt to set up voter protection teams across the 20 battleground states and when I say attempt it's actually gonna happen we are going to get this done because it doesn't matter who the Democratic nominee is if we don't have a fair fight in the general election that's all I'm insane why isn't there more noise being made around the fact that elections are compromised you got the Russian interference Mitch McConnell block you like some security build we know about voter suppression why aren't democratic candidates raising hell about this because for most people they're more concerned about the consequences of bad politicians and they are about the process that leads to bad elections and having personally then the you know the victim of a bad election I think I have a much closer tied to why the door suppression has to be the number one issue but look if you're worried about whether you can make ends meet if you're worried about whether you have health care if you're concerned about climate change criminal justice reform mental health care those are the things that are top of mind you don't often think about the process because in America we are trained to believe that our elections are fair hmm but one of the reasons I refuse to concede in 2020 18 is that the minute you say I concede this election what politicians are doing is saying the process was fair the outcome is right let's move on that wasn't a case that wasn't the case did you know how bad it was until you ran like before you ran for a governor did you realize the process was that terrible I don't about 50,000 people you said oh it was worse than that so I began working on voter suppression in earnest and 2014 when I started to register the 800,000 unregistered people of color in Georgia we were able to get eighty six thousand applications submitted in 2014 but the Secretary of State Brian who later became my opponent in the general election he blocked the processing of 40,000 applications we had to take him to court we didn't win our court case because the the judge said he had no legal obligation to actually process those applications but over time we discovered that he had illegally siphoned off thirty four thousand applications between 2012 and 2015 of people using this exact match process so that was the first instance but there are all of these tiny rules that get implemented that block you from getting on the rolls by the time we got to 2018 what we found was that even though we put in place the strongest and the only statewide voter protection team as a permanent part of the state party we were still running against the umpire who was also the one at bat and you know he's basically a cartoon villain who was the architect of voter suppression and he won but what we forget in this I think goes to your point sir the tendency is to think about elections as being about politicians and when a politician loses the politician loses I don't think about it that way I'm running to help people and when I didn't cross the finish line it wasn't just me it was the values that said that we needed Medicaid expansion we need to continue criminal justice reform that the environment environmental justice issues remain and so my responsibility was to move beyond my election to validate the good that was done by saying we won because people showed up but also pointing out that until people can show up and actually be heard we're still in trouble how do we fight that fight though like how do we battle something that we def that doesn't necessarily have a face well it has a face but but we have to call it out part of what happens is that politicians become complicit in the process because we want to be able to run for office again when you say I won't concede I don't doubt the legal sufficiency of the victory the laws on the books are wrong but but the way the rules are written right now he won my responsibility is to then say let's go into every state where this could happen again and let's put in place the pieces they can block it because as much as I was able to do in 2018 it wasn't enough to stop it but if we start now in 2019 by the time we get to 2020 we're not going to eradicate voter suppression but we can identify it we can talk about it and we can put people in place you can start to respond I feel like they'll go in different routes like you know we talked about it before and they'll start a smear campaign that won't be true that they can attack however they want to attack it it just makes the things worse and it's almost like it's how can you possibly fight all of it you know but they're not on our side you can't defeat it but you can mitigate it if we only moved towards victories were guaranteed we're never going to win hmm but voter suppression works by convincing us it's user error I should have done this or I didn't do that my responsibility what fair fight 2020 org is going to do is lift up all of the ways you can go around it we can't block everything I can't out think evil but we can fight the evil we know and we can anticipate the evil that's to come what are some things that we as voters can do to go around it to make sure that our vote does get processed and we're not told okay this was wrong or it wasn't an exact match what are the things that we can do to make sure that doesn't happen so voter suppression is three forms one is registration second is casting your ballot in the third is gain your ballot County so in registration check all the time check your registration tell your friends to check their registration tell your mom even if she's voted from the same place for 60 years remind her to check her registry he did that online so you can do that online but you want to don't just check once and think you're set because the voter suppression works by erratically removing you so you've checked on Thursday but two months from now that's when they take you off the rolls because they accidentally transposed the letters in your name yiii becomes why I exactly so number one make sure you get on the rolls and stay on the rolls second when you apply for an absentee ballot if you do early voting make sure you show up but also make sure you know the rules and that's what these voter protection teams are designed to do and every state that we're operating in we're gonna make sure that there are people on the ground from your community who know the rules because we have to remember we've got 50 different democracies in America each state runs their elections differently our mission is to make certain that where you live you've got people who are ready to help you and then making sure your vote gets counted that's pushing for election security making sure that the machines are safe because Moscow Mitch isn't willing to do his job we're gonna have to force them to do the job and yeah I mean the fact that he blocked an election security bill after getting all his Intel about Russian interference to tell America everything that they needed to know now you talk about the consequences that uh certain candidates face by not standing up to this well in traditional politics the sporting thing to do is to say well this is a fair fight I didn't win I'll be back if not you're tagged as a sore loser and that's the language that they're using to describe me on the right I don't care my responsibility isn't to win elections my responsibility is to make change and it's hard to do I've been grateful and incredibly blessed to have a team around me that's much more interested in how we get good done than how we win elections we'd like to win elections too but it's how you if it's how you situate yourself in the process but we also have to remember that in the 1950s 1960s voter suppression was in your face it was dogs and hoses and police officers with billy clubs but today it's rules like voter ID that seem very common-sense until you realize if your student and you have a student ID and don't have a car you may not have a driver's license but in the state of Texas you can use your gun license but you can't use your student ID it's if you grow up in the deep south there are elderly people who never had a birth certificate because they weren't born in hospitals and so they can't get the they can't get through the administrative process to get an ID and they've never had a car and so we have to recognize that what happens with voter suppression is that it convinces you that you're the one at risk that you're the one at fault but it also seems facially neutral and race neutral and that starts to convince us especially politicians that there's nothing wrong and it's been going on for twenty years and the way Stockholm Syndrome works is it starts to convince you that you've just imagined all of this it was so crazy because we're having this conversation and you know my parents been voting since I just remember just being a little young boy but it just seems like we don't have that problem on the east coast I don't know I don't know what you eat it just seems like that was never an issue or never a problem so it's not something that we never looked at you mean in New York Justin yeah in New York or New Jersey it seems like we never had a problem as always Publix clothes you go to the public school you vote and you keep it moving but it seems like it's such a major problem in all these other different markets well it's the problem because conservatives know they're losing power the demographic changed happening in America is happening faster and faster and if you are the conservative Republican Party in the United States you have a largely white largely male population the country is no longer largely white and largely male it is very quickly becoming a much more diverse place and particularly in the deep south in the West those are the places where their hegemony has been strong but their homogeny is also a problem and you can either change who you are and try to expand your base or you can rig the game so that other people can never play what are some of the positive outcomes that you saw from you actually running for office number one we had an extraordinary engagement one of the best ways to defeat voter turnout I mean voter suppression and I think this goes to DJ mp's point the best way to defeat voter suppression is overwhelming the system we almost did it we turned out more voters on the Democratic side than any Democrat in Georgia history uh outperform Barack Obama in Georgia we tripled Latino turnout tripled asian pacific-islander turnout increased use of participation rates by one hundred and thirty nine percent we were told we'd capped maxed out black voters in 2014 one point 1 million Democrats voted in the election in 2018 1.2 million black people voted for me maybe sit out the largest minority turnout ever largest minority turnout and I increased the white percentage of the vote for Democrats for the first time in 30 years what if you would have won the election would you still have launched fair fight 2020 I would have but I wouldn't have had to call it that I would just call it being governor it was compromised absolutely I was under investigation by the the now governor then Secretary of State for four years for having the temerity to register people of color in places they weren't supposed to register this is a man who put 10 women and two men I think under investigation for four years because they had the gall to run for school board and actually use the laws to change the composition of the school board Olman almost committed suicide because of how a civilly he pursued her he people were arrested at jobs they lost their seats they went to jail and all because they actually followed the law he had black people followed as Secretary of State he's in charge of the system too many black people voted in an election and county called Hancock County he and a state legislature authorized deputy sheriff's to follow these men home to force them to prove they live there oh my god so voter suppression is real and it not only hurts the people who are directly affected and then depresses everyone else you do why bother trying to play if you don't think you can win yeah that's the one thing that we have to adjust is how do you get people to not be discouraged from the process because then what happens is people say well I'm not voting anyway because my vote doesn't count that's why you're telling the truth that's why I understand what Democratic candidates aren't raising hell about this well I'm doing it for yes what do you say to people who say that you're you're failing to abide by one of the norms of the of American democracy by not conceding I acknowledge the legal sufficiency of the vote but what I believe in is not American norms I believe in American values and the democratic value the American value of patriotism says that we all have the responsibility to participate in our government and I can't participate in a rigged game if I'm not trying to fix it and so my patriotism says that I'm gonna call out wrong when I see it and I'm gonna do everything in my power to fix it now how do we beat Trump is there a fair way to beat him because it seems like when everything that you're talking about and and Russia coming in how can we possibly beat him we can beat him because we have to remember he wasn't some brilliant strategist who managed to hoodwink America he turned out his base we did not turn out all of our potential voters six million people who voted for Obama stayed home some because they thought it was no one was going to vote for him some because they faced voter suppression some because they weren't contacted we had Russian interference we had the Comey letter but we now know what we know and what I'm trying to do is use fair fight 2020 org to push the narrative forward and say we have this power we do not have to suffer under this racist misogynistic xenophobic homophobic bigot and fascist who is doing his best to undermine the very nature of who we are as Americans but we have to remember it's our power there are more of us than there are of them and there's certainly more of us than there are of him and if we are willing to do the work of reminding people that their power is real that voting does work alone none of us can make change but together we can and we've seen it happen in our lifetime so let's do it again so can it happen without an election security bill being passed it will be harder but that's why when you can't get what you want you try to use the tools you have if more of us voted election security measures while they're still very important you can overwhelm the system you can overwhelm the the challenges and because of the way the Electoral College is structured if Michigan Pennsylvania Wisconsin if they turn out the levels they did in 2018 and if we do the same in Arizona and Georgia North Carolina and if we can actually mitigate the harm of voter suppression by one to two percent and Georgia's two percent we can win those states see the electoral college is something that also needs to change it should be abolished what torille college was not designed it's become this notion that it was to protect small states there were no small states when the electoral college was created it was designed because they didn't believe that peasants and working people should have a direct effect on the election it was designed because they didn't trust people we now should trust our people and we need to eliminate they like I don't know it's time to get that abolished they can't because it's a constitutional amendment say we can't we can barely get them to follow the Constitution now we have what about the conflict of camp being and running for office but also being in charge of overseeing everything when it comes to voting that feels like something that should be illegal it is in the Georgia Constitution that he's permitted to do so you can't change the Constitution until you change the composition of the electorate and that means you have to change the legislature so that's what we've got to do next but I'm just trying to make sure people in Georgia can vote so leave that part at a time exactly George Commission still investigating your campaign yes they are and if so why because they're mad yeah we've done nothing wrong we we complied with the law we've provided all the paperwork we're required to provide this is a witch-hunt that's designed to smear my reputation because in years past when a candidate loses the candidate goes on about his or her merry way usually his merry way i i'm not raised that way my parents are United Methodist ministers who were civil rights leaders you don't concede evil and you do not give people who do wrong the right to do it to you I just realize you didn't concede this week what I mean I understand what you're saying but how long can you do that you can just according to the Republicans I think it's been 288 days or something like that what does that mean anyway it's it's a it's basically a dance that you do at the end of an election you stand you bow down exactly I again I law I acknowledge the legal sufficiency I know I'm not the governor they and they get mad because I do two things one I won't concede and two I say we won and I say that because and this goes back to your point Angela people have to have a positive reason to move mm-hmm we changed Georgia if you'd asked people in 20 at the beginning of 2018 if we would have turned out 1.9 million voters in Georgia to vote on the Democratic ticket that was comprised of the largest contingent of people of color to ever cast ballots they would not have believed it that's a victory the fact that we were thwarted by this cartoon villain does not diminish how important it was the people who'd never vote it before the communities had never seen themselves before stood up and demanded more my obligation is to make certain that just because the election ended their dreams don't it you changed Georgia Andrew Gilliam changed Florida Andrew Gilliam is also being investigated his campaign do you think that's a racial component today I think there is a racial component I think there's a political component it is a tried and true metric of politics that you investigate your opponent's when you have power because it diminishes their reputation and it also weakens their will right what are you most scared about right now in this country specifically you know well right now I mean voter suppression because it is the fundamental right that undergirds all the challenges I've got a younger brother who is an amazing man who will be permanently disenfranchised from voting in the state of Mississippi because he apples with mental health issues and he has been in the criminal justice system I'm afraid that his future me he's 40 years old now but he's still my younger brother he will never have the opportunity to make decisions about the future of his community because of the way our community sees him I'm worried that we treat mental illness as an excuse for not making smart choices I was listening today to the conversation about gun safety I know how to use the gun I grew up in Mississippi I just don't shoot because I like chicken and I think you kill things you don't you don't plan to eat but and it's shooting a chicken system you have to chase the chicken down and probably make I'd never pop the neck because that's why I created Popeyes but I've seen the chicken kill and I don't ever want to do that I would take that as a sign and go get that Popeyes Chicken say it's really good you had I've had thing on it last week yes they were beefing on Twitter checking out a and really good yeah making me hungry guys it is really good better than chick-fil-a we contain altitude here so who with gun safety the argument is that you should only have laws that treat mental illness as the reason that bad people use weapons not everyone who's mentally ill is dangerous and not everyone who's dangerous is mentally ill in the moment we start to conflate that we start to diminish the legitimacy of those folks who just need help and my worry is that right now in so many states the only way you get mental health treatment is through the prison system yeah and the moment we start to yolk that to gun safety we are creating another set of impediments from people getting the help they need but we're also starting to create new boogeymen instead of addressing the fundamental which is that not everyone who has the right to a weapon should have a weapon and so one of the things that worries me is that we are watching our nation move away from actually solving problems because the people who are making the decisions not reflect our country yeah I think the gun control issues are the gun law issues it's a multitude of things that go into that I don't think it's just one thing I think it's too many guns on the street I think it's mental illness I do think it's the glorification of violence in America access to God I think it's all of those things yeah you said Trump was this insane his gun before no not at all he's what he's backed away from it every time he makes the right noises and now you're a steps in and then he's yeah and it's not even the immediate aftermath he's usually silent in the immediate aftermath then he gets bullied into actually saying something because he has happens to have this job somebody writes him something let me write some something and then he stops reading the cue cards and he reverts to type which is that he gives lip service to whatever the NRA says he should but he if he truly believed that we should be a safer nation he would compel the Republican Party which he says he controls control them and make certain they actually introduce legislation they can start to address this challenge they scared of the NRA though they're scared of the NRA but he says he's not scared of anyone so either he's insincere or he's a chicken - The Weeknd have achievement but I'm a need to try that today really what do you run for office again of course and so they were rumors that you were going to run for president now if somebody taps you for vice president is that a job that you would welcome I would absolutely be honored to be considered I don't know who the nominee is and I'm not going to be so presumptuous as to assume they're gonna look at me but I would certainly welcome the opportunity to try it was rumored joe biden wanted you to be the VP pick I guess done deal no I met with I've met with most of the presidential candidates and when I met with excuse me when I met with Joe Biden rumors started flying we had the same conversation I have with everyone one fight voter suppression and I want every presidential candidate to be talking about it and - I need everyone to understand that Georgia is a battleground state with the highest percentage of african-american voters in any competitive state we need people to fight down there because if we fight in Georgia we win who do you like in this race I like the candidate who becomes a nominee and I would be behind them are you paying attention to Department of course you are but are you paying attention to the primaries like that day I am I think we have so going to your question I decided not to run for president because I wanted to watch the debates I wanted to make certain that we had candidates who were up to the job and I think we do I'm fearful that Americans are becoming too worried about the breadth of the field and not paying attention to the depth of the conversations this isn't the first time we've had a lot of people running 1992 is 19 people night in 2016 there are 16 Republicans I think so we've had a lot of people run before we're gonna window down the field by natural attrition but the important thing is they're talking about the issues that matter and I think anyone running for president right now on the Democratic side is better than the person currently occupying the White House why aren't women of color rallying around senator Campbell Harris I I don't know I can't speak for women of color I I can say this I think that Senator Harris has done some extraordinary work I think that Senator Booker senator Warren I think we've we've seen complex ideas coming from a variety of candidates and this is a surfeit of opportunity when President Obama ran it was the first time in almost 30 years that we'd actually had a chance to see a candidate of color who had a legitimate shot we've now gotten the opportunity to see more of it and I do think that she is I think common was doing well I think Corey's doing well I think all of the candidates are battling it out but we're also very early in the process mm-hm Iowa doesn't happen until February so let's see what plays out between now and then do you think President Obama set the bar too high for people to color candidates no I think he was exactly the person we needed to demonstrate our capacity to do this job should be high yeah I mean to me he was such a great president that when you look at like anybody else it's like and they not that then you kind of give him the side-eye it's kinda hard to be that I think it's impossible to be him but I do think that we have candidates who are able to measure up but we also have to remember the energy that he created is a once-in-a-lifetime energy when you are the first you create a very different narrative and so everyone's gonna suffer by not being the first hmm I don't know what made you go get the paparazzi like what was you doing and now me Poole I will tell you okay I was at we were doing a rally in Gwinnett County for fair fight 2020 and like that fair by 2020 org I think that's gonna be my new name but we were leaving and the the gentleman who was bring me home I had a sandwich a box an which is the back end I was very hungry because I hadn't had breakfast and I said he said do you want something else I said yeah I read about the popeyes chicken sandwich I think there's a Popeye's on snow mountain highway and he said I think so too and we went got it hey what did you have to drink with it I'm just curious what about that water bottle water did you ever consider a 2020 presidential run I did very very much but I I believe that you run for office not just because you want to but because you're the right person for that moment and when I looked at this moment I think we have incredible candidates running but what we didn't have was a champion for voter suppression again sorry a champion for voting protection and the fight against voter suppression and that was what I wanted to do no I'm telling you it's really it really pisses me off that we had 48 hours of democratic primaries I mean Democratic debates and nobody said anything about voter suppression like it's unbelievable to me I think Cory Booker mentioned it he did mention it but part of the part of the challenge is that it's such a complex question most people don't know how to reduce it down I've been practicing I know to say it's and you get on the rolls can you stay on the rolls can you cast a ballot can the ballot we counted but we're talking about 50 different states 3,000 different administrative bodies those counties that actually administer elections it's complicated and we want to believe as Americans that our right to vote is sacred a lot of us though from the south and the west and anybody who lives in the community where you've been disenfranchised you know that's not true if you're desmond Mead and you get 1.4 million people put on the rolls in Florida by overturning felony disenfranchisement only to watch them impose a poll tax you know voter suppression is real but most people have to experience to understand just how the how invasive it feels to be told that you are not enough and that's a hard thing to communicate in a one-minute sentence and I think the reason Americas and listening is because the people got a screaming voter suppression and Russian interference are the Liberals and they've been losing yes but I'm telling you Trump is already setting the stage just say that Democrats are using outside interference to manipulate elections he called out Google last week are you afraid that if the general elections are closed in the Democrats win do jô challenge it go to Supreme Court Trump stays in office I don't think that will play out because I think that we can overwhelm the system where there is beyond a shadow of doubt this wasn't a close election this was a disinvested election where people stayed home but seventy-seven thousand votes changed the outcome of the 2016 election if we do the work in those states if we put together these voter protection teams if we ensure that everyone who is legally eligible to vote in America gets to cast their ballot and we work from just not just the presidency but on Senate races and on down ballot races including state legislative races because those are gonna decide the Congressional makeup for the next ten years if we do that work I think we can beat it what do you think about the conversation that is that has arrived that as an initiate about reparations I think it's the right time I think Tallahassee Coates through his Atlantic article demonstrated that one of the failings of our countries that we've never grappled with this issue and that we have failed to recognize the breadth of how deeply disinvested black Americans have been I think the only other community that has faced the legal impediments that we have is the Native American community and I think it is absolutely valuable and valid for us to have a conversation about reparations I don't have a prescription because I don't know enough and part of what we have to do is actually have the conversation as Americans about why reparations are valid and right and necessary America don't even have a conversation about slavery that's why you come in on 1619 order that the New York Times wrote and in that article he said that America wasn't a democracy and tell black Americans has made it one so how do you think black America has made the country so we became a representative democracy because when you have an entire population that is legally disinvested from being able to vote to participate it was when African Americans were finally given the right to vote when we finally got to participate and be represented that's when we had a truly representative democracy the challenge were facing now is that voter suppression is pushing us back out of the narrative and the same thing is happening with the 2020 census after the election in 2018 I started two organizations one was fair fight because I want electoral integrity and voter protection the second is called fair count and so fair count org is the other website to go to if we do not pay attention to the 2020 census we will lose billions of dollars a lot of people don't like to fill out the census they don't like whatever reason well because they're afraid of it they don't know what it does but let me tell you what the census does the census decides how much money comes to a community if you think your schools are overcrowded that's because they didn't count your children if you think that your hospitals underfund it's because they didn't know you lived in that community and because the census under counts people of color immigrants poor people and children those are the communities that often suffer but we're also the same communities that don't participate if black men and Georgia do not participate in the census according to the Urban Institute Georgia will lose a hundred and fifty six million dollars a year if black people in the twenty six states represented by the Congressional Black Caucus if they don't participate in the census it's 2.5 billion dollars a year that gets lost we have to participate in the census because it's our money and we deserve to have it you can understand what people are scared and they're absolutely but here's the thing so here's the thing to know about the census it cannot be used against you when you fill out the census it's not some conspiracy they can't come and find you it can't be used to issue a warrant it cannot it is in the law I see your skepticism law your name here's the thing they already know where you are that's why they sent you the census they just need you to verify that you're still there and not to coming not to come and get you but so that they can count you to give you money okay the reason the census matters Trump wouldn't have fought so hard to put the citizenship question in he wants people not to be counted he's cut the money for the question centers there were 37 thousand of them in 2010 under President Obama they have eliminated all 37,000 they want to erase people of color from the narrative of America we cannot let them do that if we get counted we get the congressional leadership we deserve we get the money we deserve we're paying it in we need to get it back that's why the census is so important and I'm so proud my younger sister Jeanine and my dear friend Rebecca are running this organization fair count org no matter where you live in the country go to a fair count org we can help you make sure the census works in your community because we have to be counted if we want to count they can donate and they can you know help you in donate money and follow you and fight with you and all that okay so follow me on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook at Stacey Abrams sta cey ABR AMS the two organizations to follow or three so fair fight 2020 org is about how we win the 2020 elections now we prove that we can win no matter what evil they do fair account org is how you can learn about the census but most of all please remember to go and register to vote we cannot be heard if we don't speak up white people are terrified of 2040 meaning like you know what 2040 that's when they say demographic change my now reduce would be the majority I think that there are some who were frightened of it but so Ralph Waldo Emerson the philosopher said you're got two types of people you have conservators and innovators conservators want things to say exactly the way they are because they have a fond memory of a past where things weren't bad yes innovators believe that the new to come can be made better because of what we've learned we have to be innovators and we have to encourage people to be innovators but the way you encourage that is by showing and demonstrating that we have the best interest of all at heart I'm a progressive because I believe in progress I believe we can do better I think there's some white folks who are worried but I think there are some white folks who are excited and the reality is we are a nation we've always been a nation that has been complicated and enteral and our responsibility is to own who we are and actually maximize that capacity that's what I fight for that's what I believe in you know well said that it's sort of like Ralph Waldo Emerson Thanos from in-game yeah Saint Oh said that he has to get rid of everybody because as long as there's people would I remember what was they will never embrace what can be I thought all old white men got a diabete I do not believe he is talking about Thanos I do I do not endorse the and Mahfouz iam principle of eliminating half of the population of I don't agree with that listing because I yeah I want to be here you can never sideline and you can never guess which half you're in so let's just say no to that yeah quite HBCUs you went to Spelman I did how important is HBCUs they're essential talk about that a little bit cuz you know we talk about it all the time as far as you know you look at a lot of these sports whether it's basketball whether it's football a lot of our premier athletes won't go to HBCU they go to a college let's say like Duke or UCLA or UNLV and it brings millions and millions of close to billions of dollars for those universities but nothing for the HBCUs well so I I I would separate those out a little bit because part of that challenge is the structure of the NCAA and the fact that the NC double-a doesn't treat college athletes with the professionalism they should and that therefore creates a monopolistic ability for certain colleges and universities to financially benefit the fact that those athletes would suddenly go to a Hampton or Morehouse College that doesn't mean that the dollars would follow because they're actually pushed out of the structure of the NCAA that allows the monetization of their skills beyond that though in HP CEUs are essential because they educate communities often communities that are kept out of opportunity they are the number one producer of scientists for black students and they serve a valid purpose I went to one because my mother tricked me into going to Spelman I did not intend to go I don't wanna go to a women's college at any one go to black college but she's my mother she's got that kind of mojo and so she got me there but it was the best opportunity for me I was reserved and socially awkward I can't say neither those things are untrue now but I'm better at hiding them okay but being there help me investigate all the other components of my personality without having to worry about where I fit into this larger space it's not necessary for every one but it is an extraordinary opportunity to have to be in a space where you can be holy who you are without worrying about what it means you still Oh Sally me right I actually finally got to pay off my credit-card debt owes money to our I did I was taking care of my parents and my niece and you can postpone IRS payments you cannot postpone cancer treatment families you feel like the average person can relate to somebody like you because we all go through that I wanted to ask you when you were running for governor right how did you take care of yourself mentally because I know that had to be really stressful I'm sure there's times you have to decompress I'm sure people were coming at you crazy white supremacist people who didn't believe in you and how did you take care of yourself to make sure that you just don't go you know during that time and I'm sure it's stressful and could even make you want to break down it there were very tough times I will say three things one I have an extraordinary family that loves me but more importantly they know me they don't take me that seriously and they but they also recognized when things were hard for me too I have extraordinary friends people who have been with me from the beginning we have the sort of joke in our campaign may 22nd friends people who were with me before I became the nominee though and those are the people that I could turn to you when I needed to and three I watching an ordinate amount of television I read a lot of books and being able to lose yourself in the story it's just it's a it's the way that I can be compressed you seem like a comic book head like you knew that Thanos reference I have a younger brother who read every comic book I've seen every Marvel movie ever made including the bad ones but yes what do you think the battles are I don't understand what Green Lantern was made what s DC that s DC that maybe yes exactly I am NOT I am an aficionado but I am NOT an expert okay you know what happened you said that she was socially awkward in this school which is surprising to me well thank you you know like why did you get over there I don't think I did I think I was adapted to it so social awkwardness is often you are who you are but you feel weird about it I've been me for forty five years this is pretty much who it is so I'm good now so you relate to Issa Rae in a real way and no okay I was just weird well thank you look I was a black girl who loved country music that's a little weird yes your music tells great stories thank you there it's wonderful I mean I listen to all kinds of music but yeah it was the wider world wasn't in hip-hop you was listening to country I listened I was actually right this is the country I made myself listen to actually every radio station because I once said I hated country music and someone said why and I'll say I could not answer so when I was in tenth grade I listened to every single station on the radio for two weeks each and just discovered I hate heavy metal and I love country and they tell great stories what's your favorite country music song I am see I can't pick a favorite one my favorite singers are Barbara Mandrell there's some great stories in her music and Dolly Parton is amazing did you love the rise of Old Town Road by little neither did you the world were colliding I found I found that to be an existential crisis in the making yes you guys have been fantastic thank you for having me all right Stacey Abrams is the Breakfast Club good morning [Music]