Stacey Dash Arrested For Domestic Violence

all the guys the rumor report the breakfast club well Stacy - ended up having to call 9-1-1 and that's after getting into a altercation with her new husband Jeffrey Marty now she had just gotten married last year mm-hmm and he's a lawyer it's her fourth marriage by the way and cops were called to their house they're saying that Stacy - is the one who called 911 here's that call he's taking pictures of scratches on his arm that I did not put put me in jail there are under she's saying that he and his three kids conspired to have her arrested and that's to cover up his brutality against her now Stacy - is the one who ends up getting arrested because her husband had scratches on her his arms she didn't have any visible marks on her arms and so here's what happens as she's getting arrested I'll explain it to you in a second okay you have a concealed carry or anything yes state of Florida yeah you ever been arrested in the state of Florida ever been arrested in general no were you born Bronks what do you do for work okay like TV or what do you act in well like you know like any life film you know any shows right now or anything don't ask me all that if you go clueless came out in 95 don't know those cops give a damn about no clueless you think anything currently listen when you talking to homies especially in Florida she was better off saying she used to work for Fox News she said you guys are doing a fine job that's what you said you guys gonna find job locking us locking up us black folks for assaulting white people I don't know where I'm pretty sure yeah all right let's talk about her memoir life will be the death of me that is going to be actually developed into a TV series so congratulations to Chelsea Handler okay dropping a clue the ball for Chelsea analyst well that book just came out April 9th and so of course it's another bestseller so congratulations to her she's on lip service right now by the way our podcast just dropped on Friday and that feature is Chelsea Handler doing what she does mm-hmm all right 50 cent he's talking about continuing the story of power with the power book to ghost here's what he had to say to Hollywood Reporter in studio yes the final season of power book one and then powerful two stars 48 hours later all right so I'm sure we're gonna be excited to see that everybody who's disappointed that powers ending I am but I don't want to see no more ghosts I'm so tired of the st. Patrick's they can get rid of all of the st. Patrick's all the st. Patrick's can die every single one now he also has his upcoming ABC series coming called for life I got a new show that is set to premiere February 23rd on ABC I suppose coal for life is loosely based on Isaac right join his life story uh-huh and he was sentenced to 70 years plus life in New Jersey he was the first person convicted under the kingpin stature and wrongfully convicted it's a WoW started district attorney ended up killing himself arrested officer came clean total truth about what was happening is he doing the quiet storm Doug love there's also rumors that he bought the rights to Takashi story and might be a biopic on that but we don't know whether or not that's true so we don't know a story we shall see what happens I mean then wrong buying the rice now but you know a schoolboy q tweeted out the 69 movie gonna be crazy I hope I get a role in it I just want to play one of the snitches I can definitely get away with playing 69 on the BT version I'm all-in six my movie should be called it any hard to tell I'm telling you he's he's really missing the moment he should just remix everything remix nods it ain't hard to tell we got to get home first when he gets old I'm sure he'll do all of it yes all right so 50 cent in the meantime also said that he's on an album the Eminem is working on so I guess that's breaking news to Eminem's working on a new album and he talked about this in LA doing an interview I got another record from he sent me for his new album and also no Latin artist and my records oh yeah somebody told me they heard some new Eminem music produced by dr. Dre bootleg Kevin DJ had that's who was doing that interview with 50 cent how did they sound how did they say it sounded I don't remember I did he told me already all right and Jeezy is planning to open his own sports agency shout to jay-z it's called sports 99 and he'll be representing NBA and NFL players according to sources in the league a trombone includes bonds for Jeezy alright I'm Angela Yee and that is your rumour report all right Thank You Missy Charlamagne yes we give it that down key to listen man for after the hour is it's a teachable moment you know I'm saying about how you always got to hold your dogs down and do right by your dogs okay all right we'll get into that next keep it lockedthis to Breakfast Club good morning [Music]