Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer

♪♪ FINN: It's an instinct... REY: [Grunts] REY: [Grunts] FINN: ...feeling... the force brought us together. [Music builds] POE DAMERON: We're not alone.... good people will fight if we lead them. REY: People keep telling me they know me... REY: one does. KYLO REN: But I do. [TIE fighters zip by] EMPEROR PALPATINE: Long have I waited... [Ground breaking apart] EMPEROR PALPATINE: ...and now... [Millennium Falcon swoops down] EMPEROR PALPATINE: ...your coming together... [Lightsabers clashing] EMPEROR PALPATINE: your undoing. [Electrical zapping] [Droids make sad noise] POE DAMERON: What, uh... POE DAMERON: what are you doing there, 3PO? C-3PO: Taking one last look, sir... C-3PO: my friends. R2-D2: [Beeps] CHEWBACCA: [Growls] ♪♪ [Lasers blasting] LUKE SKYWALKER: Confronting fear... is the destiny of the Jedi. BB-8: [Beeps] [Multiple characters cheer] LUKE SKYWALKER: Your destiny. [Music intensifies] FINN: Rey! [Ships flying by] EMPEROR PALPATINE: [Evil laughter] LUKE SKYWALKER: The force will be with you. PRINCESS LEIA: Always. ♪♪ ♪♪