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I have waited so long for this we will sacrifice the worlds of Atlas to that we'll be waiting for it let's get out there go show the most darling can do [Music] the Legion is growing there aren't enough of us we need to find help from every planet in atlas [Music] [Music] the more of us there are the stronger each of us is exactly you must feed might lead to another Drax isn't going to stop until we end this I will finish this [Music] thank you hello everyone I'm Laurel Melville creative director on storing battle for Atlas last year revealed our muderer starship innovation to the world and showed you how players could reconfigure it instantly to adapt to any challenge this year were excited to show you what the depth of the open world that we've built and put the game directly into your hands we're going to take you on a journey 400 light-years away from Earth to the Atlas star system discover exotic planets meet fascinating local factions and forge your Alliance a grades your pilots starships and gear and only devastating combos to save at last from the relentless forgotten Legion the mission will not be easy Atlas is a dangerous place and our heroes will need all the help they can get [Applause] could use a little help here you hear me let's rock and roll boys [Music] [Music] [Applause] you know everyone I know everyone it is an honor to welcome stuff folks installing battle for Atlas isn't it oh it's amazing ever since I started working on Starling I wanted to invite Fox and his crew into the game and Star Fox on Super Nintendo was the first 3d game I've ever played I'll never forget that and so for me this moment is a dream come true and this dream was only made possible thanks to our long relationship with Nintendo we can't wait to play fox under Nintendo switch I would like to give you to give a special thanks to a dear friend with wizards in the audience today ladies and gentlemen mr. Miyamoto [Applause] hello how are you [Applause] [Music] so I know you were coming today so I came with a gift you know it's the first prototype of the vessel that's your research so do you like it super so thank you very much so it is actually a vessel that has been created by the team and they they would be so happy to see you backstage so let's go and join them thank you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank You mr. Miyamoto and thank you Eve for everyone at e3 please be sure to come by the Ubisoft booth where we'll have a full hands-on demo for you to try for everyone else Starlin will launch on all consoles on October 16th with Star Fox as an exclusive Nintendo switch experience thank you thank you thank you so much check out starting to pre-order the game right after the conference thank you so much for being here today and have a great III [Applause] you