SteinsGate in Summary

Steins;gate 0 is said to be released in April of 2018, so if you haven’t seen the anime or just haven't watched the show in a while, here is a quick summary of Steins;Gate the anime. We are introduced to the protagonist of the story, a self-proclaimed ‘mad scientist’ Okabe, or as he likes to call himself... Hououin Kyouma! Okabe and his childhood friend Mayuri go to Nakabachi’s lecturer. During the lecture Okabe makes a scene and is escorted out by Makise Kurisu who tell’s Okabe that she met him a few minutes prior saying that he wanted to tell her something but ran off. Okabe puts on his mad scientist facade and runs off thinking she’s mad, he has never met her before. He receives a static video message on his phone. A scream is heard. Okabe follows the noise and finds Makise’s lifeless and bloodied body lying in an open closet. After running out of the building, stricken with shock, Okabe texts his friend Daru explaining what he had just witnessed. By doing so Okabe inadvertently changes world lines which trigger the series of positive and negative events which is conveyed throughout the anime. Oh, also a satellite looking thing has suddenly appeared in the building. So... yeah, that’ll be explained later don't worry. Anyways, the team group up at the ‘Future Gadget Lab’. Daru explains that the lecture had been cancelled and Okabe becomes very confused. (just like the audience) Later he realises that the text he sent Daru was sent a week back into the past. Okabe finds Kurisu alive and well thus confirming his belief the text he sent Daru went back in time. After some stuffing around and Okabe coming to the realisation that he is the only one able to remember the altered past we are introduced to ‘Mr Braun’, Okabe’s landlord and small shop owner. A girl named Amane Suzuha pops into Okabe and Mr Braun’s conversation and after the quickest job interview ever she becomes a part-time worker of the shop. Okabe and other curious people start talking to a someone named John Titor, a person who claims to be a time traveller from the year 2036, said to have travelled to change past events in order to prevent world war III. Okabe meets a woman named Moeka who is searching for an IBM 5100. Okabe and Daru use their new machine called the phone wave and sends a banana back in time by a few seconds which jellifies the banana. Okay, okay. I know that was just episode 1 and 2, but the character and story setup were kinda important. Anyways, we’re gonna start speeding through episodes now, so here we go! Makise Kurisu joins the future gadget lab and the group figure out how to advertently send a text back in time. It is revealed that the organisation SERN is trying to make a working time machine as well. Through the manipulation of miniature black holes. Okabe asks Daru to hack into SERN to gather information about their time travel program and does so successfully. In order to acquire more information about SERN’s time travelling experiments Okabe manages to get an IBM 5100 which can decipher the certain type of code which SERN has been using to encrypt their information covering their progress on the topic time travel. Daru manages to convert SERN’s encrypted files using the IBM 5100 and the lab members learn that SERN has been conducting human experiments to perfect time travel however they have not done so successfully. The lab members decide to call the messages they send back into the past ‘D-Mails’. Moeka shows up wanting to borrow the IBM 5100, however, Okabe denies the request very quickly. and then after a slip of the tongue from Daru, Mayuri and Makise, Moeka learns the of the time machine they have created. thus Okabe dubs Moeka the fifth lab member. Okabe decides to use the phone wave to send winning lotto numbers to himself a week ago to test the phone waves past changing capabilities. By doing so Okabe changes world lines where the D-Mail leads to Luka buying the lottery ticket, however, he accidentally enters in the wrong number. Also, no one remembers the alternate past except for Okabe. Okabe informs Daru and Makise about his ability to remember other world lines and dubs his ability ‘reading Steiner’. The experiments continue and Moeka sends a D-Mail to the past transporting Okabe to another world line once again. On this world line, everyone except Okabe does not remember Moeka. Luka arrives at the lab and reveals that he eavesdrops them talking about the time machine and requests that they send a D-Mail to Luka’s mother about a diet which could possibly change a baby's gender. Therefore Okabe makes Luka lab member 006. After the D-Mail is sent Okabe changes world lines where Luka is a girl. In the new world line the IBM 5100 is missing and the gang supposedly never acquired it. Okabe assumes Moeka has stolen it however it's revealed she also cannot find it either. Faris, a friend of the Okabe and Mayuri's co-worker at a maid cafe finds out about the phone wave and requests to send a D-Mail without disclosing the actual contents of the message. Okabe agrees to the terms and dubs Faris lab member 007. The D-Mail is sent and Okabe changes world lines to a world where Moe culture has ceased to thrive in Akihabara. Suzuha tells Okabe she’s looking for her father but says if she doesn’t find him soon she’ll give up. Because of this Okabe decides to make Suzuha lab member 008 and decides to help her track down her father. Okabe gets a threatening text reading ‘I’m watching you’ and becomes a bit paranoid. The gang decide to throw a party for Suzuha’s farewell, however, she doesn’t show up. Thus Okabe sends himself a D-Mail which puts himself on a world line where Suzuha goes to the party and stays a little longer to find her dad. Kurisu proposes a different way of time travel, where the consciousness of a person in the present is sent in their past selves body. Okabe and Mayuri go out to fetch the necessary parts to upgrade the phone wave. Okabe receives another threatening text of a bloodied doll head with a message reading 'you know too much’. Daru then discovers SERN has been connected to the lab's computer the entire time without them knowing leading the gang to believe SERN has been spying on them and their developments with time travel this entire time. Kurisu finishes the ‘Time Leap’ machine. Which uses the Large Hadron Collider to create a miniature black hole to compress the memories of a person into a size the phone wave can manage, thus allowing a person's present memories to overwrite their past selves memories, ergo, time travel. However, even with the Time Leap machine, it can only handle sending someone's memories back 48 hours. Okabe decides that the group should go public with their findings. The team have a party that night in celebration of their findings. Suzuha turns up and accuses Kurisu of being SERN mole, but things calm down between them as the night goes on. Daru tells Suzuha that they have been connected to SERN for a while now, Suzuhah then suddenly runs out of the lab seemingly shocked and scared. Moeka turns up with a group of thugs who work for SERN. Moeka, deeming Mayuri useless, shoots her. Okabe quickly uses the time-leap machine. Cancels the party and searches for Mayuri in order to protect her. Mayuri dies again by the hands of SERN Okabe time leaps and manages to get her out SERNS sights, however, Mayuri is accidentally pushed by Mr Braun’s daughter into an oncoming train. At this point, it seems that the universe just wants Mayuri dead. Okabe time leaps over and over again trying to save Mayuri but fails. Okabe then time leaps to just before the time leap machine was completed by Kurisu. Suzuha approaches the two and leads them to the crashed satellite (shown in the first episode) and reveals she is in fact John Titor the time traveller from 2036 and that the satellite is actually a time machine. It is explained that in order to save Mayuri Okabe must travel from the Alpha world line attractor field, where Mayuri dies, to the Beta world line, Okabe’s original world line where Mayuri lives. It’s explained that in 2036 the world is being controlled by the evil hand of SERN. Suzuha informs Okabe and Kurisu that she was meant to travel straight to 1975 to obtain an IBM5100, however, made a detour to 2010 to try to find her dad. Suzuha tries to start the time machine but woopty flip’n doo I ain’t working. Okabe goes back as far as he can go, 5 hours ago when the time leap machine was completed and then leaps the full 48 hours. Daru begins work on fixing Suzuha’s time machine and the rest of the crew begin a search for Suzuha’s dad with one clue, her father's pin. Suzuha gives Okabe her divergence metre which keeps track of what world line they are on. Daru fixes the time machine however it is revealed that it can only travel back into the past. Maryuri, through her sudden Sherlock deduction skills, comes to the conclusion that Daru is Suzuha’s father. People cry and say goodbye and off Suzuha goes to 1975 to die- wait what. yeah.. Turns out something was still broken in the time machine and she lost all her memories of her mission for 24 years and later committed suicide after remembering. Okabe sends a D-mail which alters the past to a world line where Suzuha travels to 1975 instead of staying in 2010 to look for her father. Mr Braun reveals to Okabe that she died but this time by an illness. Okabe discovers Mayuri's death has now been postponed by 20 hours. Kurisu comes up with a hypothesis, explaining that un-doing all the D-Mails may help them get the IBM 5100 back. Once retrieved Daru can hack into SERN to delete any trails about the team's progression in time travel. Okabe must undo Faris’ D-Mail first, and after some questioning, Faris remembers her D-Mail and reveals the text she sent saved her father thus changing Akihabara’s culture away from Moe Culture. The D-Mail’s effect is reverted by sending another D-Mail. The next D-Mail Okabe has to undo is Luka’s. Okabe knows the contents of the D-Mail, however, does not know the number of the pager they sent it to. In order to retrieve the number of Luka Okabe goes on a date with Luka He does kind of so successfully, but not without some really awkward moments of course. Okabe realises he was just putting on a facade during the date and decides to go the shrine and help Luka train like the good ‘ol days. Luka then gives Okabe the pager number and Okabe sends the D-mail. Each D-Mail has been pushing back Mayuri's death day. Moeka is found to have committed suicide. Okabe travels back to an earlier time and steals Moeka’s phone from her and sends a D-Mail using her phone but fails because she lied about the text she sent. He manages to convince Moeka to let him see the received D-Mail which revealed the original location of the IBM 1500. Okabe and Kurisu try and send a D-Mail reverting the effect of Moeka’s D-Mail but fails once again Okabe concludes that the past Moeka will only believe the D-Mail is legitimate if it is sent to her boss going under the name FB. The present Moeka informs Okabe that the IBM 5100 is being stored at a locker wall. Okabe follows trail after trail as the IBM gets transported from hand to hand until it is flown off to Paris where the LHC is located, one of the hands of transportation of the computer turns out to be Mr Braun. Okabe, Kurisu and Moeka question Mr Braun. And turns out HE is actually FB! A SERN dog who was forced to work for them after they threatened his daughters life. Following SERN’s protocol, Mr Braun shoots Moeka and then himself. Okabe grabs Mr Braun's phone and sends the necessary D-Mail to finally change world lines. The IBM, now back to being stored at the shrine. They retrieve the IBM and Daru begins to hack into SERN to delete any evidence that SERN has about the team's involvement with time travel. HOWEVER! Okabe comes to the daunting realisation that by reverting the last D-Mail and saving Mayuri, Kurisu will die as evident in the original world line. Thus Okabe halts the hacking on SERN for the meantime. Okabe tries to save Mayuri without reverting the last D-Mail but fails and time leaps. Okabe tells Kurisu that she dies in the original world line and overhears Mayuri at her grandmother's grave that she’s been having dreams of her deaths which took place on other world lines. Kurisu reveals to Okabe that she can remember the spot where she was murdered from the original world line. Kurisu manages to convince him that he must revert the last D-Mail in order to save Mayuri. They confess their love for each other and smooch a bit and gawd it was adorable. Anyways, The team is one click away from deleting the information SERN has on them. Okabe clicks the button and changes world lines, managing to get past the 1% barrier and land back onto his original world line where Kurisu is destined to die and Mayuri lives. Alright! Episode 23, the episode which diverges the series into two endings. The happy ending and the sad / the beginning of Steins;Gate 0. So Here we go! Suzuha arrives in the time machine from 2036 exclaiming to Okabe that she needs his help to prevent world war III and by doing so they must save Kurisu. He agrees and off they go! Side note: In this version, Suzuha’s time machine can go forward and back through time. Anyways, most of this episode takes place during the time period of episode 1, and just like in all time travel stories, Okabe mustn’t cross paths with his past self. Okabe comes across Kurisu, accidentally bumping into her, which explains the strange encounter they had in the first episode. Okabe goes to the closet where Kurisu was found dead. Kurisu and Dr Nakabachi who is revealed to be her father meet. Kurisu’s father, jealous of his daughter's success takes her time travel thesis, exclaiming he will publish it under his name. Nakabachi gets rowdy and Okabe attempts to save Kurisu however accidentally stabs Kurisu in the process. Suzuha and Okabe travel back to the present. Suzuha tries to convince Okabe to try again but he refuses until Mayuri persuades him to keep trying. Suzuha reminds Okabe of the static video which he received on the day Kurisu dies explaining that he had to fail to save Kurisu once before it could be viewable. The video message is a message from Okabe’s future self, explaining that he must trick his past self into seeing and believing Kurisu is dead without actually killing her. Okabe plans to use his lightsaber-like gadget, which holds fake blood within its tip, to fake Kurisu’s death. Okabe and Suzuha go back in time for one last try. Okabe finds the fake blood dried up and unusable. Thus he provokes Dr Nakabachi to stab him so that he can use his own blood. Nakabachi, terrified, runs away with Kurisu’s thesis however due to new events taking place it is destroyed later on. Okabe successfully fools his past-self into thinking Kurisu is dead and so he and Suzuha travel back to the present. Rintaro hands out labs badges to all the lab members he made throughout the series, storing one for Suzuha for when she's born in seven years time. Later on, Okabe walks past Kurisu in Akihabara who seems to be able to remember many memories of the other world lines. So there you have it! The main plot of Steins;Gate! Now, before you watch Steins;Gate 0 keep in mind that it is an alternate version which diverges from the original timeline in episode 23. After Okabe and Suzuha return to the present Mayuri, instead of convincing Okabe to keep trying, she comforts him which changes the story where Okabe throws away his mad scientist facade, living a life without Kurisu. Although sometime later Okabe comes face to face with an A.I of Kurisu. And that is where Steins;Gate 0 begins! Hopefully, this has been a helpful summary of Stein;Gate the anime! If I’ve missed anything terribly important feel free to correct me in the comments below! Hope you enjoyed, and have a good one.