Step into the Weirdest House on Earth


Great Big Story


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- [Narrator] In Spring Green, Wisconsin, there is a house … on a rock. But, it is so much more than that. Inside, it is home to many bizarre and incredible collections. There's a room of self-playing instruments, an infinity room, a giant squid attacking a whale, and some nightmare-inducing dolls. It seems like a really strange museum, and that's because— - No. It appears to be a museum, 'cause it is housing antiques, it's housing all kinds of memorabilia, and things from a different era. It's more of a place to just enjoy. - [Narrator] So, what is House on the Rock? - The House on the Rock, to me, is a magical complex. It's an all around sensory explosion. - [Narrator] It was made by Alex Jordan, who was an architect? - Not at all, not at all, he is not a trained man. He's just a man of great vision. - [Narrator] Maybe not an architect, but an evident hoarder. Alex Jordan, with the help of his friends, built the House on the Rock in the '40s, and opened it to the public in the '60s. His collections of antiques and junk, new items and old, real and quite obviously fake, have no central theme or apparent reason for being there. And, maybe that's part of its charm. There are some pretty incredible things, including a huge, unrideable carousel. - 269 different animals, not one of them is a horse. - [Narrator] Really? - Yes, the horses adorn the walls. - [Narrator] Of course they do. - [Jennifer] You know, every time you turn the corner here, it's a different thing and it's a different wow, and you don't know what to expect. - [Narrator] One man's trash is another man's roadside tourist attraction.