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hey guys Spencer from billet preneur here and if you're watching this video I'm assuming that you've been told you need a sales funnel and you've been told click funnels is the way to do it and then you signed up for a click funnels account and realized it was a lot harder than people were telling you don't worry inside this video we are gonna take you step by step through the entire click funnels app so that you will know honestly more than about 75% of click funnels users by the end of it now first we need to talk a little bit about sales funnels okay we need to understand that there's two parts to a successful funnel inside of click funnels one is the technical aspect knowing how to do things and make things look good and how it all works and connects the second thing is the psychology of sales funnels okay it doesn't matter if you know how to build a funnel if you don't understand the psychology of it you still won't get any sales you'll just have a little better looking funnel so let's talk a little bit about why we need sales funnels for about 30 seconds you probably have a website in your business or you you at least know a lot of businesses that do have websites now sales funnels and websites are very very different a lot of people just think that they're gonna build a website and click funnels and that's not at all what you're doing okay a sales funnel is about a journey a website is a place it's a stagnant place where your audience can go and find you okay they know that it's always gonna be there they can go and they can find access to anything you've sold and courses and support and contact you and all that good stuff right that's what a website is for it's not for selling things it's not for converting customers and getting them to you know spend the most money possible with your company and get the most value out of your company that's what a sales funnel is for sales funnels for taking a potential customer turning them into a lead and then taking that lead and you know turning it into a first time customer and then getting that first time customer to become a long time customer and and you know buy buy all the products you have that can benefit that customer that's what a sales funnel is about okay it's taking this customer on this journey where they learn about you and they make little commitments and slowly you know buy more and more of your products instead of just dumping a bunch of crap on them on a website and hoping that they you'll figure out what it is that you wanted to do and what's for them and things like that all right so we are here inside of my click funnels account now and we are going to start a brand new funnel totally from scratch okay and the way we do that we go to click funnels funnels and then we take we're at this page we go to add new now it's kind of funny they give you two different options really the only time you're gonna use this classic funnel builder is if you are trying to build a funnel completely from scratch hey you want to be staring at a blank white slate and go from there I would not do that unless you know what you're doing you have a designer I know someone that understands funnels and psychology and things like that because I'm sorry from scratch is just a lot harder and these templates have been proven to work so we're gonna start with this cookbook which is sales funnel templates okay we're gonna click start cookbook and it's gonna give us all kinds of funnel templates based on what we want to do okay are we putting on a summit are we putting on a webinar and obviously some of these you might have never heard of are we do we just want something that kind of looks like a home page on a website are we putting on out a lead magnet right and what a lead magnet is is where we give somebody something for free in exchange for an email address so a really simple opt-in page and that's probably what we'll do for this one because we want it to be really simple okay so we'll click that and it's gonna he's gonna teach in this little video what a lead magnet is but essentially it's just an opt-in funnel where we send someone to a page where we give them something for free and then we send them on from there to to you know other places a thank-you page down here it's like these are the free ones okay there's awesome free ones I would just start the free ones or you can go paid which ya do tend to be more awesome but but there's plenty of great free ones that will work just fine for your business so let's just select this one and we're actually not gonna use this we're gonna use a different funnel while this one loads but all you're gonna do is click get funnel and it's gonna load up in your account let's hop into a different funnel though that we're gonna show as an example once once you've clicked that so once you click get funnel it's gonna load in your account it's gonna look just like this I'm not using this particular funnel just because I like how it looks okay there's there's nothing different about this than the one that you would have selected this is one I just recently bought the template for it actually so this is an overview of a funnel okay this is a funnel kind of that Thord taking a step back and looking at in general what your funnel is gonna look like over here we have the steps in the funnel and this can be 10 15 steps long if you want though that's probably a little too long but but typically mine are four or five six seven steps long and this is just the journey that the buyer goes in so in this funnels case they go to an opt-in page they put in their email address and then the next page it's gonna send them to as a thank-you page where we can you know tell them about our product or you know give them access to whatever they they've wanted or whatever we want to do there but this this is the journey so we can add another page and say now I want to add a cell I want the Thank You page to have to talk about something and then I want to add another step in my funnel that then starts to sell them something and then I want a fourth step in my funnel to start taking credit card information and then I want a fifth step in my funnel to actually upsell them right so each of these is pages that were sending users through this journey right and over on the Left we're seeing the journey and what that is we're gonna go to a couple other things up here over here is where you're gonna see stats so people go through five you send 500 people through your funnel and you want to know like well how many people actually put in their email address here and how many people you know dropped off will they'll be listed in the stats how many people purchased the first product that showed up on that page you know things like that that's where stats will be and then when you go to settings right here we can do all kinds of good things so this is where you'll choose your domain so well you know what what lease the website right what's what's it gonna show up here the default is gonna look weird like that they'll the preneur slash you have that click on com something like that and you obviously want it to look a lot better than that and so this says what domain do you want it to be on and later on in the video I'll show you how you can actually get domains into your account so that you can do this you can see clickfunnels has access to tons of different domains currently in my account but so that's where you'll select the domain for the funnel that it's all gonna be hosted on if you do any kind of Facebook or Google tracking that can all be done right there as well and the last thing you want to know about is a be testing so you can see this opt-in page is right here this is the opt-in page but we can actually tell clickfunnels that we want to test something for example I might say I don't like the headline on that on this funnel but I'm not sure you know that mine's any better and so I can click create variation and I can create just a duplicate of that page and then I can tweak the headline on my duplicate okay so I can I can take my duplicate and it's loading here for a second and I can edit it and say something slightly different that I think might work better you know I can say master class I don't know what you'd say there's a bunch of things you could say but that's that's where we would do that and it's called a bee testing and then that can give us a we can you know as we start sending traffic we can get a better idea of you know how are what marketing message is actually working better with people okay so I always recommend AV testing on that first page to see you know which message gets more people to put in their email address and when we go to our stats it will actually tell us we can go into stats and I'm not gonna have any stats on this particular funnel right now but we can go to opt-in page and you can see I've got a control and variation and I'll say hey you know you sent 50 people there 49 of them were unique and this is the rate of people that actually opted in and on your variation you know hopefully I was right and my variation was higher then we can it'll say you know ninety-three percent of people actually put in their email address on your variation page I'm like awesome I'm clearly really good at marketing okay we talked about 80 testing we've talked about where to put in tracking links where to find your stats and where to choose the URL for your entire funnel where is it all gonna be hosted next I want to talk about the URL structure in general and this is where things get really confusing so and this is where a lot of people like I get questions about this in my group and in my email and all the time this is where people get lost so you choose a URL for the entire funnel right that's what we did right here in settings we also choose a path for the entire funnel and what a path is is this part right here okay so click funnels comm slash whatever comes after that is called your path so for this funnel we could choose the path of example funnel for YouTube okay and then we choose a domain which is go dot build up intercom that's what I mean I've already set up and we'll talk about that later so now I've selected the path for the main funnel if anybody goes to this link right here go to build Oprah Norcom slash example funnel for YouTube it's going to take them to the first step in this funnel okay whatever that first step is at the current time that's where it's gonna take them you can get that link by clicking this right here so we're gonna go do that and then what you can see here is another domain okay so we've gone to settings and we've done that but over here it's gonna show this and that's the actual URL for this domain right for this particular step in the funnel okay so this will always go to this step in the funnel and then it will send them to either this page or this page okay depending on on this we tell it v usually I say 50/50 s gen half the traffic here half the traffic here for our test right so that's what this this this URL is gonna do we could even test it right here boom there it is kay it took us to well they're the same right now so it doesn't matter but that's what that URL will do you can change that because once again you want it to look clean right you can see it's not very clean right now right here you can change the settings I don't know it's been off footfalls right now but you can change that right here and change the path again - I usually say like step you know YouTube video step one look and I would update my funnel step okay so now you can see it updated and that will always send people there now guess what there's another third URL you could send people to because this one will send them either to this control page or this control page right well if we click these settings right here we can actually choose the link for the exact control page okay so that first link that we select right here this is where you'll get confused this link is going to send people directly to whatever - this whole funnel okay this link which is right here will always send people to the first step in the funnel but it will send them to one of these two pages finally the final link which is the actual page is this one right here and we can say step 1 v1 which is like version 1 right I know it sounds confusing but that is the actual one that people are going to see okay where does that sound so that is the actual URL of people are gonna see up here so watch if we go to this now we highlight that you can see up here it says step 1 v1 because that's the actual page we sent them to right that's this page so this URL will send people to here which is this URL that URL will send people either to this URL or this URL and that is the final URL so we want to at the very least name these URLs to look clean and pretty because that's what our audience will see okay now that I talked about URLs way longer than I wanted to but I people get so confused with all this stuff they're like hey I changed the URL up here and it still says something you look so weird up here how do I fix that so now you understand that let's dive in and talk about the editor okay this is the the actual editor of each individual page now before we do that you'll notice right here opt-in it says often right beneath that thank you it says thank you right beneath that every single page actually has a specific page type okay and pages are meant to do certain things opt-in pages are meant to capture email addresses which means that we can't try to use an opt-in page to create a trend you know to take a credit card information because we need a sales page that actually does that so I want to show you I'm talking about when I do an add new step let's just make it up here and we'll make a path remember what the path is the part that shows up after the domain name so we chose a template so those it already came pre-selected as an opt-in page in a Thank You page this one you see is saying this little thing because there's different page types so it's important that when you create a third page in this funnel that you create it with the proper page type and people get hung up on this all the time too they try to create an opt-in page and then put credit card information on there but it doesn't work for a credit card information you need a sales page order form okay and I'm gonna do that anyway so that's an order form page and it's going to give you a bunch of order form template pages and this is just if we want to go beyond the template right if we want to add steps to our to the template that we selected I just want you to understand that that each page type can do certain things and I can't create a credit card you know form on a opt-in page because that's not what's for often page is meant to capture an email address it's coded to do that okay so now we've got an opt-in page a Thank You page and maybe on the Thank You page if they say hey that's cool thank you for a free thing I'm ready to buy something we could send them to an order form page where we actually take their credit card from we're gonna hop into our opt-in page here and we're gonna show you the page editor now quick photos has one of the best like simplest to use page editors I've ever seen there's a lot of page editor software out there and some gives you like every option on planet earth and kind of over does it and really confuses people so click funnels as simple as giving you enough options that you can do essentially anything you want but it's not like it's gonna be super crazy in terms of like hard to figure out so you can see I'm hovering over there and it's showing everything in green next when I hover over there it shows everything in blue and then I hover over a specific thing it shows everything in orange okay so this is what's called a section a section goes from the complete left end of your browser to the complete right end of your browser okay that is a section so we build out a website or a funnel in sections you can see there's a section there's a section right there there's a section and each section you can choose backgrounds you know you can choose opacity you can choose colors you can do whatever you want with each section but the way we build it is we build sections and then inside of each section we do rows okay and rows the reason we do that is because rows can be broken up into columns so you can see this row is just one column it goes from here to here and there's nothing else on the outside of it right that's the whole thing this row you can see it's broken up into two columns can you see that how there's a break right here this row has been broken up into two columns now I'm gonna show you what I mean by adding a new row so that you're not confused you see all these different columns so we can add a three column row and now this row has three columns so you can see why you might want to do this right amounted to a picture here a button here in a picture here or something like that or in this case an opt-in form and in a button we can move and adjust rows just like that by grabbing that and dragging it so we can make this one bigger that one's smaller you see how easy that is but the way it works is we create a section and then we can choose like a background of a section and then we put a row inside the section and then we break that row into columns and now we've built out our entire know template for websites the reason this is so awesome is when someone goes to it on a mobile phone it takes our columns and instead of sitting side by side it just lines them up like that and it looks really good on mobile instantly okay that's why it's it's coded to do this and that's why websites are built this way because people change their browser size all the time like that right so we need it to adjust and columns help us to do that okay so that's rows that's columns and then inside of each column so this row is a single column row inside of these columns we put elements and you can see it's built out just like that up top sections rows columns elements and elements are the stuff that the stuff people see right it's the text and it's the opt-in thing right here and it's buttons and it's images and it's videos okay that's what that that the elements are and elements show up in orange and we can add elements just by clicking plus anywhere we want okay plus and there it shows up all the element options you can see we can get headlines or some big text sub headlines which is medium size text that right there right we can do paragraphs which is small text bullets images pop-ups audio players buttons Facebook opt-ins SMS opt-ins countdown timers which is really cool right you see you can't down timer there all that stuff so now we've built the general structure winners from the general structure of how it's gonna look right and now we can edit each one of these so if you look when we hover over a section it gives us a toolbar right there we can edit the section when I hover over a row I can edit the row when I hover over an element I can edit the element and that gives you all the options that you would want with that thing so for example with a row we want to change the background picture potentially right so we might change the background image to something we might change the background color you can see they kind of did like a black cool-looking background they did semi opaque we can change that to totally opaque see that on the screen or we can change it to not opaque at all okay you seen that so each of these has options that depend on what that element is this headline right those options are well you want to change the color even I want to change the opacity you might want to change the text size you might want to change the font all those different things you might want to change all being done inside each individual one the last we want to look at each one of these elements it has margins which is basically how much room do you want on top okay you can see if we say 0 it's just gonna stack it right up next to the element above it because we said we don't want any room on top this one's 100 we want a lot of room between that one and that one okay and so you'll see the element that sections rows all bat have to have this margin see I can say hey I want that whole row to go down and see that because the row has margins you can do left and right here as well you can see that margins on the left and right so everything has the options that you need to adjust that so for this one we want to make it white because it's really hard to see okay so that's sections rows columns elements now if we wanted if we were on that that payment page we could add an element it look like this remember we talked about on it you have to have a payment page to take payments on that page that has to be like the page type oh they've had so many things I can't even fight anymore oh it's not an option here because this isn't that right that payment type so let's save it why we should always be saving and then we'll show you how we can add elements to take payments and it and things like that I think I saved it real quick looks actually before we head out of this funnel let's talk about the settings up here and the mobile settings so there are some things that are gonna be like funnel wide settings right like there page wide settings that they won't make sense to edit in a single element so that's all up here for example what you know what is this gonna look like when someone shares it on Facebook what's the image that's gonna show up what's the text that's gonna show up you know when you share on Facebook and it automatically inserts some text in an image that can all be done right here you can add a quick image here boom now when it's good shares on Facebook it's gonna look like that pretty right hey by the way I got this funnel from Jake Leslie designs if anyone's wondering other settings include adding tracking code if you're doing you'll understand this if you're doing Facebook ads or Google Ads like that if you're a coder you can do custom CSS you can do all kinds of custom stuff to it the background for the entire thing so you can see they use the same background for this entire funnel you just can't see it because these things are covering it up that can be done there if you want to choose like a default font for the whole funnel and then just kind of a few other random things you know do you want it to show in search engines other things like that I'll show up right here and then you can also save the pages of templates cheese in the future anyway so that's all the options there the other thing you need to know about is how it's gonna look on mobile so more than half of the internet traffic right now is mobile in most niches so you can click this right here and boom it's gonna show you exactly what's gonna look like in mobile and you can say okay it doesn't look good in mobile I want to make some adjustments and you know I don't want this to show up on mobile for example all right you know this this margin is too big on mobile there's all kinds of things you can do but you can very easily see what's gonna look at the mobile as you can see it adjusts to mobile you know the default mobile view is actually really really good-looking and if you go to individual elements like this you can see you can actually tell it to hide on mobile and hide on desktop so you can say like you know this countdown time it looks good on desktop but it actually is just it takes up too much of the screen on mobile so I can go to settings and I can say desktop only now watch when I go to my mobile view that countdown timer is completely gone okay and that that button is a lot closer to the top so we can do the same thing on mobile I can say hey I want to hide this you know I want to go to settings and I actually want to hide this on I want to be to have that meet mobile only so now when I got my desktop the headlines gone right just yeah so cool simple this is like it's just it takes 30 minutes a video watching this video basically to figure out how the whole software works and you can do pretty much anything you want very very quickly and very very easily so let's go back here let's say now I don't want to say it from the last thing so let's just exit okay so as you can see we created a order page a while you know earlier let's go in and kind of take a quick peek at that so we know how that all works order pages come with order boxes kay so you can see that element right there and we can move that all over I don't like my order page honestly being up there so we can grab it and drag it and it'll just fill whatever space we give it so let's put it right I have to redo this entire thing obviously but I personally would make it look like this okay and then you could add some little marge and you see how quickly I'm able to make some edits like this but anyway ordered pages come prefilled with credit card information did I forget oh this is a 2-step order form so I not being attention to that but we can easily make a one-step order form just by adding an element because it's just an element right credit card drag that right there and look it's now that credit card information ready to go someone puts in their credit card formation and it will take their payment it was that easy okay so order pages give you the options to add things like order bumps order summaries 2-step order forms all kinds of little things that only come available on those pages and that's why we have to create the right page type from the beginning if we're gonna take credit for information it's got to be an order form hopefully that makes sense we're gonna dive a little further in and we're going to talk about page wide stuff so you remember we talked about like a domain like you've got the domain and build open or calm go to build from com is somehow has access to click funnels here right you can't just select any domain you want on planet Earth you've got to give click funnels access to your domain same thing with payments right like click funnels is gonna take a payment but you need a payment portal that will actually like process that payment and give you the money and things like that so that's called stripe is what typically people use so and then you need email automation right you need when someone puts in their email address on that opt-in page you need to go somewhere like where does that even I just go right so we're going to show you all three of those that's what call that's what's in account wide settings so if you go here we go to integrations this is where we can add our email integration so if you use you know depending on what email autoresponder you use you can use active campaign or get response or a web or whatever it is you use you'll just click add new and you'll search for it so a weber is our example here and it's going to ask for some information all you'll have to do is go into your a weber account and every every single one of these is different but you can google it in like three seconds like aweber integration right and aweber will show you right here how to get the information that clickfunnels needs to create the integration next thing you'll need to do is get a stripe account so that your money can go go somewhere when it's given to you same thing you see my stripe back out there you'll click add new payment gateway will type in stripe and same thing for google stripe integration after we've our stripe account and stripe will teach us how to do integrations right there it's usually they just give you two or three bits of information that you need to give clickfunnels so that clickfunnels has access then that's the stripe integration and finally domains once again this is different with every domain house so that's why it's kind of confusing clickfunnels will give you one free domain so if you don't already have a domain just go through quick final to get their free one and it's way easy if not you look go to add new domain and you'll have to Google the same thing if you're like for the hosted I use I use GoDaddy we'll use an existing domain it's called cname it's kind of confusing but GoDaddy clickfunnels will give you all the instructions you need to be able to go into GoDaddy and get the information to give clickfunnels access okay so all you'll do is is type in the domain that you own inside of GoDaddy or Hostgator or wherever it is you'll click Add domain and then what's gonna happen is is clickfunnels will say okay I need these four pieces of information okay I need you to do this in your Hostgator account and then you'll go into your Hostgator account and you'll do exactly what click fall says it'll give you step-by-step instructions if I have another domain to do this with I would I promise you it is step by step and that's where you do it we've now got access to get the money when people give it to us we've got a place to put the email addresses when people put in their email addresses and we've got a domain set up right so that each of our funnels can actually be branded to us and branded to our domain and that's all done in these funnel wide settings right here real quick I want to talk about action decks and backpack because people always asking do I need this let's just talk about that the clickfunnels plans if you don't understand them they have a $2.99 plan which is called the Edison sweet or 297 and then they have a $97 plan which is the base clip phone software I typically recommend you beginners start with just the base clickfunnels $97 plan it doesn't come with action annex or backpack what action etics is is it's an email marketing platform okay and backpack is an affiliate management - platform and honestly you don't need you to one of these in the very beginning you probably don't have any affiliates that are selling your stuff and you don't need $100 a month autoresponder because you probably don't have a big email list yet you can get one for $9 in the beginning okay so that's what these are this is an email autoresponder and this is an affiliate Program Manager and and so if you have both those then yeah maybe that's a good idea if not you're fine on the $97 a month plan and then you can grab an email autoresponder for like 10 bucks a month I recommend active campaign there's a review it'll pop up right here of active campaign or you can kind of look over that if you want but anyway that's that's where you do all that now let's talk about the psychology of funnels just as I promised for about two or three minutes okay like how this all works the wave funnels work is they're built on the concept of micro commitments so when when people are doing anything in life and you're trying to convince someone to make a big decision the best way to get them to do that is have them make micro commitments okay meaning little teeny steps to get them there there's actually this Netflix show where they they take these people and they try to get them to kill people they they they get them to by the end of the TV show they get these people in this really intense situation to you know they stop it before it actually happens but they get them to push someone off the edge of a building and the way they do it is they get them to make little teeny micro commitments okay now that's obviously psychology used wrong but if you've got a good product and this is just marketing psychology in general and that's what funnels are built around okay we don't want to grab somebody and say you know right off a Facebook ad and say hey I just built this thousand dollar course that you can go buy right now right like who's gonna do that no one's gonna do that what we want to do is get them to slowly make my micro commitments and that's what this funnel is that's that first step right where they just put in their email address and get something for free they've made a micro come in there right and it's like a little journey and it was really easy to make they didn't have to like give up anything they just had to give up an email address so that's what micro commitments mean it also gets their attention and gets them going right like once somebody's in a funnel people tend to just they keep going with it as crazy as that sounds once we've got their attention then we can run with it if we if we can't get their attention in the beginning then people will click out before you ever get a chance and that little simple micro commitment in the beginning of getting them to put an email address gets their attention gets them off of Facebook or wherever it is they're coming to your funnel from and kind of gets them honed in on whatever it is that you're offering so that's the second reason we have a funnel and a third reason is the idea of a hook and an offer so when we only try to sell something if we want them to listen okay if we want someone to listen we have to hook them first we've done hook them in and get entice them into saying okay I'm gonna listen to your offer here and click funnels allows us to do that in this little process right it allows us to get an email address and then hook them and then send them to another page where we actually make the offer and it makes it much more smooth as opposed to a website right where it's kind of just all the informations there they might scroll down to the offer right at the Guinea like not I don't want it I'm gone and they don't even read the offer but us doing a page by page by page through a funnel allows us to hook them right we roll it allows us to to give them make them make micro commitments and hook them in and get them to commit to actually watching our offer and like paying attention to our offer okay so now you understand like why that that's so important why that's so important for people to do that you understand that your funnel needs to be this journey okay don't spit all your information on to any one page your first page you've got one goal that's to get them to put in their email address so you saw that first page there's probably 20 words total on there because we just want somebody to make a tiny little commitment and it doesn't require much you get somebody to put in an email address so we just need enough words and enough copy to get them to do that right now the next page you might have a different goal the next page might be to hook them right in to get them convinced enough to make one more micro commitment and click a button say yes I'm interested and go to another page so that page you might sell in a little bit more or have a video that talks about something for two or three minutes and then say if you're interested you don't click the next page that gets into another page and that might be your full-on sales page right where you're like okay I've hooked you you've been in you've shown me you're interested enough now I'm gonna got you you know paying attention to my offer you've made two little micro commitments and now you can kind of lay out a full-page offer or you're showing testimonials and you know full-on video sales letters and things like that and so so be careful that each piece of your funnel each step only focuses on making like one commitment right one small commitment that gets them to the next step and all all your copy is is in your design and everything is focused around that one single step in the funnel okay that way you don't end up over you don't end up over complicating it for people and they just leave you get them to make just little steps I think I've over talked about that but the last you wanna talk about is the psychology of all this Kay and that's the two words and and this this video has gone very long but if you're still watching props to you hopefully you've learned something you're about to learn something that's the idea of urgency and scarcity okay every single sales funnel you make needs to have an element of urgency and scarcity very very proven in a millions of psychology studies to work and what these are is urgency is when you make someone feel like they have to get something now right and the way you do that is you limit it you say hey I'm only gonna give this to 100 people and then follow through with it really only give it to hundred people or I'm only going to do this for 24 hours right that's where the countdown timer comes in or I'm only going to let's see what are some other ways to make things urgent you get the gist you basically have to do something to make it so they have to act now if they don't act now they're gonna lose it maybe something goes away or a bonus goes away or something like that but the idea of urgency and scarcity is you need to act now or this opportunity will not be here for long okay so one you need to market that to a by using countdown timers and telling them to you need to actually do that you need to actually make this urgent and this offer urges and scarce right where you're only gonna limit the number of people it goes to or you're gonna limit the amount of time that they have the option to get this offer you're gonna want to use that on every page of your sales phone okay so you want to use that imma be back like this lead magnet is going away we're gonna like remove this I'm after 2,000 people or whatever it is take this offer and then you're gonna use it on your actual sale like hey the first 100 people get this for 497 and then after that it's going up to 997 or 1497 or whatever it is right so you're gonna use this urgency and scarcity to get people to buy this is what companies do right this is why I like they go on they have sales and things like that like is why I have Black Friday sales and stuff right they make it really urgent you've got one day and only a hundred people are gonna get it and they get 10 million people in their store with that right like this is this is how marketing works so hopefully we haven't just overblown your brain with information here but that's that's how psychology works okay we make them make micro commitments we do it very simple and we we have each page in the funnel built around a single concept in a single step that we want them to make and we try to as simply as possible get that concept across to them and then we use urgency and scarcity on every step of the funnel real urgency and real scarcity to actually get people to act then right then while they're in the funnel okay that is a clickfunnels tutorial with a little psychology cherry on top at the end now if you're looking there's a lot of things you'd be looking for now but if you actually watch this next video it's gonna help you a whole lot more on this process you're obviously new to cliff models and so grab his next video it's a quick funnels tutorial and we can keep learning about clickfunnels and building profitable sales funnels thanks so much for watching guys