Still Life三峡好人——zhangke jia

The Yangtze ferry from Fengjie to Chongming Island will be arrive the pier in 30 minutes Will all passengers kindly carry their luggage and wait patiently for our announecment Come on in! A big welcome to our friends from Fengjie! To float on water... ...all you need is US dollars If you want to learn how, pay close attention! But I don't have US dollars Only blank paper What to do? Zap! See?Euros! See?Euros! Do you see? The euros become RMB! And... zap! RMB!You get it? You get it? Now,pay up! Tuition fees! Didn't you learn from the master? Heard about ''intellectual property rights''? Well? No money No money?! Pauper! What's that?Show me! Come on,anywhere you want to go Come on,rides for hire! Rides for hire! Where are you guys going? Just get on! Where you wanna go? Here... ''Sichuan Province,Fengjie County Granite Street,No.5'' Okay! 5 yuan Make it 3 Hell,everyone charges 5! Let's get going Hey,man,this is it Here? See? that grass in the water? All that's left of 5 Granite Street Get off But it's under water! The old Fengjie was flooded ages ago Don't you watch the news? Ever heard of the Three Gorges Dam? And the people? Gone!Everyone moved out You knew it was flooded! You cheated me out of 5 yuan! I didn't order it flooded Do you know Missy Ma? They're all called 'Missy' here which one do you mean? Are you looking for a person or ajob? A person Tell you what,man... For 3 yuan more,I'll take you to the Relocation Office You can check their computer for her new address How about it? Okay See where that ferry's moored? That's where my home was It's all gone we're implementing that policy! Ordinance 195 is pasted up over there Look,we are all under the same communist leadership There's only one policy governing relocation subsidies It should be the same! So how come it works out differently? Why the different? Watch what you say! You people must be corrupt Something here isn't right Of course there are problems! A city with 2000 years of history was demolished injust two years! We need to slow down a bit to solve the problems No. 5 Granite Street Fengjie County,Sichuan Province... You've been out of touch for years? 16 years That explains it Fengjie is no longer under Sichuan's jurisdiction Chongqing has had its own government since 1997. Fengjie is now under its jurisdiction I heard about it Is she still in Fengjie? I guess so,where else could she go? I've no idea.We're building the Three Gorges Dam here And this is the Reservoir District People have moved to Guangdong,Liaoning, all over the country This computer is useless! Come back tomorrow? Why? The computer Is dying Dying? It's not working Please leave now! I can't help... Not until you do something about it! (Third Phase Level:156.5m ) You're from Shanxi? It's 3 yuan per night 3 yuan per night What the hell are you doing? You want to kill off the tourist market? Okay,I'll give you a special rate...1.5 yuan 1.2 yuan...come on Whatever you say Come on,pay up! You sided with him... Here's 1 yuan Second Brother... Tell Ma... I got here Buddy,did you pick up the magic trick? A word of advice to you... This is my territory! Shit! Not really... Mr He... What Is it? Have a cigarette I don't smoke Come on Why are you in Fengjie? Looking for someone What? Looking for someone I don't understand I'm Looking for someone Oh,I see...Who? Where did the people at No 5 Granite Street move to? I can't understand your accent No. 5 Granite Street Don't understand No. 5 Granite Street Buddy,are you forgetting me? Have a cigarette Lights? Brother Ma used to live there Yes,I'm Looking for his sister I don't know his sister Where has he moved to? He's on a cargo ferry at Pier 6 Is Old Ma here? People or goods? Are you Old Ma? I am I'm from Shanxi Where's Missy? Shall we go on deck? You want? Old Ma Tell him if he picks another fight... ...I'll set fire to his boat! When did you get here? Today Why? To see Missy She's not here She's on a boat in Yichang Yichang? Downriver And where's mykid? Dunno,ask the mother You're the uncle!You should know! I believe you are honest Our first encounter Don't mention our past Don't bother us anymore I just want to see my own child The kid isn't yours any way What do you mean? The police decided it The cops didn't say that when Missy took her to Chongqing! Fuck you! I'll dump you in the river! You fucker! I came all this way to see my daughter Stick around for a month or two... She'll be back sometime All I want is to see her If you make trouble you're going in the river Brother,this is for you... My hometown speciality I'm not your brother I don't want your liquor! (Chinese Palace Inn ) You're demolishing buildings? That's right How much do they pay? 50 or 60 yuan a day Not bad Here,a new friend from Shanxi You came here overland? I came by ferry When you passed Fengjie did you see Kui Men? What's Kui Men? It's just outside Fengjie No See,this is Kui Men right here Look,my part of China's on a banknote too That's the Hukou Falls on the Yellow River It looks very beautiful So does yours (Try Hard) (Even if it's only for one day... Make all my dreams come true I'll do harder and harder. I'll always be true to you Whatever it takes... I'll see it through I'll whisper it in your ear... and say... ''I love you,I love you'' Just like a mouse loves rice... I'll be there no matter what a heavy rain ) Ne where? From where? Shanxi That's a long way Yeah Still smoking ! Did your younger sister come? She just left Come in and sit down What did she say? That she'd go to see Manager Liu with me But there's no point! Your man? It's hard... He broke his arm,working in town There's no rush,pay me later Do you know her? That's Missy Ma You know where she is? working on The Wanzhou Highway Not in Yichang? Could be How Do you know her? I'm her ex-husband From Shanxi yes Where's my daughter? No idea...she was at school with mine Maybe your daughter knows where she is? My daughter's working in town There They were in primary school together? Any class photo? I don't know where it would be, I can't find that old stuff any more Could you have a look? I haven't seen her for 16 years Which one Is my daughter? This one Hayseed... Hayseed... What's your name,buddy? Han...Han Sanming And yours? Brother Mark know The name? your surname's ''Mark''? Nah,it's what they call me at the pier They give you a hard time? It's every man for himself in the underworld underworld It rains a lot Here? It sure does we had no rain all spring, the wheat's dying So you farmers are all dying of hunger? Good idea to move here I'm a coal-miner back home Oh,a coal-miner? Why didn't you stay there and mine coal? What are you doing here? I'm Looking for my wife And kid You bought a wife from around here? You are very smart Nothing special More women than men around here Lots of women were sold off How much did she cost you? Back then,I paid 3000 yuan Three thousand! You paid that much and still let her go? The police stepped in... she kept crying and really wanted to go She took our kid as well well,it's a tough one Can't really help I asked her to leave me an address when she left Okay,show me ''Mango''? What cigarettes are these? They were the best brand 16 years ago You're nostalgic! we remember our own pasts You know what? Present-day society doesn't suit us... ...because we're too nostalgic Who taught you that? ChowYun-Fat!Brother Fat! Brother Fat If something comes up,please help me No problem Tell you what... I'll give you my mobile number... Call me if you need me we're buddies,I'll be there for you Call my mobile You carry a mobile? What's your number? 135 9342 3290 What's that song? ''Bless Good-hearted People'' Fuck,''Good-hearted People''! None of those in Fengjie these days Okay,call my mobile Listen to mine... (Waves flow,waves pound The river runs for a thousand miles ) (It surges through our world of woes ) (Third Phase Level:156.7m ) Mr Liu, you have to sort this out Brother,sit down Mr Liu,we've seen a lawyer about my brother's case The lawsays you must pay him compensation What kind of manager turns his back on his own staff? You must take the blame About your brother's case... He lost his arm at Yunyang Engineering works not here So it's none of my business! Talk to the people at Yunyang! Bullshit! You sold our assets to that woman from Fujian for next to nothing What? If you hadn't sold this place... he wouldn't have gone to work at Yunyang and lost his arm! I don't see the connection! we haven't been paid for months! Give me the money,I'll hire a lawyer Yes,take the money and get out! we don't want your dirty money! Wang,what's going on out there? Don't take away factory's property Protect our state's property Excuse me Who are you? I'm looking for someone Who? we've already closed down He's from Shanxi he did your marketing in Shanxi He used to guard the dam at Yichang Another soldier there recommended him to you Guo Bin Right,Guo Bin I don't know him But you kne whis name! Don't know him! Shop ste ward Liu someone wants Guo Bin Who wants Guo Bin? I do You're looking for Guo Bin? And you are? I'm his wife His wife? Howdo you do! How do you do The works here closed down several years ago No-one's touched his things since then Are you here to go through them? Okay,I can do that Do you have his phone number? No,but he seems to be doing well Haven't seen him for ages Old Wang is still here? Ma'am,do you know where Guo Bin is? What do you mean? I've come a long way to find him Aren't you married? How come you've lost touch with him? He hasn't been home for two years Two years! They're hopeless,these male comrades You must be angry,stuck at home alone Any idea what he's doing? I don't know specifically... He lives on the other side of the river I never go there, even when I'm in town Damn it,I can't open this lock What's wrong? It's rusted Let me! Ma'am,you're a visitor,right? Yes Do you have a moment? What is it? I want to ask you something Can you help me? Yes My name is Chunyu Where you come from do they need maids? I'm sixteen years old So young! It's getting dark Yes,we're used to it here Ma'am,where are you from? Shanxi Bye! (Fly slowly,my dear one Be ware the rose's thorns Open your mouth,my dear one The flower scents are intoxicating! Fly with me,my dear one Past the woods to see the brook Come and dance,my dear one It's always bright in love's springtime Let's fly away in sweet embrace Beyond this world,for eternity I'll chase you for a lifetime Love you with no regrets Let's cherish your beauty,my tendresse we'll fly away in sweet embrace Beyond this world,for eternity Until the autumn leaves begin to fall Even if we perish,no regrets ) Hello? Can you give me the number for Fengjie Antiquities Bureau? Right,Fengjie Antiquities Bureau Thank you Excuse me where can I find Wang Dongming? He's over there Thanks You're welcome Take care,don't knock anything over! Wang Dongming? Yes...And you are? I'm Bin's wife Bin's wife? Shen Hong we've spoken on the phone Mrs Guo! When did you get here? Just this morning Where's Bin? I'm here to see him Does he know? I didn't tell him You didn't call him? Why don't you try? Okay His mobile's turned off Dongming,help me reach him I don't know my way around here Sure,let me just finish this Okay,I'll wait What are you digging for? we've just found some artifacts from the western Han Dynasty Careful there! (Demolition Authority HeadQuarters ) Missy! Is Bin here? Boss Guo? Wang! Who's asking? His army buddy from the Cultural Bureau Is he here? He's been and gone... meetings with county cadres Expecting him back? Hard to say,he's a busy guy we can wait Okay,have a seat Please wait Hey,man! What happened to you? Shit!What happened? I went to No. 68 and they attacked me Hey,guys,let's go get 'em! Let's find some where to take those bastards out! I told you to send more more guys Let's get 'em! Not so tight! Let me Who are you? I'm a nurse Okay,then you do it Let's hack them to death! Does it hurt? Not at all Bin is your boss? Yeah His wife looks so skinny He's not married!He's from Shanxi He isn't? But I just saw her That was Madam Ding She's our real boss What's her name? Ding Ya-Ling she's from Xiamen Maybe there's something between them They don't know either One other possibility... Try looking in the Conference Room Boss Guo sometimes takes a rest there when he's had some drinks Which floor is that? 16th floor Let's check in the Conference Room You go,I'll wait here Okay,but don't go far Wait for me here (Chairperson of the Hehe Group: Madame Ding Ya-Ling ) (24 Jan 2002: The Education Bureau building is dynamited) Dongming,let me help you No need! You just relax Did you feel sick on the boat? Nothing serious I'll treat you to some real Sichuan dishes I'm really sorry we're causing you so much trouble I picked a bad friend I guess so I was unlucky You came so far to get here Try to make the best of it The ferry back to Little Three Gorges leaves at eight in the morning You're in such a hurry? Not really But it's been two years You've kept an eye on him since he's been here I haven't done much, haven't even seen him for the last year It's an amazing view The Three Gorges! Dongming! You know us well Tell me frankly... Does Bin have another woman? He's very busy Out a lot Entertaining cadres and clients As I told you... I haven't seen him in a year You men are always shielding each other I promise you I'm not The two of us... What? He said something? The problem with him is he never told me anything Son of a bitch! Look! What is it? Count the digits Just seven... Fengjie numbers are eight now This is the last mobile number he gave me Two years ago All I could do was wait for his calls Sometimes he did call But as long as I was still alive, he wasn't worried (What's got into my eyes... I can't see your distant shadow? ) Shen Hong! He never used to dance Just being social He's having some fling? Probably not Then what? Maybe he is Let's go,he's not coming back Wait a bit longer you can stay at my place tonight He must be busy with something Yes,probably with Ding Ya-Ling This is my latest project It cost 240 million Quite a big challenge Chairman Mao dreamed it and you made it happen! Why aren't the lights on today? I'll get on the case Mr Luo,my VIPs are here Why is the bridge dark? Are you ready? ok 3... 2... 1... Lights on! I've found the man you're looking for Too busy yesterday I turned off my mobile What are you doing here? I'm leaving Get in the car! Hey What's going on? You didn't even greet me Something wrong at home? Don't be angry with me It's hard for me too I have something to tell you I'm in love with someone else Who? Do you care? When did it happen? Does it matter? He is waiting for me in Yichang we'll take a boat from there to Shanghai Sounds good Bin Bin... Let's divorce Are you sure about this? I'm sure I'm leaving Sign the document when you have time welcome to the Yangtze jetfoil ''Forest'' we are now leaving Fengjie for Shanghai As long ago as the Tang Dynasty... ...the great poet Li Bai wrote these famous lines ''From the walls of Baidi high in the colored dawn... To Jiangling by nightfall is ajourney of 1000miles Yet the cry of monkeys from the riverbanks behind me... Carries to my tiny boat and over ten thousand peaks'' And today... thanks to the Three Gorges Dam the eyes of the world are on this place again The Three GorgeDam has been a goal of our Party leaders for many years Also the people live in here made a big sacrifice On 1May 2006... ...the water level here will rise to 156.3 metres These little houses you can see will be submerged (Any old wine bottles for sale? Any old wine bottles for sale? Such a familiar voice! I've known it all my life I never need to recall it... Because it's never left me No heaven without earth! No earth without home! No home without you! No you without me! If you hadn't raised me... ...shielded me so warmly ...protected me so carefully... What would be my destiny? ) Nice And cool? Cool! Very! Mr He! What is it? Hey,who told you to write that? Just following government orders old man Government orders? Shouldn't we be notified first? You're bullying us! Have some consideration! I'm inconsiderate? Don't think I'm senile I've been in Fengjie for ages, I have all kinds of friends here (Demolish ) Are You alright?Not feeling well? I caught a cold Why are You Here? we Have to demolish This building You have to pull down a crumbling old building like this? Yeah Find a good place to move to? Maybe some where in Guangdong And your husband? we can't wait here to die together! we need to decide Take care Sanming! Have a toffee ''Big White Rabbit Toffee'' we're going to Yunyang today to beat up some guy The boss is giving us 50 yuan each! Wanna come along? I don't dare touch that kind of money! Anyhow,we'll have money today, so I'll buy you a drink Okay,see you in the restaurant tonight Order plenty of meat! I'll see you in the Bus Terminal Restaurant! Take care,and don't be late! Here,guys,have some toffees Come on! Do a goodjob,buddies! No problem Brother Bin will see you right Here already? Have you eaten? I ate before I'm going down to Yichang She can't come back for you Wait at Fengjie I'll tell her to find you there ok Over here! Mr He ! Who is it? Me,Sanming I came to see your ne wplace Come in Mr He,the room charge Everything packed up? Yes,except for the stuff in your room When you go,I'll have it sent over Going to work? Just tore down a bank You're leaving? Going to Guangdong You leave so hurriedly That's life Then take care Ok Hey Brother Ma She's back? I'll be right there! Is the boat still there? Yes You guys go ahead Sit down Hungry? Want a bowl of noodles? No thanks Where's my child? working down south Isn't this the south? In Dongguan... Way down south Is your ne whusband good to you? He's not my husband I help on his boat,to feed myself You're more tanned these days You look older too Are you okay these days? Not so good I cared a lot for you,but you ran off I was so young,what did I know? You'd given birth,my mother wouldn't let you go back to work But you still left You have a new wife? No I can find one for you No need I just want to see the child Don't you have a single photo of her? Yes,it's on the boat Take me to see it You never came Why has it taken you ten years to look for me? Missy! I want to take her with me See what she thinks about it Give us a chance I think it'll be all right... if you clear her brother's debt to me...30,000 yuan Give me a year to pay it What is it? Toffee White Rabbit Brand Toffee I lose Drink more Eat more Old man,I'm going home tomorrow This is very sudden I'm going home to earn more money Don't ever forget me! Howcould I? I'll miss you whenever I see Kui Men on the banknote Come on,we should drink Cheers! Eat up! could You Find me work If I came there? sure There are so many coalmines How much could I make in a day? Around 200 yuan Great! Pull down buildings here, the most is 40 or 50 a day When we finish here, we'll followyou we'll followyou Really? All of you? Really!Let's go! Come on,let's drink to it! Brothers!Cheers! But mine work is dangerous Two local men died just when I left to come here Dozens die every year You never know who's going to survive So think about it carefully It's really dangerous Yes,big danger Cheers!