Stoners Get Surprised With A Monkey Eat Banana Splits


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I feel like you are just better than me in every way [Music] mostly hi I'm like 75% hi I smoked my favorite caviar cone it's a joint that has hash oil also feels like my brain is upside down it's good to share I shared it with myself you could take a box and give it arms but those arms or octopus arms attached to wings attached to eagle's wings attached to the idea of music attached with Chinese finger traps you don't have to go out to do it time passes differently it doesn't make you feel nauseous oh my god I knew you were gonna surprise me the best part about being high whoa hey your casual is hell about that hot his name is Dexter hi Dexter host this is so great you throw poop at me already don't be a cliche this is a trick oh my god oh my god that's how I feel when I take my bra I wish I had so much energy I just watched Jungle Book last night would you like to get to know me oh you want to get to know food you are like me that's what I'd be too I just eat all the time screw people eat it I know oh my god I'm at it oh my god oh my god oh my god I caught you also that thing is wearing a diaper and we should just call that out right this is imagination dog this is imagination I don't even think cocaine could do this to me I'm not hiding from you I just know that never met evolution what is this jackpot I feel like I've been a cartoon right now I think Dexter would like to eat it right there and I can watch licking it look at this it's delicious monkeys aren't very intolerant not this way so good right this is like a date now you're gonna drop it you're gonna drop it here and f it near doctor I bet we could teach this moga do we use food you know pick it up good you don't always know what life is and sometimes oh sometimes it's magic final thoughts about Dexter he's magnificent like that if you don't wanna leave see some days you just wake up and share it a Sunday with a monkey and you never know that's gonna be the day because no one would ever say that would be a day big like this amplified my high I'm so happy this is the best day ever don't tell I'm in my case I said that Dexter you're gonna have a great life you already do you know how to use a spoon and eat ice cream [Music] you