Stoners Quit Weed For A Week

I'm a drink more who knows but I've been consistently smoking weed for like a decade pretty much daily for about 10 years so almost 16 years I think weed is great I think we does such a diverse array of things for different people I started smoking sorted for medical reasons but it definitely became recreational and it's just a way to just unwind and decompress because it's just so a part of my lifestyle that sometimes I let it inhibit me from doing stuff and as I've gotten older it's become more medicinal really has helped my shoulder pain my ankle pain my knee pain so I actually started smoking weed about two years after I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia they'd given me muscle relaxers to take every night I would not remember conversations I had with my husband I would pass out like eight I was just kind of more than I bargained for and want to see maybe if I can you know at the end of this maybe continue to stop smoking or just do it maybe once a week or twice a week but not every single day multiple times a day I mean I think my biggest fear for the week is that I will actually stop functioning look there's wheat on my shirt so this is like five hours in and I'm already craving weed but up smoking instead alright so I'm not to be my roommate all my stuff yo man can you uh take this and hide it for me I don't want I'm not gonna turn around I don't want to see it I don't want to find it ever well at least for a week what no don't throw to the trash kind of running the things to distract myself with now I'm vlogging about how I want to sum up I don't feel better yet no worse yet just feel like a really big one typical night watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with my roommates but this week is different cuz I'm weedless I had a rough day at work just stressed just at work and all I wanted to do was smoke we sleep is armpits are sore so everything kind of hurts trying out some different pain control methods I'm actually being more social because I'm trying not to think about how tense I am without weed that's good night is continuing because I'm not gonna race home to some of weed but instead we're going to go to the bowling alley I'm feeling a lot more vigorous I'm feeling a lot more energetic I'm crying like weeping a lot this week and it's good thing they have numbed myself out for probably a little too long it's really uncomfortable but crying feels good it's like alleviates the discomfort a little bit okay I'm gonna go reorganize all my drawers now keeping busy yeah I've just been noticing that I'm like a lot more active did a little bit of writing this weekend which was nice I am also realizing that times where I think I need to smoke weed I actually don't always need it all right so it's uh about day five or six now and to be honest I'm not really affected I don't like Ravus I'm not like dying to want to smoke what I've been waking up earlier and exercising and feeling healthier I don't know maybe this is something that I should consider you know going forward so my week without weed was enlightening as much as I love weed and I think it's a great fun thing to do this really made me take a hard look at myself the first few days I was kind of like why did I decide to do this I kindly got over the lake in the first few days the worst part was that I couldn't sleep very well this experiment was a great way for me to reset so moving forward I I really think I'm actually gonna stop for now well I stopped forever who knows but right now I'm feeling really good and I want to continue this this trend I don't need to be as reliant on weed as I think I am people start smoking to self-medicate people start smoking because it helps with physical pain there's not one reason to smoke and so there's not one reason to quit smoking or to keep smoking smoke weed enjoy it enjoy life life's too short but at some point you got to look at yourself and realize hey am i hurting myself more than helping myself I've been smoking for over 15 years now and I think it's time that you know I take a look at myself and what's best for me there's a balance I mean it's a medicine and it can help you in a lot of ways but I think like any medicine there's a point at which it stops being helpful I found out this week I don't really need weed but yes I think I am after work today probably going to go home and smoke and eat a pizza because that's a great combo