Stop the Burning Fuse Challenge Pt 2 Matthias Returns

[Music] right right right hot breath maybe that'll wake him up no right hold on I know wait wedgie right Wow that has to hurt wake up that has to hurt bro wake up no bro bro where are we Bobby's room and Brian and Kevin this time do you want to try a little game Brian ballin guava juice 2.0 torture there are six muses attached to a single ball okay I've got six bowls if you answer correctly well then it releases the item and stops the views lucky item twice or break any rules I will explode the edge space if you be my little game and save the edge space I'll give you two edge points any questions no good luck I found the handcuff my god my brother's get out of these cuffs first wait wait you know how you see people that are so flexible oh yeah so we got I kept for my booty but we got to put our hey what are these Hey put this on my hat please put that on your hat no I heard no one's up give me the answer starting out right now Oh Brian the fuses bird I can see that the answers in the pot what come on Bryce there's a deal I am ancient I can fly put me back let me go and hit the bull's eye is it a hammer and arrow oh come on is it a most have a file that's going that I'm must have a thumb to operate scissors when that quite well I'm useless bro I'm like it's not useless I'm nervous this is getting me nervous it has a file knife a pocketknife is switch knife I switch knife nail file bro shut it up early bro don't wait go oh okay make sure it's separated these are ginormous I think those are Joy's oh oh do your hand was on fire literally your heads on fire bro don't get out of this room and this will be a hot bro down wait what was the riddle earlier pay attention just like spritz a spritz bottle alright that's kind of burning fast come on bro Brian relax I don't know why I was inspired about to blow up our life oh oh there it is now oh yeah not gonna lie I got nervous right there when it wouldn't turn up next riddle I have no taste and I cannot smell you can see right through me but you cannot it's clear you cannot tell but you can tell glass is it glass no you can see right through it a couple drunk a cup is it is it is it a cup saran wrap that one extinguish black what does it have taste it's close to water right ice ice right get it extinguish boy I'm just leaving out of my mind right now oh I just spit it up right I just know wouldn't rip boom Brian um Brian it's still bright red you gotta get me later what else you got next a single item that's called like glasses and pants but much more dangerous for door mess around I think I got it but we haven't seen any light flames yet so we are good we are talking it's like a pair you so what a pair of what Clippers a pair of clippers puts for your hair a pair of shoes yeah oh pair of scissors very scissors oh oh where is it done it that is after that better okay so when we kind of quick right okay right right here we're doing this in the record time my brother use it for a swing your foot use it for a swing and a pathway it will bring use it for a pendulum a pendulum you for a swing and what it'll bring an axe shovel remember I can't think when you're saying all these answers well you're not seeing anything you're not helping oh say something what kind of crazy Oh swinging up at initial breakers I can't a bat Brian Lucifer is on your Brandon children Ryan you're not healthy I don't think I will again come back the next video this video over here is a video where you see not hold wrong although no explosions not as good as this video it might be worth watching this video over here is a video that YouTube thinks you and your psychosis might enjoy like it see the edge space now explode bye-bye