Stop the Burning Fuse Challenge Pt3 Matthias Returns

come on we got this one yeah hello this is the last it's your turn there are six fuses attached to a single bomb okay I've got six books if you answer correctly it releases the item and stops the fuse lucky you if you use any item twice or break any rules I will explode the edge space if you beat my little game and save the edge space I'll give you two edge points any questions no good luck his ears are translucent dude I didn't know he was red yeah we have to get out of these cuffs okay there's keys somewhere here Joey help us oh hey no dude look there's your ground let's do this habit oh yes there you go Jordan I'm stuck okay hey listen hey that's not important that's not important what's important is that we get out of here okay Jordan can you please just put those gloves on Jordan we don't have all day hustle up dude like do I have to do everything for you open wide okay now why would you do that this is your first riddle what's in the box I don't know maybe the answer don't use this oh there it is what's the riddle there was a green naps inside the greenhouse there was a white house inside the White House there was a red house and sorry the red house there were a lot of babies oh you sick freak what would you do that okay babies in all those houses it's a greenhouse White House White House and red-hot presidents I think the president no not the president then there's a lot of babies Russian dolls right Russian doll doll okay what has lots of babies inside of it that's what's red green and white white red gusher no wait there's no white gusher what are you thinking babies there's babies inside of the house babies inside the house so is it like a nursery is it like are the babies like actual like humans or the babies could it be see greenhouse seeds why would you say see your babies right but it's in the greenhouse wins the greenhouse like a pepper hello cuz it's green and then red no green then why you can read read then babies so is it a watermelon nice one water going Jordan get it go George Hotz all up do it Jordan the flames moving what's wrong with you Jordan get okay get it go away go away oh you got it okay put the flame out okay put the flame out dude on to the next one next one Odysseus shot through 12 and hit paper back what a beanbag I mean a night night beer it's moving fast dude okay with the ocean right okay whoo dude we almost died there wow that was crazy now it's throwing Wow that was crazy dude we almost died again next riddle are the gale force is cool rot is there something remington makes behind you um is that like like so like wind like gale force winds what does remington make that denies no is it a born with but bird Bernero is the bone of man is it a bone arrow that was good but try harder is it like a sword no they don't make those um Oh a fan is it a fan no what else blows air yeah cannon we're about to die a family died do we got it we got brake club bike pump blow dryer hair dryer hair turn nice job you don't suck for a change okay I'll get it plug it in plug hole convenient there's an extension cord in here oh my god okay okay okay on high like I don't get it like I'm literally handcuffed because of you guys you put me here new faces armpits legs all have this one thing done to them they watch so is it so so so no water is water you wash yourself with water your armpit how these armpits is it is their armpits gonna get a clarification faces shaved Jake razor is it is it a razor okay I'll give you that one no chance I'm giving you another yes who's this guy you got it oh yeah I lost it do natural selections gonna take you so fast kids don't do this at home Oh [Music] all right I'm made for kids best serve huh pick up a spoon and say Oh Oh a spoon pick up a spoon and say what pick up a spoon and say Oh what why would a kid say uh-oh two spoons Spaghettio three adios SpaghettiOs Wow it's like you almost turned me to the light side oh dude I'm useless here I'm really using these gloves dump it on there dump it on there in the end of it goes that go and see oh I got spaghetti Oh on me one left shoot it's like not a long one dad we could win this we could we could win we're gonna win we could we could escape with our lives next take off my skin I won't cry but you will what am i die like leather die I won't cry dude that some people how could they not cry who is that they one of those people that don't feel pain that's the thing that is the thing but it's not that yes they're gonna person is it like a is it a lemon no Oh an orange that's not gonna do it no skin no onion whoa dude and you're faced with bias and I got two inch points worse you got to exploit stupid 2x points cool you got edge points you like get that like the keys to let me out of here no mommy probably come back probably come back hey guys click this playlist right here Seth and Joey Brian and Kevin all took a stab at this thing and you don't know how it came out so don't watch it watch it also click three 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