Stranded In Times Square For 24 Hours EPISODE 3

I just go to more give me a brochure I'll immediately get a movie we mean [Music] and everyone to that we're probably gonna die okay guys join everything I call my friends give me a place to sleep I talked to a family she wouldn't give me my house I basically have nowhere to go the only thing I can think of is I'm being told me I should try hotel there right as if they have details in your vicinity so if I buy wine maybe we can glance to sleep entering square tonight so I'm gonna be living in Times Square for pretty much 24 hours [Music] [Applause] [Music] their budget beanie but with no way don't find something Laurine and the so if I perform and maybe I get money and people watching me give me their hotel or is our house so let's try mine [Music] [Music] [Music] we need to get out of this please terrifying [Music] Oh I see refrain Hannibal children everywhere don't you ever take a picture from a point I'm starving [Music] thought always interfering there's no food anywhere my arts and time and he brings me PT to catch one of these in cooking and I got dinner stupid friggin pigeons flow away there's a place you got dog over there so I'm gonna go eat it right now all I gotta do is just catch a PG no with this one Tong with the breadcrumbs and then I can have vision for dinner you starving now [Music] find a new pigeons fault freaking pigeon [Applause] Spa and I just want to catch a pinching already's like anything on any pigeons anywhere eons that is a hotel I stayed at the he aunt once when I was on tour if he gets where my bus tour in October I'll probably standing here today as well cleanly and I'll go sleep almost 3 anymore let's go okay change plans freakin here on wouldn't give me a room doesn't have to pay for it even though I'm a celebrity they said ma'am get out of here announcing young ranks you want stands they said no but I found them so now I'm on the grill for the heel so this is where I'm gonna sleep for the night I make something up this is terrifying night in the wild tonight I am no fool cuz I couldn't find any freaking pigeons my hot dog didn't even freakin work so now I have nothing oh look it's gonna snow look at all the snow droplets and the weather forecast in the bank no place to sleep I see in Survivor I seen enough episodes of that to know what I have to do I need to make shelter I need to make a firearm I need to find fail we're gonna have to wait till the morning to get a ping gene I need to make shelter I need make fire a saint [Music] [Music] there is not gonna be room for you on here don't get any ideas Dorsia me you have to sleep on a concrete over there I gotta make a fire [Music] easy peasy fire main hey guys it's getting late I should go inside my shelter fleas are no rats and scorpions and tarantulas and I can't believe this is how my life it's the me now this has been the most stressful and scary and seeing my life I can't wave I'm still here in surviving 24 hours in Times Square with no food going nice and warm my mom should be texting me any minute now watch the fire and it'll pop up when she texts me she'll be calling me texting me anything no I'm skin texture I'll just text mom do you miss me I don't miss you never coming back that's what you're eating mommy call it takes any minute now your phone's not working I'm freaking starving I'm really freaking Twitter and trying some rice up in this business see you guys in the mañana but I told you sleep on that's the means please no pictures today hear me time to get on Broadway man become a movie star no time flame but first things first I'm freaking starving Beijing there's peaches out there yes pinching don't have that hot dog anymore but you know what I do have pumps me just makes up some more brand-new jeans but hey call these extra fees can you mean you're robbing me here and your gang but I know just wait for them to give ya that we can get those be jeans 40 minutes 40 minutes for the brother paparazzi keeps coming over here no picture sitting paparazzi we need we need I'm so free email Korea to think seasonable mulberries spike before Ronnie look at these is it only a black little bomb saying what do you think do you think that's the only bunk there's a scene inside you need to taste these No [Music] apparently is out on poisonous Lillian there's another P team it's not a fan gene he mocks the genes Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene Eugene I'm gonna have freakin feelings to Beijing Randolph Cajun most mates here best a my life full course we can plus mates got it from the pop-up store on the whole 93 this post makes person a serial killer patrons don't love things to need a plan why isn't it wine where's the Wonder all-natural who wants this woman cooking breath let him get right like a trustee she's literally a crazy person she thinks she's holding something and she's literally gotten up in an Iranian jeans you know this freaking beach umbrella here I'm gonna have to go down the rails get them myself on my beer free name let's go don't look so small we're back in the wild the game there we go stupid postmates scrollbar me that hope you got a brand across the pigeons makhani pain of the whopping gene looking for vision haven't seen any PG we're from the trees I'm hungry [Music] we're closed PG PG PG helping Jean [Music] they need weight it's not jelly yeah you could have been eaten by a celebrity brand now they're gonna live the rest of my life oh I'm not getting eaten by a celebrity I'm running out of time so I just need to get 28 aren't get on the scene so I can become a Broadway star I'll just have to host meet some talk with my game okay guys let me enter I'm just gonna go in and get on the stage tonight for the performance and easy peasy I will have a movie [Music] next thing I found addressing let's just kill him and then I'll take their part