Struggles of Having A Unique Name




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- So it's like Cruella De Vil minus the R and then Lenny like Lenny Kravtiz and you put them together and it makes Kuella Lenny. - Cruella Lenny? - Sure. (upbeat pop music) - Is that the name on your birth certificate? - Where are you from? - But where are your parents from? - Is that your real name? - What does that mean? - My first name is Kuella Lenny. - Can you spell that for me? - K as in kindergarten and U as in umbrella and W as in a whale. It's easier if I sing it to people. - Okay. [Kuella Singing] Kuella Lenny - I'm calling to put in a reservation for two for Friday night. The name for the reservation? You can just put it under the letter K. - That's a hard name to pronounce. - Wow, your name is so unique! - That must've been a hard name as a kid. - Do you have a nickname? - Thank you for meeting with me, this was really great. - Of course, yeah, so it was Kuella Lennaay? - No extra accent, just Kuella Lenny - Oh, I got it, I got it, Kuella Llllenny. - It's actually super easy, it's just Kuella Lenny. - That's a mouthful, I'll never be able to say that. My weekend was filled with Tchaikovsky, a little Schwarzenegger, and Game of Thrones marathon because I love those Targaryens. - You don't look like I thought you would. - Whoa, didn't think you'd be a woman. - I didn't think you'd be American. - You're new right? I'm Ryan. - Oh hi, I'm Amro. - Amir? - No, Amro. - Army? - Am ro. - Omar? - Yeah, sure. - Cool, nice meeting you Happy birthday Omar - Are you Chloe? - Yeah, what's your name? - Kuella Lenny - Oh, cool! - What's your name? - Kuella Lenny! (muffled noises) - Kinda hard to say, it's Kuella Lenny. - Kuella Lenny, wow that's a beautiful name. - Thank you.