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here we go off on another venture it's a new week and this time I'm taking off to Palm Springs California. See you babe! Bye sweetie. Be back in a week. I'm in Palm Springs California today got in late last night for an event called clamor con not really sure exactly what it is I just know there's gonna be about 300 creators here and I got in late last night it was too dark to see anything so we're going to go for a walk and see what there is to see there's some kind of fruit in this tree grapefruit tree so clamor con what exactly is clamor con I actually have no idea I'm here to find out apparently there's going to be over 300 different YouTube creators that come hang out so I'm looking forward to meeting all them and just stop for a second here because I have the new Galaxy S8 plus that I've been meaning to unbox this has been sitting in my house for about two weeks and I just haven't had a chance to open it up looks like a good place for an unboxing beautiful. This right here is my S7 this is what I've been using for about the last year and if we compare that to the S8 you can see the S8s a little bit taller it's got maybe a half inch on the top there a little bit longer so I bought a new case I like these cases because they got a little kickstand in the back and we're going to make the switch first peel off the bit on the back introduce it to its new case beautiful there we go we have got a wild Dennis Roady out of natural habitat whoa what's up you make a beautiful silhouette man ready to party? Yeah let's go! breakfast time your day here's the menu look at those prices but whatever it oh dude that bowl of cereal is only nine dollars I had a $17 turkey sandwich last night bro it's a turkey sandwich seventeen you know the more you pay the less you get you get that's what I've noticed noticed ooh there we go breakfast is served dang I thought you were a little bit healthier Mr. Thompson yeah I'm all about being healthy man yeah (laughing) nailed it bro speak to the birds you're still working on yours over here oh I'm done now I had all the eggs I'm not... this is my seventeen dollar piece of toast people always tell me that I'm short but it's only because I stand next to guys like this you're not short there's like a major height difference I'm just a giant I'm tall to everyone that's why he has giant frames too so I'll be standing there and like I'm just gonna sit down just had breakfast with this guy we're going to be headed back to his hotel room now we got a VR setup virtual reality I actually haven't played video games since n64 since company Oh it'll be mind blown dude I got a bit I'm pretty dang excited to see what this world is all about. And this is the covert if you turn the light past the door PCHHH! dude my hotel room did not come with a green screen setup so when you're playing the game online people are watching you play and your silhouette is just on the same game screen oh no way really versus having like a white wall on this beautiful crazy game that they're watching interesting so you do a lot of twitch live-streaming I just started and you're able to do like overlaying on the green screen in the background exactly yeah so here's the HTC vive right and these are your hand paddles that you're going to use to play the game interesting cool so you got trigger on the back side yep here put this on that's cool I can see the controls just like floating yeah so I'm gonna pop your earbuds in okay? okay yeah I feel like I'm like working at an amusement park right alright mr. Thompson you're going into the zone right now bud let me know I have to admit I'm a little bit nervous right now grant is in the game right now check it out this is what he's viewing right now inside this world so you have the buttons on the inside of your controller oh there you go yeah you got now you're holding it and make sure you don't forget to grab that gun to your left definitely want to hold on to that this is freaking sweet wait till you get into it man Nintendo 64 was cool but I think this one takes the cake what do you think about the whole gameplay man my mind is blown for real it's pretty random thing to be doing today huh you called it and I'll get I don't want to give you too many tricks because I want you to figure you're definitely going to die okay okay it's tough so it's just like the beginning stages right but all right man let's do it right get ready is going down (laughter) what happened? Oh you made it! good job dude you got some more coming. You're so serious! Your face! yeah well is like I'm surprised I like Alright thanks for the tip man. BRAHH! (laughter) Not fair! Not fair. You were not in the game Oh Oh no! Did you see that oh hi I didn't know you're here how cool is that? That's crazy that mask is freaking sweet dude! Armfritmarsharshwight Back in my day we killed zombies with our hands boy! okay I did pretty good there right better than I did first try oh man I gotta go find that other gun though because okay I'm sweating I'm sweating my heart's racing this is incredible thumbs up I think I'm hooked I think I'm hooked yeah you see that minus the flicker yeah minus the flicker and the focus there we go that's what I'm seeing that's what I'm seeing dude that's sweet what is this for oh I just got the mask juices silly silly gags you know you've done this in one of your videos that right no I haven't used it yet I've just seen on your Instagram stories then yes I've seen that mask before yes okay Instagram stories Dennis Roady folks obviously some big stuff coming up that's epic Whew! Just finished a pretty intense session VR session with Dennis Roady oh my goodness I've never experienced graphics in gaming like that like it sucks you right into the world so my adrenaline is pumping so hard right now and I didn't even realize that we just killed four hours so I'm taking a little breather going back to the room checking a video for upload tomorrow and then maybe just go and chill by the pool a little bit if we can run into here. Home sweet home. This is the view from the room. Thank you remember guys when you eat you're hamburgers eat them upside down that's what I do. Quick update guys we got a little kick-off party happening right now starting to cool down so I'm gonna go grab a little jacket a lot of cool people here we're just going to go hang out for a bit and then call it a night What's up? Hey, is that a camera? good morning guys day 2 this is where everything kicks off I think they're going to have all the events in the seminars so haven't had breakfast yet it's almost 10:30 I'm kind of starving but check this out. I tagged my badge that makes me unique. I hear little kisses coming through your eyeball that's a little creepy apparently there's a water balloon fight so we're taking the golf cart. Okay so update guys we managed to stay dry we skip the wait for the party got this guy over here from Seattle he has a channel called punish approxiately so we're going to hang out and we're going to talk EVA foam and 3d printing day 3 is just about over we're heading out with this group of fine people we're going to go do something healthy escape room which I've never done before it based on the movie The Saw so I'm slightly terrified yeah I don't want to work well under pressure I think I think we're doomed really I've been told I look like Every Ure from us again Wait what a saw room? Nobody told me about a saw! I think this is going to take a little bit of teamwork I have no idea what to expect but it's going to be epic I think. Here's a shot of Bill's face the big thing is here is it says a real life escape game oh my gosh you're right it says real life what if we don't come out that's what I'm terrified about you know I'm gonna be like I'm a good man it's all about me yeah oh yeah okay all right here we go breaking the rules already just got a really dark really fast oh I didn't realize we got a timer we've only got 60 minutes! We're stuck in this room right now we got 60 minutes to figure out clues; we're looking for an 8-inch key let me show you I figured out we're making a little progress we found some clothes we got a lot of things oh wow somebody found a lot of cockroaches that's nice. We got clues, we got puzzles, oh yeah body parts. Interesting okay well they have numbers up here. And we have 42 minutes. We're saved! we made it guys! We made it guys. We solved the problem we found the key the only problem is we did it one minute after the timer went off ah that's great thank you well guys it's day four clamor con is finished it was really cool event and got a chance to hang with some really cool creators back at the Palm Springs Airport now I'm heading home so we look for you in the next video talk to you then. you got any grandmas looking for a date hit me up