Sub Esp EngIndo ITZY Dingo School Ep 2

[ITZY entered Prestige IDOL DINGO SCHOOL!] [School bell rings~♬] - Wow, the school bell rang~ (Applause) - It's a real school bell! - Out of us, - Do we have a proper candidate for a class leader? [Yuna was unanimously elected for a class leader ] - The class leader has special authority - I will give this stamp to those who are being nice! [ When she feels like it, she just gives it away!] - Wow! DINGO is the best! - Our class leader is not upright - From now on, we'll do a talent show [Hearty Cheers mean..!] [Getting stamps from the class leader!] [What would happen in the 2nd class of DINGO SCHOOL!?] [DINGO SCHOOL] - Shall we move on to the next person? - RyuJin, do you want to get a stamp? (Me!?) - Then, please show me your talent! - My talent? - Do you need a mic? (Here you are~) - Ah.. ah..~ (Oh!) - So exciting! - She is so cute! - Guys...! - You know that I am a girl in love with literature - So.... - I prepared an act that will move your heart! [ I see ~] ( I like ) ( the reaction) - You are good at using your eyebrows! - Of course! - It's the first step of acting! (Like this!) - In order for me to act, - I need another actress to talk with (There she is!) [ ChaeRyung do the act together that will move your heart!] - Wait, I need to understand the circumstance ( Actresses are reading their scripts!) [ ITZY CINEMA!] - Shall we do a bet? - (Tilting head) What bet? - The time that will take for MITZY to forget RyuJin - (nonchalantly) Okay! - You know I bet my life for any type of bet! - I bet six months! What about you? - I would .. - I would say 100 years for that bet...! (!!!) (?!?!) (LOLOLOLLL) ( Shivering ) ( Punch with anger!) - RyuJin is so good at this type of stuff!! [ I can do anything with my heart!] - This is my talent! - I admit that..! (applause) - Why don't you guys cheer for her? - I did!! - I think we could do better than that (All of a sudden, confidence arise!) - shall we try it as well? - We'll try to act too! - If you guys don't do well, - I will give them a more stamp - I will have your notebooks here! [ Class leader in the middle is having so much fun!] - You know, right!? - Our harmony! [ Now, they are preparing for the act that will move your heart!] - You are the main actress!! - Or, I am the main actress as well - Okay x2 (LOLOLOLLL) - One second, please.. - READY! - ACTION! [ ITZY CINEMA #2] - (Calling her) you... - (Arogantly) What..!? (Losing mind) (RELAX) - How much do you like me? - (Indifferently) Not much like a tiny hole made by a needle - What...? (Disappointed) - I mean like the amount excepted for the needle hole~ (Smiley eyes ^^) (So satisfied) [ Can you feel my acting...?] - Look at Yuna''s face now - OH. .. I .. like it .. much (Looking far~) [Don't care what others think, but just so satisfied their acting! lolololll] (Staring at them) - You guys have a good chemistry - So, I won't take your stamps~! (LOLOLLLLLLOLLLLLL) - Then... RyuJin - Hand me your notebook (I want stamps as well...!) - I think I acted the counterpart well...! - I have so many rooms for stamps here! [ The class is touched by Ryujin's heart moving act..!] [ Stamps went to Ryujins who is in love with literature! ] - Before coming for this student club union, - I heard a rumor - What rumor? - you can dance so well.... - In any type of music!! - Wow, that is so cool! - I will play a musci from my tracklist [ChaeRyung's talent show - She will dance on the music from the class leader's track list] - I your - I would... love your tracklist - I would love any music that you listen to - All you have to do is doing well! - I will do this right! - Really!? [ ChaeRyung's Dance Talent Show!] - Music! - Start! (Nervous) [ Here comes her dance with no hesitation!] - It's so novel! - Twice! TT - She is so good! - She is so amazing! - CheongHa's Snapping! [Catching beat in a second, and perform the highlighted move!] (Not missing a single beat!!) (So cool!) - JYP ! Who's your mama! < JYP - Who is your Mama > - WOW !!!!! (Amazed) - 2PM! My house!! < 2PM - My House > - It seems like she has her own unique vibe! - Twice ! Fancy! [Such a cute dance move!] - ZICO ! Any Song!! < ZICO - Any Song > (Warping up with a cool move!!) [WOW!] - Your choreography is so pretty! - INDEED!! - Does anyone like to comment on her choreography? - I thought she was in a hip-hip student club, not the dance club - I mean... Indeed!! I admit her dancing skills! - Ah.! Ah.! okay~ - I loved her dance move... - Eh...?! (LOLLLL) (Lost words) - It was like a ... - A puppy!? (Thanks!) - I enjoyed seeing her cute dance move like an adorable puppy~ - We couldn't stop moving our shoulder to her dance - I was so impressed - I loved that she had her own unique groove! - Anyway, I do respect the student dance club ~♥ - She was so great!! (Thank you!) (Wrapping up?) - Thanks for showing your talent! - Eh...! Wait - Don't you have to show your talent as well!? (Me..!?) - You are here to represent hip-hop student club! - That is true - I am the representative of the hip-hop club! - I'd like to hear your compliment - BUT!! I want to hear your compliments by rapping! - That is so good! - I love that! - complimenting...? rap....? - Good girl in love with literature! (Wink!) - I need beats! - I ↗ need ↗ beats! ↘ !! (Loving her reaction!) [Compliment gets her stamps!] DROP THE BEAT! -Wow! It's my style! - Let's get it! - Shout out!! (In love with this vibe!) - Your deer-like eyes!!! - Make me thrilled !!!! (YEAH!!) - JULIA!! - That is it for YeJi..? (YEAH..!) - Oh... Yeah~! - Spit it out more!! - Your brooch is very nice!!!!! - Give me a compliment!! - Not this one..!! (LOLOLLLLOLLLLL) (Moving to the next target!) - Where are you going?! - Come on! - Eh! x 7 - Yeah~ - Eh~ x5 - Is that a new mumble rap!?!?!? - You are so cool!!! (SWAG) - What a mumble rap!!!? - YOU ARE SO PRETTY!!!! - AND!! You are so KIND!! - AND you are so sensitive!!! - YeaH~↗ ↗ ↗ - Hey!! Literature girl!!! - Look at my EYES!!! -barabarabara BAM! -barabarabara BAM!!!!!! - LOOK AT MY EYES!!! (IMPRESSED) - Your pretty eyes!! [ Teacher!! She is crying!!!! lololll] [ And here comes the time of embarrassment...] - To be honest with you all....!! - This is a bit... - I think I crossed the line..... - I think I went too far... - So... HERE I GO AGAIN!! - I love what you just rapped!! - It was so fun!! - She is so touched now! - She never gave me a single compliment yet... lol [A compliment for her brooch with all hearts] - Your brooch is ver nice ~ ↗↗↗ - Okay, I will try this! (??) (..) (..!!!) (..!!!!!!!!) - Well... - This is written by literature girl - I will... (Sensing something bad) - I will JUST read the literature girl's words - YES! - DROP THE BEAT! (Please don't.. I can't see that...) ( I want to run away...T^T) - You are like...! - A Cookie house of Hansel and Gretel !!! - Ah~~~ ( She wrote it..!!) - You are like like like ~ - General anesthesia!! (* Korean wordplay by using similar sound of words *) - My VALUE!!! (* Keep going with the wordplay *) - Stop doing jumping rope like..!! (*Never stop with the wordplay *) - The Island you were born in is so "AWESOME" (Island in Korean pronounce "Sum") ( So touched... that she can't get away with..!) - This rap is from the student dance club - Could you keep that secret? - PRINCESS is....!!!!! - YUNA! (SO HAPPY) - You are like icecream! - You are cold but sweet! - When it's melted, it's so sweet! - Please stop her~ - Moon ~♪ x2 - Bright moon ~♪ x2 - It was... - It was so charming! (Reading their face if they are being true or not) - I didn't feel much when I just look at words - But, when YuNa raps with this - Words are back to life! (My rap is bad?) - Sorry.. - Shall we move onto the next~? -Ba bam! (Wait... What!?) - Let's do the sound effect! - When I say 'Ba Bam!" - you Say 'Ba bam"! - Okay! - You say "Ba Bam" and we say after? - I will give stamps to those who are loud! - Okay! - Shall we move onto the next ~? - BA! - You told us to say so ~ (lolololll) [A class leader.... It's not easy...] - Shall we move onto the next!? - BA BAM! - BA BAM! x2 - BA BAM! x3 - Our DINGO School is prestige IDOL school~ - Right~ - We need time to test our IDOL-ability [They should do the appropriate dance while looking at the camera that the class leader pointed ] [ The fun part of this game is to see IDOL's charm that changes based on different camera] - I will evaluate your IDOL-ability by how you change yourself to my call! - So, this is the charisma~ - And this is an innocent camera - That is a cute camera - Oh, and there is a hip-hop camera [Here it is!! HIP-HOP!] - Where? - There~ (SO COOL!) - This game could evaluate our IDOL-ability! - This game is quite difficult - All you need to do is describing the word - Okay! - Please~ - Start the music! (Top to bottom) [Charisma -> Innoncent -> Cutie - > Hip-hop! ] - Innocent! - Innocent! x2 - Hip-hop!!! [WOW!] - Charisma!! - How come you are so good at searching camera!? - WOW! - WOW!!! x2 - Innocent! - Cutie - Hip-Hop!!! - Charisma!!! - Wow!! Dance club member!! - Innocent! - Cute!! - Loud applause to ChaeRyung~! - Good job!! Dance club member! - Followed by ChaeRyung, - Who wants to go next? [ The next participant is...!?] (The fairest game!) [Rock Sccior paper!] (Winner) / (Loser) (Okay!! My turn!!) - Literature girl!! - It's okay! I will give you a stamp - I've been trying really hard.... - Class leader.. - What..? what makes you sad? - I've been trying really hard actively - Why do you keep just giving other stamps? - If you show your passion this time, - I will give you three! - Okay! Deal! - You are so innocent! - I know , right? (Aiming for three stamps!) [YeJi's Seeking Camera Game starts!!] (Top to bottom) [Charisma -> Innoncent -> Cutie - > Hip-hop! ] - You okay~? - Innocent! - I wonder how she would change herself!!! - Now, it's innocnet~ - Her back is not innocnet~ - Are you doing innocent!? - I don't think so~ - Cute! [ Here comes "CUTE" you called out! ] - CUTE x4 - Hip - hop! - Charisma! - Innocent! (So excited!! LOLOLLLL) [YeJi is busy to pull out her cuteness!!] - Charisma!!! [ HERE I GO!!] - Unni! It's not a game that you make videographer embarrassed!!!! - Charisma!! [ They are making each other embarrassed !!] - Charisma!! - Innocent! (Applause!) - So cool!! - How did you do it? - This game is so difficult! - when he heard the call "charisma" She was like...!! to the CAMERA!! - I think charisma videographer would... - admit your good performance - I can tell because he was a bit embarrassed.. - When you move away after "charisma" - He seemed confused .. [Videographer: What Am I Supposed To Do Here..] - It means that she was full of charisma - There is a saying that the camera lens was almost broke! - Are you Ready!? - ... - ... SURE! - Are you sure you are ready? - Yeah!! - You can do it, right!? - Of course!! (LOLOLLLLLLLLLL) - Are you really okay? (Top to bottom) [Charisma -> Innoncent -> Cutie - > Hip-hop! ] [ Let's appreciate RyuJin's IDOL-abliity] - Innocent! - Charisma! (?!) - Hip-Hop! (Confused) - Why are you switching so fast?! - CUTE! (CUTE♥) - This game gets just harder!! - Cute!! - Cute!! - Innocent!! -Hip-hop! - So Cool!! - Cute! [ My buddy is the BEST!!!!!] - Charisma! [WOWOWOWOWOWOWWWW!!!] - Her facial expression is just so amazing!!! - Innocent! - You are so good!!! - Hip-hop!!! - Charisma!! [POWERFUL!!] - CUTE! [DINGO SCHOOl supports RyuJin so much!] - She was so cute!! I mean she is my friend though - Your Charisma was another level! - You were like ducks and drakes in a quiet lake (Love your words!) - Oh!! Bammm!!! - Now, she is a hip-hop girl, not the literature girl!! [A single game untied all student clubs!] - We should join each other' club!! - Shall we move onto the next then~? !!!!? OH!? x3 - Does this mean that I disqualified for a class leader!? [How would be her future as a class leader....?] [ Trailer for 3rd episode! ] - Spicy is ... hmmmm - It's feel... like...? - OUCH! [ Thanks for watching! ]