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Not again... Man, that was a crummy thing to do... Got only yourself to blame. Nah, c'mon. Episode 1 The Vanguard's a Magical Girl?! Get in, please. You're from ULTRARARE... Shh! I'm with the Tatsunagi Foundation. I'll fill you in on the details later. And if I refuse? You would only regret it. You could've just told me I don't have a choice. I appreciate your coming over, Ibuki. What do you want with me? As the head of the Tatsunagi Foundation, I called you here. The big cheese himself, huh? Choose your words more carefully! This situation is your fault. My fault? You did something terrible. This part is especially important, so listen carefully. Jeez, I keep having weird dreams, so I haven't been getting enough sleep. Shuka? Could it be...? The entrance to the secret castle was... Discovered?! That's right, Sendou! You're always on the ball. This earthenware was just discovered... "Yaeyama earthenware, discovered on the Yaeyama Islands and used by the Ryukyuan people, "marks the beginning of the earthenware culture's introduction overseas. "An interim of about 800 years follows, after which the ceramic culture began." Right? Yes, exactly! Excuse me! I must be going now! Shuka! Sorry! Took you long enough, Emi! Well, I was in class! The entrance won't wait! I know! Let's hurry, Shuka! Now then, allow me to explain. Up to now, you've made two grave mistakes. One is a past mistake. The other is a future mistake. You lost me there. A past mistake is one thing, but is a future mistake even possible? It is. I have an observer within me. Huh, just within you? Apparently you had another nightmare this morning. And you don't accept this state of affairs. Something's not right, but you can't identify just what it is. Well, you've done your homework. Do you intend to take advantage of my weakness by giving me a hard sell on some dodgy exorcism talisman? Not even close. Let's get back on track. What you must do is correct your own error, and return the world to how it's meant to be. How it's meant to be? Surely you have some idea. A world without that. You can see it too, yes? That building... Yeah, that's right. Ever since I first laid eyes on that, I've been having nightmares, and not a single decent night's sleep. Just what is that castle?! It belongs to someone you know well. Someone I know? Who is it? It's... Is it really up ahead? Yeah, just a little further. You walked right into my trap! One of the Four Generals! He's one of the Four Generals? Doesn't look that tough to me. Get 'em! Emi, let's transform! Right! Blaster Pair! We beat them? I don't think so. Figures, huh? All right, let's go arm-in-arm! Yeah! Oh, dear. Let's go! Right! Beaten so easily... You guys! "You guys"? Who do you think you're talking to? Beaten by two little girls... You have brought shame to the empire. You're the weakest of the Four Generals. We're done with you. We hereby banish you to the Outside World! I'm sidelined from this series already?! You've done well to make it this far. I'm impressed. Don't patronize us! Once we get serious, even you are no match for us. Is that right? Then show me how serious you can be. If you would, Shuka! Gotcha! Elemental Calling! Protect us, Blaster Blade! Realize! Come to me, my loyal servants. I understand, Blaster Blade. Let's go, Shuka! R-Right! Shuka, how about the next card?! Um, we do have another, but... Okay, here! Realize! I was afraid of that... Blaster Blade! Fire. Find them. I'll leave the rest to you. Ouch! Emi! I'm okay! No problem! We failed. There's always tomorrow. Yeah... We won't let something like this get us down! Someone I know? Who is it? It's... ...Aichi Sendou. Aichi Sendou?! Nome possesses the Akashic Book. This book contains the history of everything up to now. It says the place where he's idolized is known as Sanctuary. Sanctuary? Yes. Sanctuary. What does that mean? I know nothing of this! Of course not. Enough games. I'm leaving. Then you'll have nightmares for the rest of your life... What do you want me to do? It's simple. Go to a certain school and slip a deck into someone's shoe cupboard. That's all. Why is that necessary? It's not necessary. It's inevitable. I'm fine not doing anything, but... Put the deck in the shoe cupboard. Then history will change, and a new gear will begin to turn. Yes, perhaps even a literal "gear." History? A gear? You will give the deck to a second-year student at Harumi Middle School, Chrono Shindou. Who's that? What's going on?! It seems the time has come. It's calling for you from over there. Have a nice trip. Don't forget your mission. Things could get chaotic if you do. Wait! I still don't get what this is about! Where's the deck?! It's not here. What you need is in the future. In the future?! Will he be able to do it? It'll be okay. Probably. Where are we? This is the world of the future! Even the future is warped? What a crisis it's become... There's trash in his shoe cupboard again! Who did that?! If he finds out, they're toast! But what are we supposed to do? Don't we know anyone here? Well, we're in the future now. And I have no clue what's going on now. I see. I don't need this junk! Jammer, jammer. Jammer, jammer, jammer... Something about that man... Yeah, he's suspicious. Ugh! What kind of jerk would throw cards in the trash?! Maybe he did it by accident? I'll go return them! Emi! Jam-jam-jam-jam-jam... Where am I? Is this really the future? Nuts! I really am in the future?! There he is! Be careful, Emi! Jam-jam, jam-jam... Jammer! Jammer jam-jam-jam! If this is the future, then is what that girl said true? The only way I can get home is by putting a deck into a middle schooler's shoe cupboard? What a pain... Please wait! Are you okay, Emi?! What?! Need something from me?! Um... You threw this in the trash can back there! That? Wait! I still don't get what this is about! Where's the deck?! It's not here. What you need is in the future. In the future?! I see, so that's the deck. Hey! Give it to me! After you threw it away?! I don't know what you mean, but if I tossed it, then give it back! Since you threw it away, I'm under no obligation to return it. And I don't want to return cards to someone who abandoned them. Shuka, that's going a bit too far... Only what he deserves! Let's go, Emi! Weren't you going to give it back?! Give it! There'll be trouble if you don't! Officer, this guy's a pervert! Shuka, that's what's called a false accusation! I've had it up to here with you! W-Wait a minute! I want to ask him something. Okay. Okay, now give me that deck. Why did you throw away the cards to begin with? I didn't throw away any cards! Claiming he didn't throw them away! A liar like him won't do us any good. Lying is wrong, but so is sudden violence! Not to mention hitting him with my precious binder! Oh, that's right. Your binder's more precious than my head?! Huh? He isn't transforming into a Jammer. See, Shuka? I don't think he's one of them. What do mean, "Jammer"?! Even if you're just kids, I'm done holding back! What should we do?! Are you sure he's not a Jammer? You're both suckers! I've got the deck now! So you are... ...a Jammer, after all! Call me whatever you like! I'm gonna pop this deck into that shoe cupboard, and go back to my own world! Hold it right there! I'll leave this crummy world in the dust! Get back here! There's trash in Chrono's shoe cupboard again! He must've picked a fight again, and so this is the payback. Looks like I managed to lose them. At any rate, this deck... "Gear Chronicle"? Never seen this before. That reminds me. They said I threw it away. Jam-jam-jammer... Who're you guys? Jam-jam-jammer... Jam-jam-jammer... I see. It seems the evil thugs have shown up. Jam-jam-jammer... Jam-jam-jammer... Me? Is this how I look in the future? Are you me? Yeah, that's right. I came to deliver this. Jam-jam-jammer. After I threw the deck away, why did you have to retrieve it? Looks like the real one has arrived from the Outside World. Real one? I see. In that case, you're just a cheap copy, huh? That mark on your forehead is too obvious. And what's with your face? You even look evil. I dunno about that. He doesn't look that different from the real one. When did you two get here?! Darn it! The honesty of brats ticks me off. Sorry for suspecting you earlier! Yeah, but he's got that menacing look! Shuka, you're honest to a fault! If you two are gonna diss me when I'm right here, at least keep it to a whisper! And what was that "Jammer" thing you kept going on about?! Let me explain! They're bad guys who interfere whenever we try to fix history! That's right! Bad guys! Fix history?! Just who are you two?! Go on, tell him! Well, uh... I'm a newbie magical girl... ...and I'm Emi's fairy servant! Oh... now I'm sorry I asked. Huh? He doesn't believe us. Can you blame him? Emi, show him the you-know-what! Right! All right! Come, Blaster Rod! You must be the... Jam-jam-jammer! Magical girl, do you intend to bring this world to ruin, as well?! Jammer, jammer, jammer, jammer! Jam-jam-jammer! I see. So this kind of thing is possible here? Aha, so even if you transform, that part stays the same? Please be careful! They're very strong! Interesting. So we'll get somewhere by taking them out, right? Getting to fight units directly is the greatest of honors! You seem really into this, but are you sure you'll be okay? I just wanna get this over with so I can go home! You have a menacing glare, but you're actually a good person! There, Emi! You've noticed the menacing look in his eyes too! Uh oh! Look, you two...! So he's the kind of person who acts like a jerk while hiding his true self? Wow, I had no idea! Every comment out of their mouths is like a dart hitting the bullseye each time... But I'll just ignore their drivel for now. All right! It's a Vanguard showdown! Why, you... But we're supposed to decide who wins with a Cardfight! Please think about this rationally! Cardfighting against bad guys?! Don't be ridiculous! Say what?! The 30-second card intro segment! Today's featured card is Royal Paladin's Aerial Divine Knight, Altmile! By paying the cost, you can call up to one grade 2 unit each from your deck and your Drop Zone! Also, with its skill, if you have no face-up cards in your Damage Zone, the power and shield of all of your grade 2 units get a major increase! Overcome adversity with your comrades under the guidance of a proud, heroic knight! With this card, you too can "Ride The Vanguard"! Ride The Vanguard! With this card, you too can "Ride The Vanguard"! Ride The Vanguard! My name is Kouji Ibuki. After being sucked into a weird book, I ended up in the future in an alternate world. There's a pale imitation of myself, and two kids who claim to be a magical girl and a fairy, respectively, but the real trouble is full-sized, living and breathing Vanguard units. Furthermore, what kind of world doesn't play by the rules of Vanguard fights?! Who signed off on this world's setting?! Jammer, jammer, jammer... Wait, you're... That's right. I'm this show's-- Episode 2 Battles in -if- use Magic?! That's right. I'm this show's-- No, don't say it! The show itself will be warped! Episode 2 Battles in -if- use Magic?! Episode 2 Battles in -if- use Magic?!