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Chael Sonnen


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we're having some fun out here guys we're a matter of weeks away May 12th right around the corner UFC fight pass submission underground 8 we got our main event and it was not easy austin van der ford known as mr. van zant by the way some guys on the internet he married Paige Vanzant some guys on the internet were trying to tease him and call him mr. Van Zandt he's like eight no he's never lost he came to the contender series I don't even know if that counted on his record if it did he's 9 or 10 and all and I think he's finished everybody I have to go back and look somebody might have made it the distance the guy's a killer he was a national champion wrestler he never beat never been beaten him a man I can just tell you he's a solid guy but guys decided to call him mr. Van Zant so Austin went out and got this mouthpiece and it says mr. Van Zandt and two middle fingers on each side I said you know what I love that I see that as the thing that needs to be a new nickname he said you know I'm thinking about changing with it I don't know think about it that's your new nickname you can sell t-shirts with this you can get fans on this and more importantly just shut everybody up that's saying about you as soon as you said about yourself and go watch eight miles sometime learn from Eminem learn from old marshal himself you say it about yourself they're not gonna say it about you man it's basic 101 but for some people miss the some people miss this all the time so he's gonna take on Jake Shields now the reason that's interesting is nobody wants to take on Jake Shields the only person I have ever had a harder time getting matched up than Jake Shields is Miesha Tate and that might surprise you guys but apparently Miesha Tate is the most feared woman in grappling apparently I not only went through my resources and we got good resource I got a big rolodex I went out to Abu Dhabi in person competed and talked to every woman there I got one woman who didn't say yes but she did not say no and that was Gabi Garcia Gabi Garcia did not back down for the record but she also didn't come out and take on me she's I had no idea he should say it was so hard Jake Shields is right there with that right there and Austin said wait a minute if you're telling me that Jake Shields would give me an opportunity of course would take our respect Jake shit I've been watching Jake Shields forever Jake Shields I can't believe Jake Shields would get in there with somebody is known as me he's very humble about it but he can also go with Jake just take my word for that that is going to be a fun match Gilbert Melendez is coming out he's gonna be taking on Pat Healy Craig Jones is coming out he's gonna be taking on Dennis Hallman that's a very interesting match for a lot of reasons Fabiano share my own coach taking on Frank Mir absolutely fantastic matches and not for nothing some icing on the cake but the nightmare himself Diego Sanchez coming to Portland to take on a rival a former opponent and I guess what you'd call a rematch in Jake Ellenberger plus some tag team matches it's all going down on the 12th of May [Music] submission underground 8 5 Sunday May 12th only on UFC fight pass