Summer 2017 Movies Hits and Misses

what's going on guys the summer movie season coming to a close before the summer started we assembled an esteemed panel of some of the finest movie Minds to make their predictions on the top ten summer box office films domestically the results are in are you as excited as I am to find out who won let's say hello to our returning panelists first she is one of the co-hosts of the podcast tights and fights the wrestling podcast yes and one of the role players on the live Twitter ole playing show valiant Vanquish welcome back Daniel Radford good to see you again yes and oh you know I'm you love me as a head writer of honest trailers an all-around swell guy Spencer Gilbert yeah and oh this man is you know them from movie fights and honest trailers and all over the place thanks for coming across the hall Mr Dan Morelle yes so what do we think about the summer what are just some overall impressions right out the gate well that was that's the it's a weird paradox which is that box-office wise the summer was a pretty big disappointment as far as numbers go mm-hmm I think the movies were way better than last summer which was a better box-office years what's one of your big surprises that you're like man why did that do so bad or that overperformed in my eyes it was exactly as bad as I thought it was going to be but transformers the last night when you look at how much that made not just in here in the US but globally like transformers age of extinction was a 1 billion dollar movie with a be three years later it's making half that it was by far the lowest grossing here in the US but to see it takes such a dive globally simultaneously that's not how it usually works so I thought cheers fours last night was going to I said I did they could do well here but I thought it would do a billion dollars overseas that was my biggest surprise is that like not only did we lose interest in transformers the world lost interest in transform ah making the world a better place right after all yes Spencer did you have any films that are like wow I did not expect that war for the plan of the age deserve better this was a beautiful end to one of the better movie trilogies in recent history yeah and it kind of left with a thud box-office wise and quality wise this was up there with the first two I don't understand why people skipped it the way they did but the movie probably deserved a better shot absolutely it opened between spider-man and Dunkirk which nobody saw except for you the box-office phenomenon that Dunkirk was gonna be not phenomenon but that it would do that well and now as we are historically and one of the worst august's of Hollywood ever hindsight being 20/20 I think were complaining so I'd have done better if that was coming out of it this weekend Danielle you were the highest on Wonder Woman which one the entire summer you had at number three on your list now we're able to see the future or you just chalk it up to girl power how did you know that Wonder Woman is gonna do so I hedged it simply because at the time there were a lot of there were rumors people were saying different things some people were saying that it was looking like it was going to be good some people had felt really soured on the DC franchise by that point my thing was if it is a good movie it's going to do well because Wonder Woman is a huge iconic character and this was the first time that she's had a huge movie and she is one of the big three she's like one of the most recognizable names in superheroes and so I knew when I argued at the time that if Wonder Woman wound up being good and it's this huge marquee film women were gonna come out and we did and well we came out a lot and it wasn't just us everybody saw that movie one well-trod franchise that still made the top 5 Pirates dead men tell no tales I mean Johnny Depp still sailed that ship to box-office gold kind of I mean it's in a relative term this was again by far the lowest grossing Pirates film domestically internationally it did well it's in a seven to eight hundred million dollar range did not make a billion dollars like the last one so even pirates I think is now showing signs of lagging off you know pirates and Bay both open the same weekend I think they might have cannibalize each other's box office too but I think particularly with pirates it was why do I need to go see this movie and now I think that was the word of mouth and people that saw it was like it's a pirates movie it's exactly the same as the other pirates movies and it's getting harder hard to get people off the couch and I just don't think that movie offered anything new to motivate people to go see it I do think it's a good point about it come at the same time as Baywatch just because they were both you think pirates obviously you think action but you also think very broad comedy Baywatch was clearly all broad comedy with like some action so there is a chance that if like if you're gonna see one wacky thing that weekend you were gonna pick between the two of those movies yeah there's a little bit of been-there-done-that fatigue in regards to that film and I speaking of a little bit of fatigue man the rock didn't bring it this year dan and Danielle you both had Baywatch on your list and with good reason Central Intelligence top-10 film last year the year before San Andreas was a top ten so a box office grossing film what happened the third year running I'm sitting in this chair bemoaning of rock it's never you're never gonna catch up to the rock he's always gonna surprise you chase the rock you just hold your hand at the rock San Andreas didn't pick central intelligence did pick Baywatch Baywatch didn't work cuz maybe because the rock wasn't in it he was gone for like the first the last almost third act of the movie like for a movie that was featuring the rock they sure didn't feature the rock that much you just spoiled Baywatch for me Dan how dare you the script spoiled Baywatch for you let's take a look at some of the outliers some of the over performers and under performers on our lists Danielle you had seven right out of ten the three that did not make it Baywatch as we mentioned the mummy and The Dark Tower what the mummy it was another one that was gonna start a franchise I thought more people would be curious about it if nothing else yeah and just know no one cared I figured at least like maybe that first weekend people would say you know the universal starting a new thing we're gonna come out at least be curious enough to check it out you know it's got the Tom Cruise he's great at running but no no and then with dark tower I guess I thought that more people who read the books and we're huge fans of Stephen King we're gonna come out regardless and even a lot of those people were like yeah no no thanks like this isn't what I signed up for it wasn't what I wanted I think that a lot of the marketing didn't really do it a lot of good people were going in expecting I think it to be more of like a 1:1 translation of the book which it turned out that it was not oh so those all those things combined that knocked me yes you you had the top three films of the summer different order but you're on point there yeah nicely done Dan so you hit 8 out of 10 and it was just your 9 and 10 movies that you thought would ikan Baywatch and valerian and a city of a thousand you got to take a risk and I took a role on valerian which take yourself back to me looked very intriguing very interesting I knew that it was risky it was obviously a bad bad choice however I will say I would not have picked either of the two movies that replace mine which are Dunkirk which I think far exceeded a lot of people's expectations the girls trip we have been that's the wildlife for this summer that's the movie that nobody picked that no it wasn't even anyone's radar yeah hilarious movie by the way it's great to see an actually good funny movie can bring through I want to give some shout out isn't a great fan to the baby driver which is the 11th highest ranking movies never just eked out of the top 10 I love that Edgar Wright got some mainstream success with that movie and I hope that it even further puts into people's minds how great of a director he is and the Hollywood will give him more chances because he's now showing he can make something financially viable now here's in the running for Pirate six oh God so you mentioned Dunkirk we haven't talked a ton about it that's a little bit of an outlier to me because it's more of a prestige movie an Oscar caliber film that made the top ten yeah well I put in my top ten it yes if you talk about movies on the Internet long if you realized that this guy Chris Nolan's got some fans he's got some people who who are who appreciate something there yes yeah yeah and I was just banking on the fact that they might show up and he made the event movie that you need to see on the big spur yes that's the big thing about Dunkirk is that that is a movie that you really need to see in a movie theater with all of its glory immerse yourself yeah that is the kind of movie that that is and I think it was very wisely sold that way as well that was like know like don't wait for this for Netflix you need to see this seek a 70 millimeter screen which probably costs more to take a price I'm gonna jump over to my list real quick so I at 8:00 right but I also included Captain Underpants and rough night and it was a rough box-office performance for rough night which came in at 31 Captain Underpants not bad at 16 but that's know top ten finish it seems so weird that a lot of people were putting rough night and girls trip kind of like I know they're very similar ladies getting a little crazy kind of on that bridesmaids family tree and the trailer for girls trip undersold that movie yeah we really did and that was I think where a lot of those comparisons came down because the two of them are like Oh whack EW sex workers booty holes yeah I love that we're seeing the praises of girls trip because yeah the trailer did look a little lowest-common-denominator but then no it was legit funny the movie had a heart and Tiffany Haddish maybe the breakout performance of the summer yes 100% she should get it the same way that most of Karthika an Oscar nomination for bridesmaids I think Tiffany Haddish should get a nomination for girl strip because I thought her performance was just as good and just as much of a breakout okay drum roll please hope you're banging on your laptop at home the winner of our box office predictions with 9 right Spencer Gilbert would you do it what Dark Gods old or new did you vote them all but I got to tell you if Dunkirk was my bet for Humanity and they they pulled through emoji poopy was my bet against humans yes so thank you for not giving a 10 10:4 not going up to support the emoji movie I thought that movie looked like poop and I stopped it yeah I'm glad so yeah Spencer I salute you sir for your victory and it continues our proud tradition of never having a repeat winner we also put out a call to action for you to give us your top 10 summer box office predictions and you did and please without further ado check out our winner congratulations you got some prizes coming your way let's all shed a little tear for the departure of the summer movie season okay oh that was really sweet you guys and look forward to the Oscar baby ball movies yeah Daniel Radford Spencer Gilbert Dan Morelle thank you for coming in and going over these results and talking movies always a good time and I want to thank you for watching what were your biggest surprises of the summer let us know in the comments section below we want to know I want to thank you for watching I'm how redneck hit me up on Twitter bye bye [Music]