Sun Tzu The Art of War Short Documentary History Channel

some zoo says all warfare is deception King Helu ruler of the Chinese state of Wu agonizes over a growing threat a hostile neighbor is poised to invade desperate to defend his kingdom helooo summons one of the greatest military minds in history some zhu sons it was important because he has a cohesive holistic philosophy of how to approach strategy if you listen to Sun Tzu if you follow his principles you will be victorious if you ignore him you do so at your own peril because you will definitely lose son Zhu assures King Helu that he can train the smaller rule army to overcome and defeat the larger invading force King Helu asked Sun Tzu challenges Sun Tzu in something of a mocking way he says you claim that you can turn anyone into a soldier can you turn these palace women these spoiled soft concubines into a fighting force sums and answers of course I get he simply shows the women what the important maneuvers are he chooses the two most senior of these concubine to serve as platoon leaders and charges them with making sure discipline is observed in their units but when Sun zoo orders the exercise to begin the women simply laugh Justin to say well okay maybe my instruction will not clear to you now let me rephrase again my instructions to you in simple language you told the concubines when the drums is sounded the US concubine must assemble as soldiers either Spears we assaults and fall in line second time what happens is still get away the sons who says if the orders are unclear it is the fault of the general that the troops do not obey but if the orders are clear and my orders have been clear it's the fault of the subordinate officers that the orders are not obeyed there is only one way sanzu can convince the concubines that he is deadly serious to sanzu war is a matter of life and death this is the key principle of his teachings once understood everyone from the leader down to the individual soldier will be motivated to win sanzu appoints two new officers the women now follow his orders without hesitation and the big takeaway from this incident for King Helu is that even a state like Wu which is relatively weak in terms of numbers compared to its larger neighbor Chu can nonetheless wield a discipline effective military force and if they take Sun Tzu's teachings to heart and implement them throughout their military while these women will never see battle son Zhu has proved his point King Helu appoints sanzu as commander of the Wu army son zu must now make good on his promise to train a force of 30,000 to fight an army ten times larger the strategies and tactics he uses in this showdown become the foundation of his masterwork the art of war sanzu writes the art of war around 500 BC the book is written on vertical bamboo strips each the length of a chopstick each strip contains 15 to 25 Chinese characters the strips are then painstakingly stitched together inside the 13 chapters of the art of war lie the secrets to success basically if you understand the art of war and the principles in it you can predict how wars or battles will turn out the art of war is filled with many important insights but there are three key principles that stand out and unify Sun Tzu's philosophy some zoo says know your enemy and know yourself and in a hundred battles you will never be in peril in the art of war understanding your opponent is crucial to victory samesies says to win 100 battles is not the height of skill to subdue the enemy without fighting is fighting costs lives and money son Zook Rises the general who can outwit instead of out fight his opponent Sun Tzu says avoid were too strong attack what is weak throughout history armies fight head-to-head on the battlefield to show their strength and courage but sanzu doesn't care about glory he only wants to win while each of these principles is important think of them as chords in a strong rope individually they may be strong but when you put them together and use them holistically they're unbreakable for more than a thousand years sons whose secrets are kept hidden made available only to emperors and authorized scholars they surfaced in the 8th century in Japan and since then their insights have spread throughout the world some zoo says in war numbers alone confer no advantage do not advance relying on sheer military power I think throughout time if generals had listened to Sun Tzu you would probably not have seen a lot of the bloody wars of attrition that mankind has suffered through he was very focused on how do I achieve my goal with the minimum amount of resources used with a minimum amount of destruction son zoos principles are about to be put to the test sanzu has trained the army of wool to defend itself against the powerful state of Chu to the West the outset of this war between Wu and Chu wen son su is given command of an army of Wu it seems that Chu holds all the advantages since whose army is only about 33,000 men where Chu can feel forces of hundreds of thousands of men leading three hundred thousand true warriors is a power-hungry and corrupt prime minister named nan law nanhua cuts a swath of destruction through the Chinese countryside outnumbered nearly ten to one sons who could prepare his defenses and wait for the true onslaught but beings on Zoo he does the unexpected he invades true you some zoo doesn't attack Nawaz army head on he chooses soft targets like remote outposts and border crossings it would be unwise for sunsuit to try to seek a decisive engagement early in this war by attacking the Chu army directly he simply does not have the mass necessary to do that some zoo attacks with blistering speed and brutal efficiency nanhua immediately launches counter-offensives but when the reinforcements arrive some zoo soldiers are gone and attacking the next location by keeping Chu constantly shifting its forces back and forth on the frontier he frustrates their leaders and gains at the same time a much better picture of the way the two armies will likely fight after every battle and skirmish seungji gains a better understanding of his enemy downplays the value of direct attack and puts the emphasis on maneuver surprise deception all warfare should be based upon the intellect in fact the greatest battles of all time have been won by the brain and not by brute force that doesn't stop nanhua from trying he eventually launches 100,000 soldiers to try to crush the gorilla attacks this reminds me of the difference between chess and the Chinese game of go chess is very much attrition based you start the board with many many pieces over the game they're eliminated and at the end you've only got a few pieces left standing the object of chess is to force your opponent to surrender by eliminating his pieces each piece has its own rank and can only move in a specific way the goal of chess is to kill the king in contrast of that the Chinese game of Go starts with a bored empty and you use as few pieces as possible to acquire as much territory as you can in that sense it's a very resource efficient strategy the object of go is not the destruction of the opponent's force but the conquest of space the goal of goal is to capture the most territory with the least number of stones using a goal like strategy some zoo decides where and when he fights he avoids the strongest part of nawaz army and attacks where it is weakest some zoos guerrilla tactics against the true forces echo throughout history some zoo says let your plans be as dark as night then strike like a thunderbolt it's about 500 BC in ancient China some zoos hit and run campaign against the Kingdom of Chu is working some zoo's adversary the true Prime Minister nanhua grows frustrated and loses some political allies no one as generals are increasingly frustrated by Sun Tzu's cross-border raids the constant harassment is undermining the morale of the Chu troops money is being drained out of the Chu treasury some cases the best of choose warriors are either killed or captured by Sun Tzu faced with this dilemma nan Y is forced to turn to choose allies for men money and materials throughout the countryside there is fear of where sons who will strike next leaders in the royal court begin to lose faith in non law and allies begin to defect to son's suicide but this disloyalty doesn't come without punishment nanhua deploys his army to destroy a rogue ally in the north called Sai as the capital is about to be attacked the Duke of Sai calls on Sun zu for help son Jude now faces a seemingly no-win situation if he does nothing his ally will be destroyed if he tries to save his ally non-raw will crush his army but for some zoo the solution is simple he leads a small force toward Sai to act as bait to draw nanhua away from the city it's a key principle of some zoos teaching to move your enemy entice him with something he is certain to take this is this whole idea of in a sense achieving kind of a maneuver dominance or controlling enemy movement by your own maneuver nanhua immediately stops his siege on Sai and mobilizes his army to intercept sons ooh sons ooh saves his ally without drawing a sword but will he be able to save himself while sunsoo has succeeded in drawing nanhua a get away from his siege of Sai it seems that he's maneuvered himself into a trap he's surrounded by nawaz forces sanzu has placed his men where there is no possibility of retreat he has placed them on death ground some zoo says put the army in the face of death where there is no escape and they will not flee or be afraid there is nothing they cannot achieve sons you studied every aspect of war including the psychology of men facing imminent death so to say that when the men know that they are in death ground they will be transformed they become overnight fearless fighters that they will fight we all have in order to win on death ground is exactly where some zoo wants his soldiers son Zhu says the winning army realizes the conditions for victory first then fights the losing army fights first then seeks victory the battle between the kingdoms of wu and true rages some zoo small rule force is undeath ground they are surrounded by the army of the true Prime Minister nanhua but son zoo isn't worried while Nawaz army attacks some zoos main force is headed to capture the true capital of Yin when namah realizes that Sun Tzu's main force is bent on the attack on Yin he has a tough decision to make obviously he wants to kill Sun Tzu he wants to wipe out this force under Sun Tzu's command but while he doesn't think the Wu force the main body is much of a threat to the Chu capital he's afraid that the defender of inge another general will win credit for defending the capital against the wolf forces as a result he races back to defend egg it will be Nawaz most colossal mistake of the war some zoo says when troops flee our insubordinate collapse or a routed in battle it is the fault of the general in the art of war some zoo imagines the role of the supreme general a man who must be intelligent and cunning never rash nor arrogant exactly the opposite of Sun Tzu's adversary in the wushu war nanhua sensor is deadly against impulsive behavior rash behavior or making the army much double-quick time in order to seize victory for instances my victory comes from deep thinking from detailed calculation from long preparation while nawa has a larger more powerful army son xue shows he is the master by outwitting his enemy nanhua rushes to his capital believing son Zhu is about to invade but the master never had any intention of attacking such a well-protected City it's a ruse to lure Nang WA into a trap and it works perfectly without warning more than 20,000 of Sun Tzu's elite warriors ambushed nan laws forces the surprise attack throws nawaz men into confusion what we have now is a series of running battles between Nawaz much depleted forces and Sun Tzu's may enforce in each battle Nawal gets weaker Sun Tzu gets stronger and the Chu capital lays exposed son zu joins up with his main force and attacks the disorganized Chu army finally sanzu has won the war through preparation deception and indirect attacks sons who pulls off one of the greatest upsets in history but as mysteriously as he arrived some zoo leaves and disappears there's some speculation as to why he disappears one theory is that the behavior of the leaders of Wu shocked him discourage him when the king of Wu enters the Chu capital he's dumbstruck by its wealth he becomes greedy and covetous it would seem then that son Hsu has provided this ambitious and potentially corrupt king with a dangerous instrument this new military that he's honed he also sees infighting breaking out and perhaps this is the moment that son su retires from this life and goes instead to write what he sees as the lessons of the conflict between wu and yue the first line of Sun Tzu's Art of War is war is a matter of vital importance to the state it is a matter of life and death survival or ruin son zoom knows that war can lead to disaster sometimes the best way to win is not to fight at all this is perhaps Sun Tzu's ultimate secret nations often rush into Wars with very little concern for thinking through what the total cost is going to be not just in dollars but also in terms of human suffering not only to you but to the civilians and children of the country in which you're fighting it's the kind of thing that you know we find in Sun Tzu that you know before you go to war think this through and then ask yourself is the reasons for which you're fighting worth the total cost of the war or is there another way as sanzu says the angry can be made happy again but the dead cannot be brought back to life still some historians believe the genius behind the art of war wasn't actually sanzu but a collection of different strategists some zoo says no nation has ever benefited from prolonged war since who can teach us not merely to know ourselves to know our strengths our weaknesses what we're capable of doing on the battlefield but constantly reminds us that is as important if not more so to cultivate a deep fundamental understanding of our adversaries so that we went better achieve our objectives that's what I think makes it a possession for all time throughout history sons OU's principles have guided the outcome of war we must embrace his wisdom or fight in darkness you