Super Mario Party River Survival Mode Nintendo Switch




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hey everybody sam here from a tree house join my colleagues Roxanne other Sam and Morgan and we're trying to show you a little bit of a new game mode for Super Mario Party this is very survival we've just picked our characters and are ready to hop in but probably do a quick sound off of who's who before we get started so I've got that in the front of the raft all right I've got Mario on the top right oh there Sam Pumbaa nem Yoshi I love it goombas got a little sort of booster seat in the ref to make sure you can actually reach otherwise azure but never reach the water it would just kind of be pivoted up on the side of the rack just a bunch of spikes so the basics of this mode is we're all working together trying to get to the goal at the end of the river and doing minigames is gonna add time to our clock so we know the basics we'll just jump right into the game all right yeah holding it vertically and if the right side rows okay gentle beginnings yeah fairly peaceful we got like 50 seconds on the clock right now all right right side eyes get the balloon okay okay okay so the better we do in these minigames the better our score the more time we'll get added to the clock I love the title of this minigame it's so good [Music] okay just code convincing us to do his chores again he was like I got this field but you guys shrink anyway that's right sitting up on those bleachers all right so we got a nice room up to 85 seconds and the rocks boy the rocks will make a few adjustments I know more cooperative game compared to some of the other marc-patty wrote my game modes but it doesn't mean it doesn't get intense right I'm gonna stick to the left side take the upper right corner and try against me try and stay in my lane okay let's come on make sure you go boy okay okay thanks for playing go go away swoops right where we love much nice oh that's right that's right yup nothing but all right oh hi buddy at my forehead bud or use this feet or whatever is happening there's nothing wrong with the love so up at the upper right corner of the screen you'll see we've got quite a few branching paths ahead of us there we go coordination so we time it right so I won nope there we go who's gonna call it out Sam Oh beer time Sam okay yes okay I'll call what's uh how yeah you're right there should be kind of a lead-up not my fridge here you go okay go all right we got a good cluster go let's get these five Go Go Go we're coming okay go prioritize gold mm-hmm so go another go and then we're gonna go on these six go wait go nice wait go Thanks nice that's here I go that one is tough we were like 20 away that's frustrating okay so reserve rocks yeah it's like a late on a Friday I'm not sure how our communication skills [Music] okay something is in the wall alright so we're gonna let heads-up as long as we keep them out like someone on a boat keep an eye on the water yeah you were just talking about the rosin graphics you can see that's what it looks like when you stay on this side away from that next right side right side okay oh this is a right angle yeah try to carve that corner off okay you got it like how it keeps my little sorry about a new path that's ridiculous delicate work I heard tracks are individual scores in the left yes sorry guys it's a shoes that the only parry has made a lot of noise you would think like if you're building a path to your cannon for a floating fireworks maybe let me get straight right sure you're gonna earn that it's gonna be a very slow firework show as they each take one we may miss the couch okay yeah I'll take it oh nice nice to do it yeah yeah I think timing is gonna be really important to try and make sure that you're hitting when you send the boomerang out and the winner returns I miss both ways [Music] nice I'm not sure I feel like I deserve I'm a boomerang seem way too easy I landed in a tree [Music] I like how we got that balloon in the air so we restarted just by falling back into the river okay yeah nice yeah so where's our life jackets we missed the first nine well well then we don't have to worry about trying to collect we still got time okay this is why it's good that we think sometimes this serious slow down okay left side yeah wait wait wait [Applause] ha all right so see how this looks oh boy Goomba something you can see is they were moving so you know he's back there somewhere I like we can see our path that we took to survive the river and there are a lot of other options too so we might through there's quite a few more times to actually hit every single path yeah if you hit SR we can see some details how we do that each I've been heavy paddler I don't know if it's better than I paddled I think these balloons hit though that's about all the time we've got so folks watching thanks so much for hanging out and watching us play River survival one of the new modes for super mario party thanks for watching and hope to see you next time yeah