Super Smash Bros Ultimate Arcadian Teen Tournament Nintendo Switch




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well good afternoon from sunny San Diego we bring you these super smash brothers ultimate Arcadian teen tournament welcome in where your two casters Jordan can alongside TK breezy bringing you about 13 feet of casters combined here in TK before we get to our top eight which we'll see on display here this afternoon our kt and tournament it sounds cool and break it down what it means so Arcadian tournament is like this man we're gonna have these young people plant we have 13 through 19 that is the age bracket but no pros man cuz you know some of these pros are actually that young but none of the pros here today we are getting some new talent here on the main stage for some smash ultimate action well let's talk about how we whittled the field down to eight we started with 64 participants today played four player free-for-all matches to get down to the top eight so let's look at the bracket and see who we have participating for a championship today you see the names you have Milton Carlos Ryan with an Eau Claire al John Evan Ethan and Sam those are your eight and as far as rules go here in our opening rounds it'll be best two out of three three stalks six minutes we get to our grand finals it'll be a best three out of five I should mention no items no smash ball pure unfiltered super smash brothers competition yeah man is that tournament game plate that we are so standard and substandard we're so used to seeing it man well this is what I am used to see him seen that been in the tournament scene for about ten years this is the pin oak way of playing some smash holes and we talked about this Arcadian format what's great is for a lot of these players it's their introduction to the competitive community why is this such a great event for someone that wants to get to that level of say some of their top favorite pro players by getting a chance to get a taste of it at this stage OC and here we're gonna just kind of show everyone how it goes down at the tournaments that we do uh actually hosts so you will see you know the three out of five the two out of three is format the elimination you know we usually do double elimination here it is single however you will see exactly how the bracket works out and it's also just good to see how the game plays without items without smashed balls just skilled against skill player versus player and we've had a wonderful crowd that's been waiting hours to be up front they've got their rally towels ready to go they're gonna be making noise the entire afternoon yeah they've been supportive and you talk about this community as a whole a very encouraging inviting community as you look to grow the smash family with Super Smash Brothers ultimate I mean it's it's a great community and I've been in it for at a set of almost almost 11 years now actually I'm turning 29 I started when I was 18 and I do not regret a single year in this community it has been a great time I've met a lot of friends throughout of it throughout it and I hope to meet many more as the national team that comes out will teach yet you've aged very well let's get set for our first matchup here between Milton and Carlos Milton going as Corin and Carlos as Mario and you look at Mario a very balanced character here at Mario he's been a balanced character for a long time oh no any air dodge is off that is one thing that is new to smash ultimately here when you do directional air dodge there is a give a lot of lag on and so therefore you most likely will end up seeing that bottom glass gone if you head out to upstage you see that early s d talking about dropping your plate before you get to the table right there however you start to see the pressure from Carlos but that nice grab into the down throw from Milton on the side and already you see the pressure being applied in the neutral game by Milton yeah you can also see the way that Milton is playing now he is opting to actually not approaching he has no reason to you are in the lead that means you set the pace of the match so if you want to approach you can but if you do not the other person will eventually have to approach or end up getting timed out because they only have six minutes to stock up a couple of nice aerials by Milt Sandesh Milton juggles Carlos at this point the three to stock lead three-one but Mario hangs on yeah just a bit okay and actually go through the stage that is the love street that you get here on the Congo jungle or the jungle Jake sorry that'll just get here as you were able to go through the stage so you can mix up your recovery a little bit and it seemed to work out for Carlos in that situation seems like Carlos has settled down a little bit however is taking on a lot of damage still able to hang on Mario with some heavy weights in that tuxedo but a couple of chuckles from Carlos trying to turn the table here yeah you saw him straight go for that air dodge this time over the stage so he was able to land Oh put someone puts it on a rough quick thing come fight me but Milton actually holding uh what looks like it'd be disadvantageous position is actually Superman advantageous because what can Carlos do to get him off of that first rock and Carlos was so much damage you figures you have to be careful with how to approach Milton because one timely hit from Carlos you're down for you wanted that that's true the background oh not enough that was I mean you slide super far in this game with an ad you see every time you get knocked way in the top right becomes shows a little mini map to show you exactly how close you are to the blast zone if you do not actually hit it Carlos with a nice up tilt however both fighters oh and melts I'm gonna take a commanding 3-1 stock advantage at this point and if you're Carlos how do you approach the situation you try to get a little bit more aggressive or you try to wait for Milton to make his mistakes now right there I mean Milton seems like he is okay well he is to kid right now and he is not dude oh let me get caught on the roll though beautiful up slaps right there for Carlos to get himself back into the game now if you can only do that one more time you can actually mix it or even it up and maybe start to mount that come back and he needs to go ahead and take it over Milton Milton with the down throw doing a fine job as well too with those aerials as we said you look at the verticality of this level and it seems like Milton with that larger hitbox with the sword taking advantage of that and again no Milton just right back to the street not really uh not really needing to actually leave it in a he is in a position to be able to play like this Marlo's trying to apply some pressure with those fireballs finally able to get in close off but that'll do it Carlos falling down the cascading waterfall and Milton gonna go ahead and take the first victory and this one our best two out of three yeah and what we saw that early SDU really really put Carlos behind in this one and you look at your approach it completely changes when you're down 3-2 yeah and as you can see man I assumed that would be a totally different match if Milton was behind because the fact that nothing was ahead he played it exactly like you would expect someone who wants to keep that lead you know I'm not gonna do anything reckless I'm not gonna do anything risky I'm gonna play it safe make you approach me with your risky approaches and then I'm gonna punish them that's really an interesting layout of that stage because it's not just final destination where everything's flat and everyone's uneven ground in the same neutral game you had a chance to hang out on that rock and draw Mario towards you and that's a very difficult position to be in like you said to be down and to go jump an attack all right round two Milton versus Carlos we see Milton with corn and now Carlos going to cloud this time and you've had a chance to play as cloud a little bit in Super Smash Brothers ultimate what can you say about his play style on approach I feel like he's largely Oh No oh okay that was 8/9 recovery I really thought he was gonna be a done real quick but he actually went for these side Z instead of what I thought originally was an air dodge but as we're saying cloud plays a large this Amy is not nearly as big as he was in a smash quote with his options but he still has a super huge sword he's still super fast and he has limit now the only thing about limit now that he's about to catch it I can remind you guys if you only keep limit for 15 seconds so you have to burn it you have to use it in some way if you want to get the maximum you know use of it before those 15 seconds are up use it or lose it with any limit but there's cloud connecting with that limit and that's gonna really help you for the score at this point but Milton that's just said going back to his stupid trying to draw Carlos in and he is not afraid to play a suck but now this is the thing though you cannot allow cloud to just sit out there in charge limit so Milton at some point in time even if he isn't a lead unless he does not care about cloud having limit he will have to approach the stockpile from doing exactly what he's doing right now and a very interesting character decision by Carlos because he knew Milton was going to play a little bit more defensively on that stoop that gives him the opportunity to charge that limit but Milton seems perfectly fine with that limit being charged knowing that I can defend myself in this position that is correct so another interesting thing about this game is that is still led trumping in which means two people cannot revelation Carlos just is charity stocking right now man three stocks he's giving up just enough free Carlos unfortunately stubbing his toe a couple of times in his first couple of rounds a couple of SDS in these first two matchups that's really help Milton out Milton being very patient also taking note you've got the time four and a half minutes and so if you can wait this out you've got the three to two stock defenders that is very true but you can see Carlos swinging his way and Chewy's trying to get that last big hit to connect maybe get this stock off you only have eight percent so this will be an easy you know easy lead for the tape to be they would need to stock off sooner than later and going back to the position where milton's out as you pointed out because it's lower that really removes a lot of options if you have a projectile character not too many characters have powerful projectiles i can go down below the level where milks hanging out but Carlos is able to connect right there for the ko and they're both even on their stock at two each yeah and that's that thing about the projectile is a true in this case you know cloud has one projectile being played beam but it is a horizontal project house so because of the way that Milton is under the stage or under the main stage platform he is not gonna be threatened by that at all now if you're Carlos do you think about taking that student for yourself oh but we see Carlos once again falling it now it's to one advantage milkman man I really like what Carlos was trying to do there he was actually trying to charge up his limit so he can get the better recovery by doing a limit up the earth you know limit upbeat and then sat in the ledge but he waited or he's too low and they're actually giving his own stock up Milton now we got a even game Milton I like you know the stoop not really helping him out this time around no and now you have to think milk has to be somewhat aggressive which he certainly is at this point here full of beautiful aerials against Carlos to take a rather large health advantage at this point but Carlos connecting with that limit okay nothing right back though but this is an interesting for this both of them fight me here one of the little stones but big right there in the for to get back on stage gonna charge that limit a little bit see what he can get with it both fighters down to their final stock in a precarious situation Carlos needs the victory in order to stay alive Milton trying to get the KO move on to the round of four and there it is ya hear that sound effect that the emotion the enjoy Milton with the victory core and getting it done twice and we'll see Milton in the semifinals here TJ good good recovery are a good I guess awareness and just good coverage right there from Milton limit or that top platform he hit him with the up to it couldn't really roll out of it he was right on top of him in then right after that kind of jump straight up there hit with them far reaching up air and just just finish them just straight up destroyed them at the top so Milton will move on to these semi finals that's get set for our next matchup it'll be Ryan with an O taking on Claire whoever wins this matchup will take on Milton this is a single-elimination tournament here this Arcadian tournament and what's interesting is in that last match I want to go back to Milton doing a great job of really shrinking the state whether it was that rock on the lower platform as it arrives who said one of those platforms up top really not giving Carlos a lot of area to operate it yeah man that was that was actually a really key play in his offense and defense you know he got the lead you obviously could see that he knew how to play on the office too cuz at the end of that last game he was going on the straight offense but he realized that if I had to lead and you don't really have a way to get me off of this this rock then I'm just gonna you know I'm gonna camp it this is me this is my thing now he claimed that land certainly having a nice camping trip on that one as Milton moves on but let's get to our next round here Ryan with the know as Ness and we get a see clout at this time with Claire and we're going back to the same stage here and you figure maybe they learn something watching the previous match it'll be interesting to see their strategy in this one but let's talk about nest a character with the unique moveset when compared to the rest of the characters how do you see that faring against cloud here well that's does not have the brains really to keep up with power however though he does have a great project out in that PJ fire and now seeing that SDI is not nearly as long as it came you're stuck in that for quite a bit so less should be able to get some nice follow-ups anytime they give the PK fire and then on top of that the back throw is still great comedy ko move and up here and the back here I mean that's handsome objects maybe though actually looking for the back of right there perry quote would not be able to live another one of those now we talked about characters with a projectile that can punish you on that rock we do see that from nest he's got the moves be able to put some damage on anybody wanting to sit there and already a lots of aggressive play from Ness and Ryan as he gets the early ko against Claire in nest doing a great job which is putting the aggressor early on in this country he asked you man I mean you do not want to give a cloud any space that exactly even get the plate least small care just a smaller hitbox you want to stay on top of your opponent because that is how you're gonna get your your hit and that is also how you're gonna avoid your hona being able to wall you out we also see you Ryan doing a great job of sharking Claire going out from underneath Claire getting some damages and Lehr tries to find the higher ground and Claire can't drop down fast enough to time because nest is there to punish with some aerials ain't true okay actually have the limit blade Dean would able to register and hit so clear again forced off to this rocking how we saw being in an advantageous position lab game not looking so great this time no player with an SD and it's already three one and that's only taking on 58% damage so far this total matching necklace of juggles on the side trying to end this thing early and ness a nice tidy business like 300 victory for Ryan and Ryan with a know that Oh standing for basically not could knocked out indefinitely alive right there that was a clean three Oh actually from him but I want to note in that last situation that is actually a come over has been uh Vanessa used quite a bit in smash before and it seems that games kind of carried over in the ultimate and the reason why he was able to get that ko is because I think he stole Claire's jump in with the second for tear so she was just pushed so far out there was no way she was Nate able to recover yeah Claire couldn't recover and this was able to get the PK thunder to get himself back on stage released close to us we didn't even have to lose a stock but you saw what you can do with ness and I think that's what's great is you see all these different characters and you see how a depth it can be in the hands of somebody that's really practiced with them through all the different generations of smash and then finally you get into the situation you throw in all the different variables of the stage and it makes for some very interesting matchups yeah man I mean it's just nice to see some s representation out here too you know as I was watching the I guess the the first part of the tournament with the free frogs I don't really get to see a lot of this and just in general my time with smash Holtzman I haven't seen a lot of people play on masks but that was just a great display of Neth gameplay coming in from Ryan Ryan with the victory he needs one more to move on Claire gonna switch things up and go with Bart this time and what do you think about this change tomorrow's going to be different about the bar that's supposed to cloud that Claire might find some more success against this well that is one thing she has she now has the counter Woodridge if someone is playing ultra aggressive you are now either the county way out of things every now and then mark also being a speedier swordsman can possibly use his Loomis kind of mix up next a little more than then proud but at the same time you know we're still seeing the same thing happen from the first game worth this net is just right on top of his opponent the entire time yeah Brian not giving Claire any room to breathe and Claire already with another st and this is free to advantage Ryan Ryan trying to close this one out with the victory and we see that continual pressure through the aerials in the projectiles by test not giving Claire at any moment's rest at all yeah Ryan not playing any games right now he's playing one game but it's definitely not pindy games and Claire he's trying to play a single player with the game the way he is playing right now all I've got that almost bull charge F smash to the neck would have been a crazy one and that is the counter that I'm talking about not gonna finish off but still gonna allow herself to get out of that situation that Ryan with Twitter in Claire missing with the charge beer on able to come up from underneath and get the hit now Cindy Claire back to the top of the stage we know Brian loves to operate with his opponent above him and a second ko and it's now three one Claire facing a steep hill trying to get the comeback but a couple of nice slashes right there and I was to propose to you actually saw the Perry come out you know that new perfect shield end of game is given let go to shield as the attackers when he hit you and then that way you kind of freed your opponent depending on what attack it is beginning a hard punish in if it's a smash we get a gap in there jab again though look at the pressure that Ryan is putting on yeah really nice catch a fire into the down throw unable to finish with the follow-up to that combo but you see all the tools in the tool belt inverness and how we can apply such different aggressive pressure against you you really have to be on your toes throughout the entire match very true ion in the back on stage and it's time Claire gonna go ahead and pressure him with that dancing blade push them back off and you can see him actually using the ability to go to the stage to leave the advantage kind of sharp through get himself into a aerial from under the stage and still grab the legs oh I could've been a hard - right there but a little late on the draw from player yeah the opportunities have been there for Claire she just hasn't been able to take advantage of them oh Claire though beautiful aerial to send it Brian off the stage it's 2-1 anything can happen but Claire close to 100% you're gonna have to be essentially flawless the rest of this match and it's made true and now Bionic teams to start seem to be catching on to the fact oh why she jumped right into that is unfortunate for Claire but very fortunate for Ryan I think we'll be moving on but as I was gonna say man looks like Ryan was actually catching on to the fact that he was getting hit by quite a few counters so after a while he started charged over charging his smashes so that way he can let the counter play out and then actually get a strong hit for it and that's such an interesting point you get a chance through a matchup to learn how your opponent is playing and you saw right there that Ryan was going to bait Claire into those counters that counter only in such a small window where you can really take advantage of it but you can charge the smashes a lot more in Super Smash Brothers ultimate yeah man now that is one of the well I don't even know how that's gonna affect the I guess the competitive meta game but it is something I like seeing just someone who liked hard to F smash for 17 seconds like what is this guy feel what is you really think you're gonna hit me and if that does hit that's that's gonna be a hype moment regardless someone in his you can hit someone at zero you get someone in a hundred I'm still going like he really let that 15 second charge connects and we do want to remind you that this version of Super Smash Brothers ultimate is still in development there might be some changes before we get to the release date on December 7th but some of the major mechanical changes we had a chance to take a look at during the Super Smash Brothers Invitational about a month ago and you were talking about some changes to not only the perfect shield within roll dodging there's a change there as well - yeah so with Road dodging now the more that's roar the more that you actually use any type of evasive maneuvers it acts if you do it in secession they actually get slower and slower so to the point where if you rolled it's almost like easily punishing people or like four times in road that last role isn't take so long to be done that people are just gonna go ahead casually here we are it's fine next match our next match you've got alg on as mario very fancy by the way it was the white top hat really dressed his best here and as Ganondorf an Ganondorf one of those characters that got a lot of changes almost an overhaul Super Smash Brothers ultimate what do you love about his new game well get out of the just endless game filled a lot faster than his earlier iterations I see the head started coming in man I was on all alone well yeah the same again and also had some sword smash so there it looks like there's quite a bit of rains on those as well it went Tim's a big bastard it's like the biggest thing that in these I always feel like anything is as good as the game engine and if the game engine allows him to move around then he is gonna be a great character well another change that game engine you heard that warlock fists warlock punch if you get to a certain point in the charge it becomes unstoppable essentially so very powerful they're three three socks at this point Ganon at 1:34 so keep an eye on that had been already taking on a lot of damage that side through from Hal John no luck right there is Ganondorf continues to stay on this stage and here we are back at our Stoops yeah everyone everyone has been chillin out of gear they saw that first game we thought you know what I like this place - oh ok good stuff two outs on kind of waiting for for Evan to top his shield him in strike soon as you did it very fancy right there by Al John you love it right now three to stock advantage for Al John right now you trying to get that chase down no Mario at low person maybe not maybe won't get it meet oh wow what a turnaround on that one then down here did that big toward M smash do you see how fast he flew off that screen again it is a powerhouse can you talk about that F smash with the sword it's so much faster in this version but also as much more range as well soon yeah man like in the older versions he would just you know will kind of throw it forward so you would only cover it with so much area but now he's getting that big giant swing even if you try to jump over him he's gonna connect Mario trying to defend the stoop al John tried to latch guard right there and is successful to one stock lead for al John that was our first best of three was that of the bait I was almost like a textbook ever guard right there just a couple back air send your opponent too far away to be able to be back to the stage and that is just all uni and I think I'm noticing Evan is actually looking for a she'll break right now that she'll break that buys some critical time for Evan to charge of one of the N adores very powerful smash attacks or special so trying to apply the pressure how could you be aggressive with Ganondorf even though they sped him up in this game he still wanted the slower character and it's true I mean but he doesn't have a couple of movement options with hitboxes connection to him that side he that that graft that actually grabbed so you're able to map you by how to field and then now be of course one of its basses more did he just up throw him off the top he actually did my row off the top and it was so well done he was able to block the attack he get out that shield quick enough to take a care of a couple frames to punish with that up grow and now it's one one anything can happen you look at the power behind Ganondorf paljon is Mario trying to put this thing away has the huge health advantage at this point Evans I get a little reckless right there with those side bees you know you trying to find something to approach but even in that user grab is still able to get him out and in a important is wall going through the air woods an aerial as you saw al John do al John misses with a couple of charged up smashes that would have been in this game it's romantic fashion have been trying to apply pressure but now switching to more of a defensive mindset trying to Olga novels attacted that doesn't happen coming from behind and that seems like a big mistake by Elgin a little bit of a miscue right there yeah I'm actually wondering what he was trying to do there because if he was if he was still on state only who would have done with that input was role to the legs with his face with his you know back to the leg so maybe I would have been great to set up for an up smash to hit earlier because Mario's us Smash Hits behind him first but yeah just a little bit of a miscalculation right there ends up flying off stage and given that game up before you talk about this stage jungle James there's not a whole lot of ground to really maneuver all the platforms are relatively narrow and you can't be too fancy out there you still want to play a little bit conservative and especially in that situation al John who seem to be in control the entire match one slip-up that doesn't happen takes the first game and something about the Mario's in this jungle Jake's man they just they just really be giving these talks up both tomorrow so far I've been the only SD that I've remembered to see so far in this first round of our teen Arcadia no changes in characters al John going as Mario Evan as Ganondorf let's go ahead and run this thing back in I think what we saw from the first match was a little bit more success with being aggressive against Evan Evan finding his success he was able to be defensive and find those areas to punish that's very true and honestly I still want to see and if evidence able to give you a break that is something that again it is very adept to do what most of his moves most of his masters do a lot of damage on the shield and then on if you end up getting it down be an aerial down and most likely will break it after you hit it with a smash and right now Evan getting some success being aggressive but al John using that left into the bottom of the stage to catch Evan during a charge animation and then here comes Alex out trying to once again a Ledge guard from the stoop and he does it for the second game in a row he's really good at it man he's lining up these backyards they are sewing Chris they are so pristine and they keep finding their mark on the skin and on this recovering animal Mario with the fireball in midair following up with three jabs and do a nice little combo ganador trying to charge that talents best all but there's that side smash that we talked about with the sword he uncie's it for a KO and it's 2-2 every time and I know that being able to recover it to the state and a luxury that you do not get on a lot of stage sometimes you got to go for the ledge and that was a situation where I felt like he went for the ledge he would have been in a better position to get back on stage and keep that stock going oh okay don't like it that up be very effective for al John getting back on the stage that's twice now he's been able to connect on Evan with that of need and take advantage at that point here comes another charge down smash no luck right there knocking a few purple coins out of Evan is 12 yeah yeah right there that that's Ken doors up till he gets a little bit it's actually it just a long move but it's a super powerful movie used to chart for a lot longer in and order iterations so they sped that up as we talked about handle of being fed up so if I did buy up a move as far as the head guard that was like peanuts are there from Evan though down before the KO too even after being on the brink of a loss in Game one full control at this point has the one stock advantage over al John it will connect right there with the B oh there's a terrific shield that we saw and I was quick that if you would end up to think about his side B and it isn't rabbit if you do go over the leg they still count baby as BK o for you so he's able to possibly just go ahead for the FD and then take Mario for right with him whoa oh damn B was almost enough to send out John off the screen and out of the tournament but al John able to hang on if I see some great work with this two one stock advantage Evan making the most of his second stock at this point they're true and honestly what's the way that I was like I threw this away this could be the turn on they could have got it got to his own head in that board air it going to a rock his world and finish him off he is gone listen sometimes it's not fair and super smash brothers fault Smith he's able to get the KO right there al John who we thought was gonna take Game one Falls gives the game to Evan and then Evan realizing as his precious opportunity very very nicely done with Ganondorf he'll move on to the semifinals and there we got a chance to see a character as we mentioned earlier Ganondorf with an overhaul using some of those new new tools to his advantage against a very well balanced Mario character and yeah I mean just that right there that max just goes to show you how easy it is to like lose momentum you know he was we the way that I was playing that first game if you would have just turned it off you would have thought okay he's definitely gonna win that you know and next thing you know he ends up dropping that stock and just could not get that momentum back throughout the entirety of the second game thus being out of this tournament however we are gonna see who's left in this tournament let's go ahead and see that bracket real quick as we get into our last match that Ethan C and Sam asked about to come up yes Milton Ryan and Evan move along so I guess if your name ends in an end you're most likely moving on so let's see anything to keep the streak alive or Sam can break things up here Sam versus Ethan as we get set for our fourth and final in this opening round of the Super Smash Brothers ultimate Arcadian teen tournament here in San Diego and we've gotten eaten as a little Mac and Sam going as Ike so it's this versus blade as we get set for another matchup in Jungle japes and you bigger little mac not the greatest character in the air so if I'm Mike and Sam do I try to look for the higher ground the majority of this match I feel like if if you are Ike yeah Sam you're even gonna stay here on the on the perch because you know he's gonna have to jump over there at some point time for ya you're gonna try to stay on those platforms now I definitely a definite fighting but little mental Brown is always gonna be a scary monster we see Sam with that side beginning Ike back on the stage both fighters relatively same health percentage at this point is they're both fully and healthy with three stalks and neither one really taking the advantage aggressive wise it seems like they're both exchanging blows but look for that super punch ready to go for Little Mac but you can see it's not lining up - he didn't do a single move after that no ko fights got lined up he was just waiting for Sam to either give up my ill-advised wall and he was gonna try to catch it either way though does not get it to connect and now Sam let me see another day on this doc Sam connecting with a couple of Humpy's little Mac's trying to connect some - punches on the crowd that's enough to send high off the right hand side here is great three to leave for Ethan early on in this one and to think about the good thing about Ethan and his character did I'm pretty sure that little Mike still has armor on his matches so he is able to kind of just run through things if he feels like an attack is coming out he is able to feed it out and also get a KO however not what you to do anything right there that up smash is lunch take that stock even it back up that up smash takes up so much of a hit box whether it's in front of Iker on top of ice there's so much ground that it covers so very devastating move right there executed precisely by Sam that side P getting him back on the stage little mac trying to connect with a couple of punches with both fighters relatively evenly matched in this match oh yeah man just a slew of a fist out here from a little mag nothing seeming to connect over Ike and a little Mac both carriages that are able to dish out a lot of damage with a single hit so that is something that both of our competitors will have to watch out for men every hit came the matter here Wow okay there it is that fire up up smash that means you got it babe a nice slick spot on that the uppercut coming in from little Mac both fighters two stalks health advantage for Ethan in this one trying to get on to the semifinals and another properly execute a smash attack from you then he takes the two one stock advantage that was good stuff to eat through this time right you kind of see him throwing that out quite a bit that joel haymaker that side special right there that is a cage and let me move for recovery as well in this game but also it's just a clean beautiful tale to the super-strong however another thing that you notice about little Maggie's and I had the greatest of recovery that has been a true since his inception and a super smash brothers for know he just not so you see him losing that stock and now it's brought one but I keep unfortunately that side be not executed at the right time so he careens down the waterfall little mac getting the early victory in this one so now it's one Oh as we take a look at what we have going on here in our second game Ethan needs one more Viktor here to move on to the semifinals but it seems like we probably won't see a character switch because both fighters neither one of them really had a strong advantage in that matchup like we saw in these other matchups between the players here yeah pretty down the middle you know that was unfortunate that he was a little low on his recovery to kind of keep that match to ani I think if you would have let that side me go earlier he might have drifted to the ledge and grabbed it with he let it go a little late was under the ledge wasn't able to grab it so let's see if he is able to adjust you know his recovery angles here in and his next game and maybe his plan of attack you know it was even but that doesn't mean that someone can't pull away in this next game as we kind of saw on that last set before us were some was in the lead and then the other person ends up you know just straight up surpassing them and then taking over the rest of this end so here we are to our second game though actually the switch of august i switched up the outfit going on right now ethan his little mac he's got the 100 match lead right now you can get this game you'll go ahead and move on to semifinals but there goes sam with that side he wants to get into that wall can we talk about can we talk about how filthy that was sam absolutely taking no hits that first time and then you can just see that you know the hip hop difference really paying off for him that time round he really walls him off the sides with jets border because he could not jump over it and then that strong up smash I mean I could just such a powerhouse couple of jabs coming in from even his little Mac as he faces a three to stock deficit against Sam Sam's trying to even this up in one-one but a flurry of punches and Sam off the left hand side of the screen Sam's deciding to take the higher ground drop his down trying to throw it a neutral air no lock right there but connects with another aerial and eat the doing a great job of blocking and trying to counter but once again bullfighters so evenly matched in the neutral hair now you're starting to see Ethan opted to go for little max version of the counter here that gives a little bit counter the way that it was he actually steps back before he moves forward so if you're trying to catch them in the air more often or not you'll be able to hit the ground and just avoid that attack altogether still go up once damage him that Sam get back on stage with that side being connected with a lot of fairs and uh pairs here with Ike using that tip box of the short who is advantage right there did that episode is going to go ahead and take Sam's first dock but Sam immediately realizes well he's gonna be pressured he's top you gonna roll the up match is gonna cover it that up smash just like a dog's been man's best friend for Sam and this one right now had a very true to one stock advantage for say I'm trying to force a game three in this match between these two oh you see the counter coming in and that's that's gonna be big for both of them to be honest because I had said no both of these characters are such strong characters that if you do get a counter whatever your counter and will most likely be a strong attack right back on Sam using a lot of short hop aerials to wall off Ethan is little Mac but little Mac trying to find his spots to get in they're all little back coming face to face with the side B comes out the victor in that one a little max with that super punch ready to go but this is for the second time already oh and how about the block of the punished by Sam yes I think that's gonna be a little bit of anything that the little max will have to get used to that is unfortunate for Sam yet another stock kind of get dropped from being too low we had something to the little banks gonna have to get you to the chain from smash force of this I put it the hitbox has been shifted a little bit so you're gonna have to figure out exactly how far you need people me opponent but look at the car back here uh-oh Ethan is trying to grind in this one he was down ninety to zero as far as healthier finally but he's comes storming back and now it's evenly matched one stock left even trying to close this Sam trying to hang on it force a game three both fighters exchanging ball but the smash once again from Sam give me one not two but three able to take this game and now we get set for a game three near TK that was a close right man that just down cool firing like the way that he was coming back no way he was coming back I was pretty sure that he had all of a minute one inside unfortunately just hung out on that platform a little too long and he that I just felt though he felt the need he felt the need for the third up smash Ethan and Sam going to a game three trying to find their spot in the semi-finals here you figure we'll see the to save fighters because it's been so evenly matched throughout both of these games here yeah you've been going as little Maki are we gonna see a change from Sam most likely not it looks like we'll go with Ike you got the victory there why mess with something if it ain't broken at this point and it seems like if you are Ethan you're on the lookout up smash up smash up smash up smash you want to careful you want to look out for that against Ike yeah and I think right now Sam's biggest thing is you know watching out for Ethan dropping that he's been dropping a lot of super water but the reason why he was able to beat some of those side B is because again little mac when he is throwing out in his matches they have super armor so he's out able to power through an attack it still hits you and you kind of saw China important that every time Sam was going for recovery exam really utilizing those short hops whether it's into some aerial attacks or even a countered short hop into counter to really try and catch Ethan in the middle of some of those smash attacks in the middle some of those fast powerful attacks as well too messy working very well for Sam over these first two games that's very true okay yeah you gotta get behind that maybe you actually use the F smash ankle down which does a lot of shield damage for a lot of damage in general if it hit you however even unable to recover now it's three to stock in Venice for Sam and this third and decisive game but he's been able to connect right there Sam hanging on he's been trying to patrol the bottom Sam being very careful about when he jumps down another short hop into an aerial waits till the counter window cools down I'm able to punish right there a crab off the recovery and here we see the edge guarding the counter yes everyone should on the left side so wait yeah this is uh this is still some great gameplay coming in from Sandy's honestly just trying to keep little back in his boat this advocating position that is basically off stage and in the air a little minute getting the KO and had a simple punch ready to go with that cooled off I once again punishing on some of that window of opportunity after the smash attacks get done and here it is two one Sam's got even down to his final stock Sam trying to find his spot in the semi-finals of the counter off the short hop being counter right there man he saw the charge comment so even if attention should start are smashing just a little longer if you have a lot of time to charge with game energy feels like he's gonna get countered will be able to get a full charge man just by charges a little more to let the counter go away a bevy of fairs being thrown out by Sam as he tries to keep the super punch and we're down to our final stock here between Sam and even trying to find a spot in the semi-finals and may you are not allowed to do anything specially punch defensive go find it getting out the way you could not block that you stall just go right through that shield and go ahead and take that stock so here we are the recovery go ahead get the hint and also back onto the stage he's been doing a hundred twenty-three percent so you know you get connected by that note that we see you are a goner and dunk for the tournament sample looking for his window of opportunity but you know how quickly evening can come back and rack up that damage that's very true down to the wire though as I said you actually see even smokey D's in that you've got a little rage boner right now so it's rooms will be hitting a little farther and then unusual knocks I think you got out of me in and smack smack rain watch out that neutral air almost finishing at all neutral air not enough right here he's been moving lected right on the ground Sam trying to find that short hop opportunity that he's found so much success with at this matchup who's going to be the first one to break and who will connect and you knew that the dice was rolled by both we knew at that point that whatever that was that was a clean that was a I closed my eyes guys broke the right way like I don't want to see the result he walked in with the - tech as he was charging if that smash would have been led off in time he would have just powered through that - tag - finished him off that was do or die from both our competitors right there what a match Sam battles from the brink to find a spot in the semi-finals and now we get a set chance to see our four fighters that are looking for a spot in those grand finals you take a look at the updated bracket you have Milton taking on Ryan with an O in our first semifinal matchup and then M and vs. Sam and so you're gonna see different player combinations here but I really liked the approach from Sam the short hop to set up everything with Mike because he knew if I'm staying on the ground in this neutral game against Little Mac I don't stand a chance I need to do something to get into the air to set myself up use some of those attacks to have a much larger hitbox yeah I mean he also poured a lot of grabs in that last game because he saw that every time that little Mac had hit back to the stage or even to hit back to the stage that he was gonna block so instead of just attacking his shield he was like walk out throw you off stage I'll put you back in a distaff at a position and then we're just gonna restart that whole circle over and over what you think you're safe and I grabbed you and put you back on stage well that up smash Sam his first victory in Game two we didn't see that really come out in Game three you figured if Ethan had a chance to learn something from Game two it was to avoid that he did however ethan unable to avoid elimination but let's get you set for our first semifinal action the crowd is juice here in San Diego's we get a chance to continue along with this super smash brothers ultimate Arcadian team tournament Milton taking on ride with an O Milton gonna scorn and Ryan with a know using that Ness we saw such great gameplay from nest using a lot of aerials let's see how looks like that recovery though Ryan giving up the homie stocks we do it this the holy stop oh no but I never I never liked seeing the hope you thought you give give it up because I've seen a lot of you watch the blue gave off of that so here we are though let's see if I am able to keep that composure I mean he did give it up when he won played quite well in that first round so I don't want to count him out by any means Billington drives out there to two stocks here building however can't get through the defenses up Ryan and Ryan you know has that super aggressive play style with Ness yeah this is the thing though I feel like this is on the stage you're allowed you know built it he had that game planaria with standard on a place where it was super @f hit him with this evocation summer shot up approach and I do not see that on the stage that one right now bring it orbit not really a stage where you're allowed to dig anywhere super safety now Milton is the one applying the pressure chasing Brian all that map finding a lot of success as Brian's looking to try and regain his ground to become the aggressor in this one able to counter right there here comes that PK Thunder isn't enough Milton unable to recover and Ryan gonna take me to one stock lead yeah no connection with that side V he did in the tanking stage which would have allowed him to up the elevator imposter just lands on that top platform but instead he went to that time he may be time to skip the stage and just kick his way back on didn't work out in his favor though Ryan using that PK fire to set up a lot of combinations can Ryan recover with the PK Thunder is it enough no one one final stock in this first game in the semi finals between Ryan and Milton bold fighters trying to find the advantage we've seen aggressive play styles for both of them but who will be the first one to gain the upper hand yeah you can see both still trying to find the spot just on the stage rebound and it kind of forced you to come in hint but you saw Ryan actually just stolen those PK fires over the ledge he get fire actually not even completely vertical it does kind of slow down a little bit on the ground so he was possibly able to hit the top of the shield just where I'm standing Ryan really utilizing those fairs and nares to move in and apply that pressure against Milton not enough right there she said Milton off the stage milk trying to recover and that'll do and Rio taking the first game in both players very aggressive and in the middle of the match you saw Milton start to take more of that momentum but Ryan as nest as we've talked about those aerials he's so adept with and then setting things up with that PK fire so he actually gave up the homies talked but did not allow her did not stop him from taking the actual first game here so see if he is able to take another one get himself into the grand finals hopefully no one drops any stocks you know without without reason now hopefully we get a full three stock game here this time around well it talks about the community right there we've spoken about it before it's a very fair inviting welcoming community and rather than trying to punish Milton for falling off the stage Ryan being a gentleman and say hey listen I understand that that wasn't something you're trying to do let's make it 2-2 and give ourselves a clean match hey look man this tournament okay beat me so I'll keep that in mind whenever we go against each other top Yorty can let me write that down don't fall off the stage okay we'll be a Buster let's get set for a second game here for Nanette no changes and characters right now built trying to apply much more pressure we saw that using those aerials - again being able to delink together some of those jabs yeah and then it seems like right though he's always able to get at that board air off of that damn throw follow-up now I think if Milton holds out he is popping able to get article awaits you have to directly influence yourself away from your opponent and kind of get as far away from as possible that's what you're seeing from Ryan whenever he's moving on the map he always has either a bear or Nair if he's in midair he's got some type of attack out in front of him so you have to be really careful really defensive as he approaches you because he know he's going to be throwing out an attack yeah Ryan I was coming down the you know onto the ground with an attack this time around but it looks like he was able or still gonna be punished right there with those jab sneaks that back in there okay I was close I'm not even sure if he was still able to counter that thinking Brian but I hope that just a little bit he would have connected that almost full charge he gave flash however side beat the that pitch allow race wrong right at the end it is actually a tipper so get that tip reheat the fifth people playing a lot farther Oh Milton's got Ryan hit by a wall and jab after jab can ride seal hold on Oh a couple of perfect Oh milk one girlfriend a couple of perfect shields back and forth and how about the defensive capabilities for Brian to get out of that trap Ryan he was actually try to make an Evo moment right oh yeah we all remember that one but either way good stuff he ends up getting out there with minimal damage taken and on top of that isn't taking that stock so get himself right back to the game look how much damage you just deliver with to attack he can't fire into the down throw we've seen that time and time again with Ryan and Ness utilizing that to a huge advantage to to stock at this point you've got Brian would be one game lead trying to find his spot in the finals and you see Milton that aggression here with Korn paying off the season chasing Ryan down across the map that's very true and Gant Oh Ryan no uh no socks with these backyards been hitting a lot of those been able to keep the pressure I've also been able to cross enough militant one is way down so then he came flan behind I'm not his shield rat for hitting in the field does force it Milton had to do a different option opportunity Brian finding the right positioning from Milton not trying to chase him down but looking for those opportunities in the air Paul that you can't thunder will be enough he'll be able to get through that and avoid it and nicely done Ryan getting back on save for the pickings under there's the chance to punish and you saw it Milton saw the pitch coming down the plate and knocked it out in the park oh yeah clean up smash right there from Milton not gonna waste any time you know you're actually kind of stuck in the air for a little bit in that final position of PK thunder - so he can't even sitting there like bull's eye basically PK thunder trying to rain down on Milton Milton being very patient at this point - one stock advantage Milton trying to get a game to send us to a third game and this semifinal matchup Brian trying to make the comeback okay oh here we go a long way towards evening things up you can kind of see them kind of lining it up man in those two knows what exactly Brian looks for a which is most likely that back throw you know is back to the to the wall yeah the gate grab and there it is not enough those not close enough I mean that was that wasn't exactly what he was looking for there just did not have to have enough damage to actually get back to convert to okay up Milton gets back on the stage and we see this in every match that critical to one stock advantage lead how much damage can you do before it's even stock and Milton able to get 43 on this so you figure that you're doing what you're supposed to be doing at this time you kind of see Brian really showing his hand he's kind of running up and shielding that's gonna be something that no sirs done to watch out for not really able to throw out those dragon paint shots because of the fact that that can absorb zipping get some of that help back and milk the replicating what he was doing the jungle tapes finding the lower ground had been trained to bait in Brian that PK Thunder connecting Milton still staying alive close to 160 Brian being very patient much more defensive now we saw an aggressiveness but now being very patient and now it's one stalk each and you figure here's Barry gonna see Brian become a little bit more aggressive yes very true I mean he had to just find a way to get that stock off bond in it I feel like he was definitely showing his hand with the way he was putting it in this fielding kind of weight for those of those reps he does seem pretty graphic but oh okay hold on trying to do it twice for no luck there a couple of DK fires has Bryan in the driver's seat now in the final stock revolt fighter if Brian can get a KO he moves on to the finals not enough there's the PK Thunder gonna set him up unable to connect with an aerial he'll find a little bit more pressure but is playing with fire the throw still not enough he can't under missing right there Brian Polly Lee has turned this thing around apparently I mean you can see it again at the top right that you saw the the mini-map talk to kind of show you if he's gonna actually hit the black zone or not but it was jetsam apparently past that blast on from to get back halo when that back throw Brian with an O and I love the shift of play style we had a chance when we talked to the professional players at the Super Smash Brothers Invitational they talked about how you have to change your play style you just can't stick to one style of the entire match and we saw Ness really changed to a much more defensive mindset when he was down to one and then once it became one stock each you saw him really really become aggressive and that's what turned the tide of this map oh yeah most definitely I mean he was he was looking for a way to just get that stock off with minimal damage on his last stock so that way he was able to set up for the comeback and because of that that is why he went so defensive he wanted to take it so he didn't want to just throw moves out and then end up getting punished for throwing out those risky but super powerful moves such as the smashes and then Anthony got that stocks off turn on the Jets I mean a huge copper right there the 2pk fires into a PK flash I haven't seen that move hit since like 2005 in a long time a good stuff to Ryan or yeah Ryan from moving on right there Brian with no moving back 2005 you were probably rocking at all to you back then go back Jersey let's take a look a bracket here as we have our first player in the finals ride with the know we keep calling them that we love them wispy get set for Evan versus Sam and our second and final semifinal matchup we saw Sam really battle back with I cuz he was taken on little Matt controlled by Ethan Evan a 2o victory against al John so that Ganondorf errs is like a couple of big-time sword-wielding characters here how do we know that both of them can do just a great job of being aggressive as well too so I'm really interested to see how this place out oh yeah I mean this is definitely the battle for strong boys right here I mean again it's so strong he feels like he only needs to use a sword for three attacks like this how do you how you how you justify being that strong we'll find out right here right now we're right back on the frigate or pin I'm gonna see how this one plays out Evan style kind of find some space but Vance going out all this matches actually get this jump taken right there luckily for him I have a pretty good orizaba curry within that psybeam oh oh cannon how about the aerials received from cannon over the last couple of matches from Evan he's done a great job of moving around with Ganon making himself very difficult to defend against all boats beach day he walked through and he just came through right back out that front door man that was a backward Evan 3 2 stocker advantage against Sam Sam trying to connect there's that up smash that's been so effective for Sam clear things out in that second game and gets even courtesy of that and we saw the short hop Arielle really being deployed by Sam but not so much this time against Gannicus can and really just powering through a lot of the moves we've seen by salmon oh not enough recovery there as we're now down to two socks age mmm I was actually wondering what they was doing on the left side of the platform of the little hundred but he was access that as way to almost Sharky and he was just under the stage but if Ganon actually walked over there he would have been hit out by one of those up here and they immediately come back to the back here he ended up putting the pressure on hit it would have yet another smarter kick at this time to pivot he's able to recover for dare followed by the neutral air and Sam tries to approach with those short hops that he was so well known for we knew we would see them come back out we knew we would oh yeah Sam trying to use the large hitbox of that sword to space and Selma and Evan being a little bit patient below but once you get another aerial from Gannon Oh perfectly timed on the side feed from Sam yeah now the perfect hop to avoid getting hit by that episode a little earlier and I think that would have been afraid and it was not been favorable for Sam by even being however they will turn he's trying to even it up real quick that absorb to the up here not a dumb to once doc advantage for Evan trying to win this first game in the semifinals Sam trying to find a comeback bigger Sam will play a little bit more defensive at this point look for his opportunities because you know they're going to be there you're gonna void those powerful attacks from camp everyone actually get away with a little bit right here you're not actually able to rattle edgewise that keeps my invincibility and it doesn't matter if mr. didn't pledges that touch the ground first before you may be able to get invincibility back and he's been double tapping that has both letting the right side either way though Sam able to get himself knocking even it up actually straight up both these guys fresh on their last Oxford in getting awarded Evan oh grab into the kick have been trying to string together a couple of powerful moves here to rack up the damage against Sam's shooting at this point Sam picking and choosing a spot that kick is been so effective for eminent ganondorf Sam trying to take the higher ground short hops in the aerials of in the secret for success for Sam gets three in a row right there TK oh man this is looking a little rough right now for Evan now on Facebook get there no estate is connected and unfortunate for hit that stage Jeff got back to full on but are you know full stage platform Oh what did we discussed how these stages sometimes really keep these characters on their toes because this isn't just your flat final destination that we're so used to playing yeah you have all this variety and variables that come out from these stages here and it's throwing these competitors off at some times we saw that early and jungle James but as we said right there that stage in that transition you're expecting to get up through the stage but no luck right there is Sam takes the first game in that semifinal match Oh we'll see if we see the same trainers the fans trying to egg them on to choose a different player but I feel like if you're Sam you're not gonna mess with what got you here at this point oh not not at all I mean these guys have been very successful on their character picked up to this moment see exactly how they pay about I mean that was still relatively a close game I think she just wasn't ready for that stage to close out on him the way it did and therefore because of that he wasn't able to grab the ledge so we'll see how we get in up to of this next game was still on same stage but now he has knowledge now he knows that the stage is pull on together then I cannot grab that middle ledge no changes here have been going this ganondorf trying to get a victory here to force a game three meanwhile Sam listen I got to get one more victory Dom in the finals taking on Ryan so Sam did a great job coming back from a 2-1 stock deficit the previous game you saw another one of those shifts from defense into offensive styles and that voted very well for Sam but and three stocks Ian she could be as aggressive as you want to at this point point down this time under here's a middle of the stage it was kind of just threatening hit maybe ever decided to move over there for heaven gonna hold back when keep his mouth tanked the lets out of state to tell it reconnected downbeat connecting for evidence he careens down towards the stage able to catch Sam from it's Sam how about that powerful attack right there then charging to be trying to catch have been sleeping oh not to be a tough right there Oh Evan with the Block in the punish that's that Sam off the stage say I'm able to recover and bullfighters already racking up a ton of damage early into their first stock okay tricky with the recovery going to use that uh down need to rapidly accelerate and then jump back up to grab that ledge Oh Ariel's coming in from I could Sam able to get the first stock off of Evan it's three tutors and with the advantage but you know if you're sitting anywhere close to 100 your ko paid for Evan at this point beginning and then just as you said it back point that's why I'm here so quick with it yeah man I actually getting a new up here at this game it is like it's makes me like an aerial also couple with a sword so a lot of reach there a lot of power on it and you can see I'm kind of I'm trying to explore that as much as he can one thing I love about Ike is how powerful his jab is that one two three quick Jeff combo you're able to punish so quickly with it but it clears your opponent out so quickly does so much damage oh yeah and definitely something that you'll see a lot likes the rod back today with a lot of jab grab because people will be trying to black block the last few hits however if you hit my autumn let in a lot of damage and you can probably sit in a distant advantage position so down to the wire between our two hitters don't wanna get second thoughts still looking blood up toe to connect keep an eye on Evan in those - attacks being thrown out by Ganondorf those are doing a great job of setting up other fairs or nares coming for him to follow up for a very beautiful to hit combo he's found some success against Sam so look out for that but Sam clearing things out and Sam is just one ko away from getting into the finest oh wait the time in the salmon okay there it is no it's time for heaven trying to get right back into it chives they hit him on another four till four what not enough and now Sam rolling out of harm's way and then getting a huge punish right there put that down so it's double for tear looking a little rough right now for Evan he's gonna have to find a way to stalk off and that is pretty far off but no still managed to make it back Sam though really knowing his character and his recovery I through those two forms of recovery vertical and horizontal and see how it makes them a very difficult character to keep off the stage and now it's Evan staring down a 2-1 deficit but now it's one one can Evan do - Sam what Sam did to heaven in the previous game and flowing in three but don't have it with the mishap and that'll do it that fallen off the stage that'll work excuse me staying alive Sam falling off the stage and now it's 1:1 as we get set for our third and final game to figure out who's gonna take on Ryan and listen something like that you don't get a gentleman stock when you knock yourself out her what was it homey sell the home yeah it's a homey maybe six years ago for me now it's a handshake and a gentleman you can do DAP and homie and all that stuff I'll try to stay cool with the TK all right well yeah unfortunate my mean pretty much just drop zone himself with that up here I don't even think the up here connected it just I don't maybe he didn't think he was gonna hit that exact angle cuz he threaded the needle through the stage and just could not make it back I'm not sure if I is not able to grab the ledge backwards and the game do another in older games but uh yeah just looks like he was too far away from wedge or can't grab it backwards just left it gave that one up so here we are into Game three let's see what happens after the SD hopefully doesn't losing momentum with that or ever will be running away with this and making it funny Evan with the dash attack however the perfect she loved the down via than the punish we see it coming out it seems like that mechanic being able to pass through the perfect shield is something that's going to be great to see how it evolves throughout the competitive scene yeah he probably got he was probably able to get a few runners off that because that's perfect shooting work the stronger moves it's a perfect shield the more time you have to work against it so if you perfectio to F smash you're most likely able to throw out your own and smash right out of that and actually have been able to avoid some of those short hops and affairs and there's coming from Sam but Sam still applies the pressure Evan barely getting back on the stage missing with the downbeat Sam unable to find the window to punish continues to attack that back hair charge be no good at that point and already say I'm able to get em and up to close to 100% Billy's been looking for it for so long and it's Bobby found a and not you understand right before it is a very strong move three two advantage happened with the early lead of this one haven't stayed down below connecting with the UH pears he goes up the grab as well into the side B that connects and then then getting back up with those aerials and now it's Evan getting sama taste of his own medicine okay but like he just started that we're all in off the top yet you gotta watch yourself when Gannon is over you me doesn't have the greatest landing options but if connects with them they are strong in that down deep rocks it right there to set him straight off the top heaven races out to a quick three one stock lead Sam has a big hill to climb if he wants to come back to this one and get to the finals and be doing all that he needs to do at this point to keep Sam at bay can have and recover yes he gets back on the stage town he's gonna get punished though are we gonna hit another you know ain't gonna be enough we're gonna try and cheese you with that you saw how far he was go ahead throw that five-year reversal even finishing stuff off a little faster but this is a little difficult right now I'm first Sammy's got a whole stock to take down free but makes an even game and then on top that it really depends on how much energy takes on this doc just trying to get this second sock off Evan off but Sam has done this before follow that up till almost connecting from heaven Sam has been down to one who's been able to be on the brink and come back and get the victory however oh no that won't do it right there as captain and epic they move on to the finals and I really love Ganon's approach in that camp we had a lot of the short hop aerials we saw Evan Hughes and really connecting with those powerful moves including that up tilt when you needed to yeah but you're also talking about his usage of the dash attack which we actually saw at the end when he - attack and then connected it with an up here right after that that - Tech was definitely real pivotal in his his offense and his playstyle and I now know best we'll get you in the pot now we get set for our grand finals this will be a best three out of five so yes and get even more Super Smash Brothers ultimate as we look for our champion in this Arcadian team teen tournament here let's take a look at our two finalists Ryan with an O who was so good with that Ness and the aggression that he was showing versus Evan Evan in that Ganondorf and now you've got some speed versus power in this matchup should be a very interesting battle between these two and let's start with Ryan your kness you're able to go in there and you're throwing out nares and fairs you're able to combo with the PK fires you still sticking with that approach against Ganondorf in heaven in this matchup should they choose the same characters yeah that's I feel like that exact what's gonna happen here and now that Ganondorf you know even though he is a bigger character he doesn't have 220 hit boxes of a sword out the smash tank so most of this is gonna be a handle on the hands fight you know they are gonna be straight-up fisticuff right here and that is exactly the type of action we're gonna see which might actually benefit Ryan being that he a leave a smaller and for compote a heavy character so see how this one plays out the first int or our gained here on battlefield yeah really curious to see how Ryan's gonna play faster speedier character will do everything he can to already throwing out a bevy of bears and the PK Thunder however haven't able to recover it Ryan just has we talked about almost an impenetrable wall of attacks that were seeing from this yeah well then I have to note though about Evan dragon run altogether is that like every person that he's played against as me once but after that SD it seems like he turns to no and so just don't unlock the gates for him okay don't give up any stock otherwise that's what you get the hard mode effingham right this seems like a stage obviously both fighters very familiar with this layout and so you figure you won't see any stage s DS as Evan got to go ahead and lose his first stock Ryan races out to a 3-2 lead and as always we see that aggression coming from Ryan how will Evan look to combat that's I mean I that is a question that he answer quickly and poppy just right now this aggression is is getting the best of you finally bought myself a couple of good hits there but I'm settlement getting the have a lot of cool to kind of just run away you know he's not he's got a fast character like that tuck that and you want to be on top of your opponent Afghanistan have to aggressive characters one agent being a lot more aggressive than the other the grab into the side thrown we just see once again Brian not let it up at all and it seems like F it's whiffing with a lot of his tax and Brian doing a great job being able to block it counter very quickly okay and there and hit the up mash gonna take a tub there stock Brian I feel like I should have checked this man has he put the tournament right that's how he's laying mana I'm almost afraid to play him right now the way playing he's just so quick with this punishes and then he's throwing out he spares these there's the PK fire stream them in the compost he gets you off the lead he's able to let start so effectively tried to push it he ain't done yet he ain't done it all right there that was a turnaround am ain't never seen it i he needed to find some way to get back to stage and he did it aggressively by throwing out that up that up air and then stage bouncing off into a KO a drop of water and an otherwise parched match early on for eben he's able to get it let's see if you can string together and use some of that momentum to dig back into this one Brian it seems like has no issues continuing to step on the pedal apply the pressure and just juggle around Evan don't even have me want to set anything up that was a speed bump and he just ramped over and my god speed limits I have no idea what those are as he keeps his pressure up as he keeps the path of pedal to the belt no the UK fire setting up another comp oh and Brian just using every single move that nest has in his back the up throw not enough at that point and then trying to get back on stage nicely done with the back here and then another - attack very true ok there it is got the sign be looking for him to roll behind it but instead Vienna thanks Rob the jab and the neutral air if you want to go ahead and take that stock in that game good first games Ryan man that aggression still paying off still showing up from the first round that he played here in this in this top beat into now and what you're seeing and we keep referring to it you're seeing the nares you're seeing the fares come out as nest short hops and approaches you but once he gets into neutral ground with you you just see the PK fires come out that sets up some combos and if you miss on any attack what we've seen Ryan doing a great job of punishing you no matter how quick and our house small that window of opportunity is it seems like he's always there with the right input yes that is exactly correct right there my man is doing a great job of allowing himself to play exactly the way he wants and that is kind of that's kind of the the skill of a great player you know you want to keep the game on your side you want to set the pace where they all then the move but wait a chair achter change as we like to say hello character change you got to get that first inch in there ravely coming in let's see if Ridley can do anything that nobody's been able to do against Rai on it that is get the victory here because Brian no issues whatsoever in this matchup in this tournament it's some popularity for everyone on the street right now one I mean even if you are playing it this is a very good character so there's still a lot of technical discovery but to playing against him I mean there's a lot you may not know this is gonna be an interesting switch and maybe this will work out listen to that Daffy that actually does about like 50 damage right now if you I'll connect with it so well right now Evan unable to give the early advantage as Ryan doing a great job we see it seems like Ryan's being a little bit more defensively here trying to see what Evan could throw out but those attacks at Wrigley connects with you like you said they do so much damage right there in itself I think that side being a new one somewhere over to the upwards of like 20 so that is how does Big Dance come in really easy big strong character you know something see people even say he's too big for the game he's obviously trying to show you that I belong here this is where I'm supposed to be though it looks like Ryan has what the difference say about that was that up man send him right out on that first time the yo-yos sending Evan for spin off the top of the screen and now it's Brian with a 3-2 stock lead he's up one game to zero first one to three games would be your champion of this Arcadian team tournament here in San Diego I was close right there just barely makes the curves up look if I think I will pick up that smash behind him was uh maybe looking for the role but was not going to find him Kryon he's got that that wall of a defense right here is that he's just nice dad's coming in Evan and Evan still unable to take one stock from Ryan yet so you look at all that power that Ridley has but while doing a great job with just staying alive and already trying to push forward on the dash attacks and the big head Thunder that's unable to connect though Mac croaks kind of give him offstage see what he can do as he sets of the stage on his side there's another fourth row right there put it right back on stage this is nothing just a good position in general Knight down so those scooping them up and I know it seems like common knowledge and duh why would she do this but it seems like if you're Evan you can get mess offstage it seems like Ness is very vulnerable others recoveries onto the stage and now it's true tattoo of the stalks Evan finally sort of stabilizing himself and coming back into this one the thing is like what the way that a net recovery is because he has to kind of stand in place because you have to hit himself if you are you know risky enough or fast enough you were actually able to jump out there and hit him before he hits himself with the PK Thunder - and pushing me farther out and is that something you look at with Ridley because you've got the weakness for your recovery you got a little bit more recovery for a bigger character that is true comeback stage with the four tier and then immediately gets the back throat as he's trying to go ahead and finish that stock off as quick as possible best back row are the trades hopping it as his ko options Ridley turn to chase down dry on it as we've seen now really getting some success as a heaven keeping Ryan off the stage forcing Brian to recover it's hard to be aggressive when you're recovering clearly just rolls right back into it that is unfortunate for him and I thought you're gonna try to go for the side B at first tonight I've been noticing that Ryan is shielding a lot more wasn't evidence but there is side B don't be listening to me man I'm not a baseball bat sending a souvenir out to the fans it takes away Evan stock it's now 2 1 but Ryan at 150 this can be evened up very quickly here if it can connect but Ryan hang it on is this off the top of the screen even this one out I paid to those two notice that I just noticed that he is at 170 and did not and even on a platform the F girl was not enough however that size we won't be enough really dragging it across state and then it flinging him out so he is even enough on stocks owe him a double up the foot tried to get a couple of RBIs right there's no luck for Brian Gridley able to get out of that but already the damage for Evan and we know what Ryan is capable of doing especially some of those aerials you kids under connects Ryan looking for his opening and been able to come back down safely to earth try to put some pressure on that shield but the side row coming in from Evan Thunder is that gonna be enough oh I've been able to get back on the stairs yeah yeah that's right that was at the top of this recovery get itself another side meet the owner pretty far off nine going for the aggressive and guard forces the air - but does not go on up tiller anything over him to try to punish it Jeff barely live in that - unable to get Evan back on the stage and that's huge because now it's - Orion you were down to the final stock if you could have gotten that you would have even this up but now you've got to knock off three more stocks from Ryan just to make it 2-1 at this point in our grand final so if you're Ryan you're coming downstairs in the kitchen because you can smell a championship cooking however Evan wants to hold dinner off just a little bit longer he is right there he deftly standing at the doorway right now said no mom didn't say it was ready it's not time yet but does not seem to matter if he's gonna be kicking his way through the way he is right now we're trying to see actually if we're getting another switch to characters I see the people in the crowd I put some character what characters are we trying to get him to play we have to get it over we had the Ridley he's hovering over some Rovers name was I like to say a charter change yeah yeah yeah me cycling through man snake and a slither his way into this and it looks like we might see snake making his debut in this Super Smash Brothers ultimate Arcadian team tournaments a man snake you know coming from wrong didn't make it this man for what he studies way back it all fit with the rest of the cat and here in by to put on the big game it starts off real quick with the episode right there to hit move 16 dammit let the top of that and as you said another bigger stronger character but it seems like a lot of his attacks come out much quicker than from what we see with Ridley and Ganondorf what else are we gonna see from snake in this matchup as far as his bag of tricks well say a couple things they have obviously you know he had a lot explosives to work his people's all of them being exposed outside of this cipher she got the it's got the c4 and that's a grenade has got via RPG and then his fiber is actually a really good recovery too so he's got a lot of tools as a character is up to still super strong he does a lot of damage it's takes only grill probably and sometimes because it cut me have no hitbox a lot of people are able to stuff about a bit a lot of the time and we know how aggressiveness is going to be controlled by Ryan if you have a chance where you are vulnerable he's going to find it with the grab into the side throat from heaven and heaven finding some successes snake early on in this one against Ness if Ryan get this win he will be your grand final Evan trying to make it two to one this is before the kebab there's a new planet in turn bitch if you have a lot of characters as weight snobs and use them but sometimes pushing character will kind of show your hand because it feels like you don't have any common plan now the way that he was switching characters he gave me big clothes I wouldn't say that's the case here he just wants me he's sawing he's throwing us anyways get the wall to see what sticks exactly the same is cooked enough yes white that was okay the homie stock gets you past a little bit bad man you know hey vana it's okay maybe you didn't know over there but I give you the hope you stock alright the homie stock makes this huge stock seeds zero zero but you see how quickly an aggressive nested rack of damage heaven already at 54 64 percent now right there is 10 percent off of that Jack combo means they get to able to do some nice damage means gotta find a way to get more that in there I feel like snake to claim a ground wave game too because a lot of his Brock tech Park he only badly seven back there back to him the quarters we like to talk about not able to feel the grounder how about rock I'm huge turning point in this fashion that the side throat makes it 2-1 makes it boys riah just one stocking away becoming your champion of this Arcadia tea tournament snake and Emma trying to hang on and force another game couple of chaps right there gonna clear out the space and now you've really got to throw as you like to say that most balls spaghetti against the wall now you've got to see what Lily fix right now but this is looking at super enforcement for Evan I mean he is down by quite a beating got a lotta damage on his last dock right charging it up oh ho not enough right there here comes that PK flash still not enough stick staying alive Brian looking for the victory here throwing out some PK flashes of PK fire PK you name it it's being thrown out by Ryan Ryan needs one more spot nut back evidence snake hiding in the box at this point just hanging out neither ona fo wants to give up the sticks at this point here comes the crab into the side throw from stake oh wow he got so much back right get that's it Brian getting the victory that's three games and Ryan is your champion of the Super Smash Brothers ultimate Arcadia teen tournament what a display of character not to do you see he got like 40% back off just he absorbed both of those projectiles got the c4 and the grenade all in one and then right on set I think Emmett was people would I ever get he was he was forced to go over and talk do something about it immediately gets grabbed back there and it's over and that is it and so remember that name Ryan fantastically done by Ness and that's what we talked about we weren't sure what characters we were going to see in this tournament because this is still just a build of the game that is still and works but you see what Ness was capable of doing it I believe Ryan didn't lose a single game the entire tournament so no issues whatsoever and this seems like it's a game that really tailors to someone being much more aggressive oh yeah man and think about that too like not only did he not lose the game leaving games and stock up to make it even in some of the games that he probably would have wanted to eat larger fashion but yeah that aggression that we saw here man that you know you we've been talking about all the options the way they've kind of like force we're not really forced but main aggression a better option you know you can't roll as much as you're able to before the way that ledges work and you get less trumping you can't grab the ledge twice without invincibility so aggression really doesn't help out in this game and you it was in full on display here with Ryan's vest so Ryan is your champion as you looked at the bracket had no issues whatsoever making his way through three Oh victory in the finals over Evan we saw em and change characters every single game at that point but now we have some special awards for our top eight so let's go ahead and head to the stage and pass out some awards some of that swag some of that gear for getting here so let's start with our runner basically everyone except our champion they're gonna get some pens a rally towel and hats we have hats for our two through eight finishers let's give them a round of applause here in the house right now we saw that Carlos Claire Al John Ethan Milton Sam and then Evan your runner up and then we have a medal for our champion Ryan with an O clap it up for ride one more time what waits for all of our top aides we have one more special prize everyone loves getting a ticket but what we have for them golden tickets what that means is you're going to get one free copy of the game when it comes out December 7th so give it up for our top eight look at him and that's you in the wild hair Carlos he is he in the lated man you gotta feel good about that man I mean this is Willie wasn't even talking back at the time ticket stop right here man you are winning a full copy that game December 7th you go to that East or you put that down they'll come in and it will be their way for you it well deserved because we started with 64 players that showed up and getting through that free-for-all stage that's not a walk in the park because I they were playing with items and smash balls you're basically whatever happens happens in that one there's a lot of things that can happen it can be very risky however we get to a top 16 they finally get down to a top eight then they took center stage here and through it all we saw Brian Whitman Oh climb to the top with the aggressive play of neso nicely done by ness as well and I think we're all excited to see just what you can do with all these characters when December 7 comes oh yeah man that was a great display and almost every display I've seen so far has been a great display of smash you know we're ready three we got to solve those professional players play we want to see you've got a lot of people who are there for the tournament to play and now here we are at San Diego comic-con getting some of the newer talent out here to play in this teen Arcadian and what talent did we see today man that is that was I feel like I was actually watching real turn well a big thank you to the fans that came here and show their support and a big thank you to our hard-working crew from behind the scenes that put this on just a first-class presentation for myself and TK breezy December 7th can't get here soon enough until then we'll catch you guys next time [Music] [Applause] [Music] you